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Members-Only Community

Are you a FamZoo parent? Join us!

Join me, the founder of FamZoo.com, and other FamZoo parents in our members-only private Facebook group.

Private Facebook Group for FamZoo Parents

Dear parent,

The easiest way to get the most out of FamZoo is to hang out with other FamZoo parents and share experiences. That’s what our members-only private Facebook group is all about.

  • Got a question about how something works (or doesn't!)? Ask it.
  • Got a favorite tip or technique? Share it.
  • See an opportunity for improvement? Suggest it.

You’ll find me:

  • sharing the latest FamZoo plans and stats,
  • listening to feedback,
  • conducting polls to help guide our future,
  • hosting live informational video sessions, and
  • providing help with your FamZoo questions and issues.

Before you click the Join button below, please review the following community guidelines:

  • Keep it positive. We’re more Tigger than Eeyore.
  • Keep it G-rated. We’re a family site!
  • Stay on topic. FamZoo and youth financial literacy. That’s it.
  • Can the promotions. Nobody is here to buy stuff from you.
  • Nix the politics. We help families of all stripes teach kids good money habits. Our mission transcends politics, race, gender, etc.

See you on the inside!

Bill Dwight




meganmk aka The Blog Post Author

What is the penalty if we sign up for a two year contract and decide after 6 months that this isn't a good fit? Is there a penalty for cancellation?

beth gunn aka The Blog Post Author

can i use the famzoo card to pay my monthly fee since i have money dd on the card?

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