3 Roads To A Rock Solid Balance: Bribe, Badger, Barter.

Piggy bank made of steel.

Keeping a bank account balance well north of zero is a healthy financial habit.

Why? Margin for money errors.

With a generous balance in place, you can:

  • Prevent predatory overdraft fees or embarrassing declines. Sometimes an expense is more than expected. No worries. The extra balance will cover it.
  • Avoid money anxiety. Life is full of little financial emergencies. An extra balance acts like a mini emergency fund. One less thing to worry about.
  • Automate billing with confidence. Putting bills on auto-pilot saves time and avoids late fees. But, what if a bill hits sooner or harder than expected? No need to sweat the precise timing or amount when you have plenty of cushion in your balance.

The bottom line: a bigger balance is better.

Unfortunately, our data shows this habit does not come easily to kids. The last time I dug up our decline data, “insufficient balance” was far and away the most common decline reason at 62%. (That’s almost three times more common than the second most popular reason, “invalid billing address.”)

So how can you nudge your kids into maintaining healthier balances?

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A New Look for FamZoo in 2023

Transition to FamZoo new UI 2023

FamZoo rolled out a fresh new user interface at 4AM on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

The new design delivers:

  • A more intuitive, streamlined navigation scheme.
  • A more attractive, clean, and modern look.
  • A more suitable experience for family members of all ages.
  • A more consistent, refined color palette.
  • A customizable color architecture that facilitates co-branding by our growing number of banking partners.
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Fine Kids With Fake Overdraft Fees

Real world overdraft fees are awful. They’re predatory, excessive, and sneaky. The average overdraft fee in 2022 is almost $30. Banks make billions on overdrafts.


That’s why FamZoo never charges overdraft fees. When your child tries to make a purchase using a FamZoo card that exceeds the current balance, the transaction simply declines. No fee. No harm. No foul.

Great, right?

Well, maybe not...

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3 Clever Ways Parents Curb Halloween Candy Consumption

Jack-o-lantern with dollar sign

Looking for tricks to curb your kid’s candy consumption in the wake of Halloween?

I browsed anonymous FamZoo transaction data containing the keyword “candy” from the 30 days following Halloween last year. Here are 3 clever candy compensation schemes I found fellow FamZoo parents using:

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10 Mistakes Kids Make With Prepaid Cards

Prepaid card on fire

Ow! Hot!

Sometimes kids just have to learn what not to do the hard way. Think of it as touching the financial hot stove. Better a minor burn now than going down in flames later.

Here are 10 typical mistakes kids make with cards:

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