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The FamZoo cards were truly very helpful giving our children a chance to learn about financial responsibility while minimizing the risks associated with younger teens running around with plastic money.”
✉️ Chris C. via Email.

I have used FamZoo for many years, and absolutely LOVED it. My kids are getting old enough for regular bank accounts. But, this has been a wonderful way to introduce them to spending/saving/budgeting. Thank you!!”
🎓 Karin T. via FamZoo graduation form.

All five of my children and I have really loved using FamZoo! It’s been great for ease of allowance giving, kids savings AND now that my oldest two have jobs, it was so easy for them to just have paychecks direct deposited into their account. And, not only a great product and service but the customer service response has been EXCELLENT, and I can’t tell you how hard that is to find these days. Very pleased.”
✉️ Gina F. via Email.

This was great for my kids. They are both old enough now to have their own bank accounts and credit. This helped them get on their way to learning to manage their funds.”
🎓 Shari Y. via FamZoo graduation form.

It’s been a great TEN years of FamZoo! Thanks for a solid product and great learning experience for our family!”
🎓 Donald S. via FamZoo graduation form.

We loved this service for our children and have recommended it to other parents looking to teach their children about finances. Our children are older now and ready for their own checking accounts.”
🎓 Dena V. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thank you so much for your wonderful FamZoo services. It is a wonderful company, and I was lucky to have it recommended to me while I raised my son.”
🎓 Karen B. via FamZoo graduation form.

This has been a great service for my family over the years... an amazing educational tool for my kiddos. Through this service, their hard work, and some investing on their part, each of my kids have saved enough to pay for their college before graduating high school. I’ve loved how convenient FamZoo has been for us over the years.”
🎓 Steven S. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thanks for helping me teach my kids financial literacy. We’ve been using your service for well over a decade, and well, the kids just aren’t so little any more. Our oldest is in college and our youngest is touring colleges, so they’ve graduated to real financial accounts. It’s time to shut down FamZoo for our family, for this generation, at least... Thanks again! Your customer support has always been first-rate.”
🎓 Jeffrey S. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo has been the perfect solution for my daughter’s middle school trip to europe. Everything has worked perfectly and I’ve been able to enforce a daily budget from 4000 miles away.”
✉️ Tim P. via Email.

I really appreciated having the excellent tools you provided to teach my kids about finance. It was a game changer for our family and I am sad to let it go. However they all left the house and have their own bank accounts now. Your customer service is impeccable. I hope your business continues to thrive. I certainly will recommend it to other families if I get the chance. Thank you very much for creating FamZoo and helping families like ours survive.”
🎓 Sigrid N. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo was awesome... Great for children and elderly parents that need help with their money management.”
🎓 Jason W. via FamZoo graduation form.

You were great but kid is grown and flown and has his own finances to deal with - thanks - will recommend!
🎓 Kelly J. via FamZoo graduation form.

Loved our time with FamZoo. Our daughter has grown into managing her own bank account so we decided to close. Thank you for the good financial foundations!”
🎓 Joy O. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My ‘child’ is now 22. He has opened other accounts. We very much enjoyed using FamZoo, and I recommend it to many.
🎓 Edward G. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thank you so much for being our Family bank for the last few years... It’s been a wonderful tool for teaching our son to manage money. He now has his own bank account.”
🎓 Yin Mei L. via FamZoo graduation form.

I want to thank you for all of your personal assistance over the years with my son’s debit cards and our accounts. We have decided to provide him with a bank issued debit card to continue his financial awareness. I have always felt like you were genuinely concerned about any questions that came up. Have a wonderful Day, Week, Year as you continue on your mission to help children and families to be more financially responsible.”
🎓 Dee H. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo has been a very valuable product for our family. We have had a membership since our daughter was very young and she just turned 18 last week. She has excellent money management skills, she is good at saving and she understands the value of a dollar. Our other two children have also grown up using FamZoo and are following in our eldest’s footsteps. We are very grateful to you for creating this tool for parents to teach their children, in a real way, how money works in their lives. We no longer have a need as we are taking off the training wheels, which is why we are canceling, but FamZoo has done more than its job helping to raise wise money managers. Thank you for the assist!”
🎓 Julie W. via FamZoo graduation form.

I have really liked FamZoo over the years. You have a good program at a fair price that is hard to match. I looked at the other kids cards in the industry (Greenlight & Busy Kid) and neither match up in my opinion. Greenlight in particular is expensive for me, constantly trying to sell upgrades, and the functionally feels extremely limited compared to what you offer. I appreciate that you are not always trying to sell me something. And your customer service is top notch.”
🎓 Angie R. via FamZoo graduation form.

We’ve been with you through formative years with our kids and taught many great financial lessons. They have smoothly transitioned to real checking accounts and debit accounts for the money they earn at their first jobs — which incidentally they both got without our prodding. FamZoo was an important part of their learning financial responsibility. THANK YOU.”
🎓 Jennifer W. via FamZoo graduation form.

Enjoyed our membership and it worked well for tracking chores and their allowance. My oldest is now in college and both our kids now have their own savings and debit card through our normal bank. Thanks!”
🎓 Christine H. via FamZoo graduation form.

It was a great service for my family. Now my kids are adults and have their proper bank accounts. Thank you for your service in the past few years. I recommend it to my friends with younger kids.”
🎓 Igor T. via FamZoo graduation form.

“I’m sorry to go, but my kids are all grown now and don’t need me to help them out with money transfers or allowances or anything like that. Thanks for your awesome service for all these years!
🎓 Fred W. via FamZoo graduation form.

We have been happy FamZoo customers for a number of years and have recommended your product to many of our friends and family. Thanks you for having a great product and we wish you nothing but success.”
🎓 Trevor R. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thanks so much for this product! It was a life saver to me over the years but both my girls are out of the house so I no longer need the service. It definitely helped put them on a stronger financial footing. :)”
🎓 Vicki M. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My kids are young adults. We used Famzoo for years and years successfully but they need a fully featured bank account now. Thanks for a good decade!
🎓 Stephanie C. via FamZoo graduation form.

After years of super satisfied experience with FamZoo, our daughter has moved into the next phase of her life and financial responsibility. Your service has been amazing and I will strongly recommend it whenever given the opportunity.”
🎓 Seth C. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Thank you for your years of working with us... What a unique service for families wishing to create a culture of financial habits for their children younger and older!
🎓 Christian T. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thanks for having a great system for teaching pre-teens and younger teens to manage their money and making it so easy for us parents!”
🎓 Andrea M. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo has been great for our family for the past few years. We were very, very pleased with the service and financial preparedness it allowed us to teach our kids while they were young. That said, they are no longer young. It is time for our family to part ways with FamZoo as everyone now has standard bank accounts.”
🎓 Denis C. via FamZoo graduation form.

Just wanted to say thanks to Bill and the whole FamZoo team. Kids are 22 and 19 now and youngest just got first credit card on her own. The financial skills they’ve learned using their FamZoo accounts these past years will serve them well for a lifetime!”
🎓 Patrick C. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo is a great family financial tool. Great customer service. We have NO complaints.”
🎓 Juliane B. via FamZoo graduation form.

“I am ready to close my FamZoo account since all my kids are now banking independently. Your service is amazing!!! It was super helpful for us as a family. Thank you so much for your great idea and execution, this app really is fantastic!”
🎓 Bethica Q. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thanks for creating a great service that has taught our daughters about money at a younger age than I learned. It’s been a great experience and my girls have really learned to appreciate the unrealistically high interest rate I’ve given them from the Bank of Dad, as well as understanding online shopping, using their cards in stores, and being careful with money.

You’ve handled a little sliver of teaching our daughters about the world for us, and better than we ever could. I personally make kids’ educational apps (I co-founded one of the well-known startups in that field), and what you’ve built is one of the few other kid-focused apps that I truly respect as being of great value to the next generation as well as parents.”

🎓 David W. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Kids are old enough now to have normal bank accounts. You guys have been amazing and I recommend anyone that has small kids to consider FamZoo. Thanks again for the service that you have provided.”
🎓 Troy L. via FamZoo graduation form.

Having used the product for my 4 kids over the last decade, I have nothing but compliments. It is a fantastic platform that I have recommended many times to others. All good things must end, and having “graduated” the last child it is time to say farewell. Appreciate all that FamZoo has done for our family and will keep recommending! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a grandchild using it.”
🎓 Sean K. via FamZoo graduation form.

Just wanted to thank you for developing a fantastic fintech platform. Incredibly functional, great UI, and very easy to use. It made dealing with money issues with my child very straight forward and non-emotional (and I think she learned a few good lessons as well). Thank you!”
🎓 Gary K. via FamZoo graduation form.

We are very appreciative of your product and service! Excellent for young families, and serves a unique need that we haven’t found anywhere else. Wish more financial services teams were this thoughtful. We have super appreciated this practical service you’ve created and maintained for families. And are impressed with the continued enhancements. I hope it’s rewarding for you, as it’s a great service to offer. We’re at the end of the usefulness, since our kids are all getting older now. So we will need to cancel our account. But will continue to recommend it to our family and friends!
🎓 Kate G. via FamZoo graduation form.

We have been so happy with Famzoo and I’ve recommended the card to several other people! The kids are just getting older and it's time to move on. But thank you for creating this service!”
🎓 Kim B. via FamZoo graduation form.

We loved using our FamZoo accounts during the pandemic and at the younger ages our kids were at the time. Thanks for this service Bill and team. It has been a pleasure working with you all. Keep up the good work training families on financial literacy.
🎓 Mark B. via FamZoo graduation form.

“The kids are grown up and going to college! Thank you FamZoo for having this program. I feel like they’ll be able to use cards responsibly and understand that it is real money. It has been a great tool.”
🎓 Marne A. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo is great and I highly recommend it for any parent. Thank you for being an awesome company!”
🎓 Bridget R. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My children have aged into their own checking and savings accounts. Thank you FamZoo for the excellent financial foundation that you assisted us in helping them lay! I’m thankful that we were introduced to FamZoo by a friend many years ago!”
🎓 Laura O. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Kids are grown now and have grown-up bank accounts. We loved this service and are so glad we used it when they were younger!
🎓 Leigh H. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Our children are now adults and they have opened their own accounts. I have referred several families to you guys and will continue to do so. Thank you for being great.
🎓 Kellie E. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo was great to use for my elderly mother. I will definitely be recommending to others who have similar needs with children or elderly parents!”
🎓 Montoya S. via FamZoo graduation form.

I am truly grateful for the service FamZoo has provided over the years. It gave me an opportunity to teach my boys about how to manage finances and budget before real life set in. Many thanks and great customer service along the journey as well. I will be sure to recommend FamZoo to anyone that could benefit as well.”
🎓 Jon K. via FamZoo graduation form.

I loved using Famzoo for my kids. The only reason we are leaving is they are adults. I still sing your praises to all the parents I know with kids and how great it is to show them autonomy in their spending and learn responsibility and budgeting skills over their money!”
🎓 Ashley F. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo is a tremendous product and you all have provided the best customer service I can recall experiencing in many, many years. Our daughter just grew out of the need as she got older. Thanks for all you do to help kids and their financial awareness.”
🎓 Tom G. via FamZoo graduation form.

We thank you for the many years of Fam Zoo financial learning for our kids and the ongoing support. They have learned many lessons along the way about spending, saving and borrowing money. It was also fascinating to see rather quickly the different ways our three kids tend to manage money! We will continue to recommend you to others.”
🎓 Monica L. via FamZoo graduation form.

Just a note to say how much we love FamZoo, and how it was an indispensable part of our kids’ financial education as they grew up. We are only canceling now because they are grown and out of the house, otherwise we could not have been happier with our FamZoo experience! Thanks again.”
🎓 Ross S. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My kids aged out of Famzoo and now have their own bank accounts. This was an amazing service for us for many years!
🎓 Rob M. via FamZoo graduation form.

It has been a pleasure managing our kids’ funds through FamZoo. Thank you so much for making things easier and for all the time we have saved by using FamZoo.”
🎓 Jackie C. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Thank you again for a great program. My grandkids have loved it. Your customer service is stellar.”
🎓 Kathryn N. via FamZoo graduation form.

We have had a wonderful experience with FamZoo. THANK YOU for all you have done with building this wonderful product.”
🎓 Tracy S. via FamZoo graduation form.

It has been a great pleasure to raise my kids while partnering with you to guide them in financial responsibility. Both of my children are out of my home, so I am needing to cancel my membership. Y’all provide a great service to families, keep up the good work!”
🎓 Shawn B. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My son is old enough now to manage an account with our local bank. FamZoo has been a great learning experience for him and was easy for us as parents to manage. We have recommended it to others. Thank you!”
🎓 Catherine B. via FamZoo graduation form.

Absolutely fantastic product. I can’t say enough about the customer service and the benefits of using FamZoo with my two teen kids. A great way to teach financial responsibility and to transition kids from financial dependence to independence. There are so many more features and benefits than what my family makes use of at this time. Believe the good reviews! Also don’t worry about doing a trial — they are above board and truly want to make their customers happy. They have gone above and beyond!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Clara D. via Google Play Store.

Easy to use and has everything I need without overcomplicating simple things.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tigran D. via Google Play Store.

I really liked using this for my son while he was in school. I’ve told others about the site. I think it is a great idea. Thank you for all your help!”
🎓 Amber B. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Thanks so much for all of your help now and over the years. FamZoo’s customer service is second to none! I will continue to recommend you to other families!”
🎓 Shelli O. via FamZoo graduation form.

“The time has come that my kids are grown and using their own credit cards. Thank you for many wonderful years of service.
🎓 Amy A. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My children are older now and have regular debit cards connected with accounts of their own. FamZoo was a great service for getting them started with debit cards and responsible spending behaviors — Thank you.”
🎓 Tracy Z. via FamZoo graduation form.

“We have been loyal users since 2017. Thank you for helping us help the kids learn ‘money’ with their FamZoo ‘training wheels’ — their words. :)”
🎓 Marcela E. via FamZoo graduation form.

“We have aged out of the need for a prepaid system. It was the perfect way to start my kids on their way to understanding spending and saving. Thank you.”
🎓 Melissa H. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Thank you so much for the time we’ve had with FamZoo! The customer service was some of the best we’ve ever experienced and it was extremely useful for our children when they were young. They are older now and in need of their own “real” bank accounts.”
🎓 Misty D. via FamZoo graduation form.

“A couple of years ago, I spent over a week researching ALL debit cards to create a true digital envelope based system for my family. We were spending way too much money and teaching our daughter bad habits. No more! Your app is far superior to anything out there, and I have a huge pro/con evaluation sheet to prove it. I rated yours as far superior to the following: One Financial, Capital One, GoHenry, GreenLight, Walmart Money card, Amex Bluebird, Qube, and Envel. Thank you!”
✉️ Ryan T. via Email.

“Our kids have grown up and it’s time for us to move off of FamZoo. We have absolutely loved your application and have told many other parents about it! Thanks again for everything you’ve done with FamZoo — it has helped us have *many* conversations with our kids about finances.”
🎓 Kevin D. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo has been great for our five kids that are now all teenagers! Thank you very much for years of excellent service! I have recommended FamZoo to many of our friends!”
🎓 Steffen H. via FamZoo graduation form.

I am sad to leave. I don’t know where the years went! I’m so glad I found FamZoo when I did. It was very helpful for me and my kids and you are all wonderful!”
🎓 Sharon T. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Our children have all moved on to college and new tools for financial management. Thank you so much for helping us build financial life skills with them.
🎓 C. A. via FamZoo graduation form.

I cannot believe our wonderful journey with FamZoo has come to an end — you guys are truly SPECTACULAR! My kids are young adults now and you have been a key part of helping us teach them about money, budgeting, responsibility, and even communication. And you have always been on the spot with customer service as little things came up. What a great thing you did in seizing the moment, creating a website and app, and helping families. THANK YOU!!!”
🎓 Alyse G. via FamZoo graduation form.

I am kinda sad to go, to be honest, and I can’t say that I feel that way generally about ending services with a company. You, your family, and team have every right to be proud of the work you do. You have built such a great tool for parents and others to help teach financial literacy. I wish you all the success in the world. Please know you have helped my children to grow into young adults with a much better understanding of banking, how interest works, how to allocate and budget, and many other things through their interactions using your platform. I will continue to ‘sing your praises’ in the future and tell people about FamZoo.”
🎓 David C. via FamZoo graduation form.

I had no idea we had been using FamZoo for 12 years 😲. It was definitely a game changer for us. It helped the older kids to adjust their spending habits and reduced the arguing. They were sad when they got bank savings accounts as adults and earn 1% per year instead of the 1% per week I paid 🤣. The younger kids grew up with famzoo as ‘normal’ and were surprised to learn that their friends’ families didn’t use it — my youngest told her friend, ‘Your Dad should get it. You’ll get good at saving for stuff and your Dad will pay you interest.’ ”
🎓 Andy R. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thank you for creating a wonderful product and providing excellent customer service. It has been a wonderful teaching tool. We are only cancelling because our son graduated high school and just finished his first year of college and now has his own bank account and debit card.”
🎓 Alicia D. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My kids are in or about to enter college and have set up their own bank accounts. We’ve enjoyed this wonderful community, and I continue to send parents your way. Keep up the great work!”
🎓 Steve V. via FamZoo graduation form.

“The boys are all adults now and have bank accounts (And investment accounts!). I wanted to thank you for offering this great service. It was very helpful in teaching my three boys financial responsibility, money management and the importance of charitable contributions. I noticed other higher rated services with slick mobile apps but this one felt right from the very start. Your customer service over the years has been outstanding. My only regret is not starting this earlier. I recommend you to family and friends and will continue to do so.”
🎓 Edgar A. via FamZoo graduation form.

We’ve loved using FamZoo. It was exactly what we needed at the right time. Thank you for being an awesome company and option for us.”
🎓 Trudi S. via FamZoo graduation form.

We loved FamZoo! It was a great way to teach my son about debit cards, account balances, and making transactions both online and in a physical store. My son is almost 18 now and has a job. He’s graduating to a credit card and learning how to monitor his transactions, not spend more than he makes, and pay off the whole statement by the due date (skills I hope he will carry forward into adulthood). Thanks, FamZoo Crew! We have no complaints about the several years that we were customers.”
🎓 Jill S. via FamZoo graduation form.

My children have successfully made it into adulthood with good money sense and habits. Thank you for helping to make that possible.”
🎓 Molly H. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo was the perfect way of teaching my children how to handle their money. They are now old enough that they have their own accounts that I don’t control so we no longer need FamZoo. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool for teaching children about money.”
🎓 Joy P. via FamZoo graduation form.

Both of my kiddos really benefited from FamZoo. I learned a lot too about how to incentivize but also how to teach them to save, spend and share!”
🎓 Sasha B. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Grandkids are Grown, they now have cards set up by their parents. But I’ve been with you since 2016 and have enjoyed every min, thank you so much for starting this product.
🎓 Dorothy C. via FamZoo graduation form.

This was a GREAT way for my kids to learn about money, debit carts, etc. I have nothing bad to say about Famzoo. My Kids are older and have accounts at our local bank now. In the 2 years we were with Famzoo we never had a problem!!! Keep up the good work, and I wish you and your team the best in the future. :)”
🎓 Daniel D. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thank you for all the years of innovation & support at FamZoo, it was a fantastic solution for so many years for our young children for allowance, savings and charity giving. We wish you and the company the best!”
🎓 Janine C. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Our boys are now 19 and almost 18, so we have moved on to other means for simplicity’s sake. I thank you greatly for the FamZoo service that we utilized for the past 4+ years — wish I had discovered it even earlier. It was a valuable way to manage allowances and provide the boys with their initial experiences of understanding how to manage their own money.”
🎓 Lori K. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thanks so much for your wonderful service. Both my kids have learned enough from FamZoo to move on to their own Savings and Checking Accounts! Thanks again for making this wonderful service!”
🎓 John L. via FamZoo graduation form.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Debra W. via Google Play Store.

Love this App! I have used this app for 4 kids for 3 years now I think to reward them for chores, good grades, allowances, pay them gas money, transfer quick money for emergencies, and all sorts of other things. We started when my oldest was too young to have a car/checking/job and now my youngest is 7 and has his card for small chores too. They love the control and managing their money and I love the ease of transferring from PayPal to reload the parent card. Easy!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dara P. via Google Play Store.

We’ve enjoyed FamZoo and it’s been very helpful for my daughter in learning about managing funds. She’s now ready for an account with the bank directly.”
🎓 Ann D. via FamZoo graduation form.

We have recommended Famzoo to several friends with younger kids. We had such a wonderful experience, particularly with chores and the learning system, that our kids feel confident with their money and saving. That being said, I am going to miss my ‘Bank of Dad’ :) Thanks very much for the years of financial education!”
🎓 Shashi J. via FamZoo graduation form.

Great card and customer service. Definitely will use again when my son becomes older. We are canceling now because my daughter is 19 yrs old and got her own credit card. Thank you for developing this as a way to help teach kids responsibility.”
🎓 Jill U. via FamZoo graduation form.

If you are looking for a gentle way to introduce your kids to credit card spending, @FamZoo is a great choice. Not only does it give you as much or as little control over their balances as you want, the customer service is exemplary. Bill at @FamZoo just saw that I had called their support number but not left a message, and he took the time to look up my account and call me back to see if there was anything I needed. Delighted customer here.”
🐤 @wendynather via Twitter.

Thoroughly loved using FamZoo. It helped us set good financial boundaries for our kids in an easy, logical way. It was especially appreciated by my daughter as she transitioned to greater independence through her high school years. Only canceling because the family has aged out of it. Thanks for a great experience.”
🎓 Kathryn A. via FamZoo graduation form.

FamZoo has been awesome, but the kids are on there own now with their own credit cards and financially independent. Thanks for all the help along the years!”
🎓 Eric B. via FamZoo graduation form.

The kids are quasi-adults now with full time jobs and have local bank accounts. We loved FamZoo, but we have grown beyond the need to have it. Thank you for your excellent service!”
🎓 Paul B. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My daughter has recently graduated from college. She’s working and has a credit card now. We used the FamZoo card as a backup source of funds while she was out-of-state at college. We will not be renewing our FamZoo, but we will be recommending your service to other parents as an alternative to a kid using a parents’ credit card (and all the heartaches that can bring!) Thanks for all your services and help.”
👍 David G. via Email.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for creating such a great service and one backed up by amazing customer service. I’ve had multiple late night emails with y’all for one thing or another. ;) You were always incredibly responsive. Your service gave us the tools to help teach our kids about splitting up your income into different accounts on the way in (short-term, long-term savings, and charity is how we did it), saving for a goal, making sure you have enough money before you spend it, not having all your money available for impulse buys, and eventually responsibly using a debit card and asking for reimbursements. It has been an amazing tool and greatly benefited our family. Thank you for your blood, sweat, tears .... and primarily time that you put into this service.”
🎓 Michelle L. via FamZoo graduation form.

Best customer service ever. We’ve really enjoyed the system. It really helped us teach our kids about money.”
🎓 Elicia H. via FamZoo graduation form.

Important to know: I ran into an issue with using the app for my FamZoo card. The issue has nothing to do with the card/app it’s just I’m new to the famzoo app and trying to get use to how to use it properly. I got a call from the CEO after I left message & he fixed the issue. Fast Service.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Deekno N. via Google Play Store.

FamZoo has been an important part of our family for over 3 years now. With 2 teenage daughters, having this tool as a financial planning aid (and a way to help them become used to handling money well) has been incredibly valuable. It’s like having an awesome partner in the process of teaching them financial responsibility. Very convenient for them to use, it’s also a great way for us to monitor activity & an easy way to reimburse them for purchases if needed. Bill & crew are quickly responsive!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karen G via Google Play Store.

My kids now have jobs and their own checking accounts. FamZoo is awesome and I recommend it to everyone with younger kids.”
🎓 Douglas L. via FamZoo graduation form.

Using this system to help with teaching our daughter about money management was a good decision for our family. Customer service was also very good.”
🎓 Maggie B. via FamZoo graduation form.

Your service is great and helped a lot in bringing our kids to the adult world. They are adults now, with jobs, and their own bank accounts. Thank you!”
🎓 Nikolay Y. via FamZoo graduation form.

You all have been wonderful for the last 10 years about helping me manage allowances for our 5 kids. The youngest is now 18 and all the kids have their own bank accounts.”
👍 Laurie B. via Email.

Famzoo has been great with awesome personal support when needed. We are cancelling today because Famzoo has done its job well. My kids have established good saving and spending behaviors and have advanced to a regular credit card use.”
🎓 Ernest G. via FamZoo graduation form.

I loved famzoo and have used it for lots of years! I recommend it to every young mom!”
👍 Angela K. via Email.

Have enjoyed using Famzoo for about 11 years and it has worked wonderfully to manage kids’ finances/allowance/chores over that time.”
🎓 Liston B. via FamZoo graduation form.

Our experience was a great one and I’d definitely recommend your services to others. My youngest is now 16, has his own job, and his own debit card now. We’ve simply grown beyond the need for these services. Thank you for a great experience!!!”
🎓 Marc M. via FamZoo graduation form.

“We have graduated to full bank account for child. Thank you for the service! It was a great learning tool to prepare my child to understand budget and accounts.”
🎓 Tia P. via FamZoo graduation form.

“We have loved famzoo and recommend it as often as we can to friends. :-) Our youngest just turned 18 years old so it’s time for us to be done with famzoo. Thank you for providing such a wonderful platform for us to teach our children about handling their money. Thank you also for all the fast, personable and helpful tech support over the years. Famzoo is the best!!”
🎓 Lori V. via FamZoo graduation form.

“They have grown up and have their own Bank accounts and debit cards... FamZoo has been AMAZING — Thank You !!!”
🎓 Artur M. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Grandson grew up and handles his own financing. Thanks for helping to teach him how.”
🎓 Helen B. via FamZoo graduation form.

Thank you for providing this amazing service to help us get our son ready for a financially literate and responsible adulthood. He has now moved on to his own bank account at a local brick & mortar bank, and is managing his own way in life. I guess you could say he graduated. :)”
🎓 Tim K. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My daughter has aged out. She has her own bank account now. Thank you so much for providing us with this great product. Highly recommend.
🎓 Bradley R. via FamZoo graduation form.

“My children are over 18 now. This card has been great, a good part of my family in the past 2 years. My sincere thanks to you folks for a great service. I’m sorry having to go now since my twin boys are financially independent.”
🎓 Brandon N. via FamZoo graduation form.

Works really well! My mom got it for my sisters and I to use and we have had no problems so far! My mom could easily transfer money to our cards without a problem.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PurplePizza556 via Google Play Store.

Famzoo has really helped my children learn how to manage money effectively, and I really love all of the features it has for rewarding chores and providing allowance, but you have to use the desktop version for a lot of the more advanced features, which you can get to from the mobile app.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ James S. via Google Play Store.

5 stars. Great app that has worked excellent for my two daughters. I highly recommend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GMKinAZ via App Store.

We've used FamZoo for our 3 children for several years, and highly recommend this service. It’s been an easy way to manage their spending, savings, and giving, while giving them some responsibility. And with so many places going cashless, even school field trips away from us parents, having their own spending cards has been very convenient.”
👍 Michael G. via Facebook.

Great program, simple and useful.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Christian K. via Google Play Store.

Convenient tool for money management. We’ve used FamZoo for several years, and our 3 pre-teen kids love it. It’s a great way for parents to teach fiscal responsibility, and the cards and app make things very convenient and easy for both parents and kids. And the customer service is great. Highly recommend FamZoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SaxyBacon via App Store.

We absolutely love FamZoo. We couldn’t deal with actual cash allowance at all. It wasn’t happening. Now my kids use their cards everywhere they go when they want something. They are already thinking about money in a totally different way. I thought they needed to see dollar bills to understand how much they had. They don’t at all, they get it. The interface is awesome.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sarah B. via Google Play Store.

Great for family budget. We use our FamZoo cards a little differently. We named each one for a different budget item. Groceries, Home Maintenance, Gas, Dinning Out, Pets etc. Then each payday, we add money from our bank account (via Apple Pay) and put the amount on each card we need. We switched to this budget plan instead of using cash envelopes in 2020. It works extremely well for us. Customer service is wonderful! If you have an issue, you can email them and I always heard back within the same day. There is also a FB group you can join that the company maintains and actively moderates.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ kepmom8 via App Store.

Great app. Very responsive to questions.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ B Fred via App Store.

I’ve been using this service now for a few years now and it’s time to give them props. With FamZoo I automate allowance and let my kids learn how to manage their budget. It’s a great way to get away from ‘Mom/Dad can I buy this or I need this skin’... we’ve all heard it, this makes it all very easy. I know there are a few services out there. I started with FamZoo and for me, there is no reason to consider anything else. Hope this helps others.”
👍 Chris D. via Facebook.

“My daughter is now 17 and has a local bank account and has had ‘real’ employment. FamZoo account was a great learning experience for my daughter and a tremendous convenience for a young teenager needing a vehicle to make purchases. I also would like to share my highest complements for FamZoo customer service, particularly how quickly questions and problems are addressed.”
🎓 Paul W. via FamZoo graduation form.

I have used this card with my son for over five years. It allowed him have some money freedom without carrying a lot of cash around. Especially when he went to visit out of town family.”
@shardvixen via Twitter.

Wow, Epic 6 star customer service. The overall communication process is comparable to instantaneous. You will want to stay engaged, and you won’t have any rage. Actually FamZoo procedure should be the standard. You will feel like you’ve been treated like part of a family. I had two separate issues, no fault of FamZoo that they resolved asap, as if FamZoo was right next to me lending a helping hand. FamZoo is a must have!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Six Magicman via Google Play Store.

Financial Education for Kids — GREAT service. FamZoo is a great service to teach your kids about financial responsibility. The app provides real-time money transfer from the parent card to the child card with full reporting on all the activity. We use for gas money plus allowance and review the activity with the kids. We recently saw the power of FamZoo when a teenager saw how much money was going to a certain coffee shop. Seeing this, the teenager now makes coffee at home before leaving for school. Strongly recommend FamZoo to teach your kids how to manage money.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Paycard user via App Store.

This app helped us to work with our disabled son to be able to help him learn to manage his money without him having all of it to himself. It allowed him to work for stuff that he could successfully do. It’s been a godsend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Alhandro E. via Google Play Store.

Great App! This app has been a lifesaver. My son is not good managing his spending, and with this app I can provide him money on a schedule, and transfer money instantly in the event of an emergency.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ KenbDad via App Store.

Great customer service. Personalized and prompt help is always appreciated.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PKingram via App Store.

“I was looking for something to track my kids spend, save, and share accounts, not to mention birthday and Christmas gift money. FamZoo is exactly what we needed. I especially appreciate the auto allowance and interest rate capabilities. Highly recommended!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stephen H. via Google Play Store.

Impressed by the customer service. After having a few problems and being really frustrated, I wound up getting a call that helped get things straightened out. Hopefully we don’t have further problems, but it’s nice to feel fairly certain that they will be handled if they do pop up.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jennifer via Google Play Store.

I cannot say too many nice things about this company and the app. [Ed: We believe that is intended to be interpreted in a positive way given the 5 star rating and what follows.🤣] I’ve been using them now for some years and it’s been perfect for managing my kids monies and teaching them the basics of responsibility. Their customer service is first rate and responsive. Whenever I’ve had to contact them it’s been because of my mess up and not their problem but they are always helpful in resolving the issue with me.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Matthew J. via Google Play Store.

I love the app & FamZoo! I love the app and the FamZoo project that it supports. FamZoo provides practical assistance to us parents to better teach our kids more about using money. I mainly use it as a simple way to stay on top of paying my son’s allowance. I don’t make as much use out of the program as I could — but I’m glad they have other features built in (like tracking chores), which someday I might use.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Momwizkat via App Store.

Best allowance app I have seen so far.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ William J. via Google Play Store.

Made our lives easier! This app (and whole system) has been great. We had been super slack about paying our kids allowance, and definitely were not doing a great job with teaching about savings and charitable giving. This app changed that. At first, I got frustrated with the complicated setup and figuring out how to load money. However, I got it figured out (with some awesome customer service directly from the owner). Now it is a breeze. Literally, five minutes a month tops. The kids think it is awesome to have their own cards (and feel super cool buying stuff on their own). Love it! Get it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pickles48643 via App Store.

A nice way to teach about responsible spending. I have had FamZoo for my kids for the last three years and I think it is way better than giving a teenager a credit card. I give my girls an allowance which they can save. They get allowance accordingly for the chores that they do. I also offer them interest on the money they save which gives them incentive to save. It has actually taught them how to budget, which all kids should know how to do. I also can take money back if they do something that they should not have done or fails to do. It’s a win win.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ xtineusa via App Store.

FamZoo has been a life saver for our family. FamZoo has allowed my son to be able to have control over his money while allowing me to make sure he only has a certain amount of money to spend on a daily basis. It has been GREAT! I highly recommend FamZoo!”
👍 Douglas C. C. via Facebook.

Hello, I just wanted to send you a message and tell you what a wonderful thing you developed here with FamZoo! My kids are learning how to manage their money, give money and save money. I spend less money on things that they request that they may not have bought if they used their own money. I love FamZoo and I tell everybody I can about you. Your customer service is without a doubt A+. The money managing aspect of this for children is out of this world! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!💕💕”
👍 Lynne N. via Email.

Great for teenagers. Learn finance and debit cards.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ James G. via Google Play Store.

This is the best chore app. Rewards are linked to chores. Don’t get chore done then you get less allowance. My one complaint is that chores never truly expire. My kids were checking off chores from a month ago. I think learning that you need to check off the chore on time to get paid helps them be more responsible. If I don’t get my timesheet in on time I don’t get paid. That’s life.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thomas H. via Google Play Store.

Responsive for questions and assist. I have found it supremely convenient to implement regular allowance, transfer funds to kid accounts when needed, set up rewards for chores, encourage saving through adding interest to savings account. Any time there has been a question there is a response with an effective remedy — usually within minutes! Very satisfied!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Slick_blades via App Store.

FamZoo is FABULOUS!!!! Do yourself a favor, Mom, and get FamZoo!!! Blown away with how this helps my family, helps my sanity with three teen girls, and eases my mind especially with being able to move funds so easily to the kids’ cards in their ‘moment of need!’”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ tipsmom3 via App Store.

Proud of my 11 yr old. Have an 11 yr old. FamZoo has been great for her and easy for me. No remembering about an allowance as it is automatic. Has taught my daughter how to manage her money. Last week she had picked up a few things in the store... things that were probably going to end up at goodwill in a month or 2. I let her make her own decision as was her money. We got to the checkout and she handed one of the items to the cashier and stated: ‘I changed my mind I’m not going to buy this, I want to save my money for something else.’ Everyone in line and the cashier looked shocked. I was standing there proudly smilingly!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ vlars222 via App Store.

The best! I never write reviews but FamZoo is amazing! I’ve been so pleased with it, and so have my children. And the customer service really can’t be beat!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ tttressa via App Store.

This is a great service. We’re teaching our kids about personal finance under controlled conditions. This tool allows us to do that in a modern and convenient way. Also they have done a remarkable job of anticipating every possible question we might have and answering those ahead of time on their site. They have really responsive customer service too.”
👍 Chris W. via Facebook.

This is a GREAT APP!!! I had to move to FamZoo when my previous provider, Green something, did an update which left my family unable to access funds in our accounts, they offered no online options and said I would have to upgrade the family’s phones. I found a way to withdraw our funds without getting new phones and went looking for a new provider of similar services. I found FamZoo. FamZoo has an online presence with a full function website, the APP provides all the essentials. Wonderful!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Southern Style via Google Play Store.

This is a great service to help kids learn about money, and in our modern world, it provides a way for them to use their spending money. We recommend FamZoo.”
👍 Matthew R. via Facebook.

We tried several different debit card solutions for managing allowance and this is by far the best. My oldest loves it. He can use to buy games from Steam or a snack from 7-11 and I have visibility to all his purchases.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kenny J. via Google Play Store.

Excellent service! Have used FamZoo for several years to manage allowances and pocket money for my teens. Wished I had discovered the service when they were younger. Thanks FamZoo - please keep this valuable service going!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ mamashenay via App Store.

FamZoo is a useful app with associated debit card for teaching young people how to manage finances before they head out into the real world. It allows me to manage paying the kids with ease. I transfer a lump sum into the account and parcel it out as needed.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ T Engberg via Google Play Store.

Awesome product and fantastic customer service. We’ve been using FamZoo for a few years and it’s been a tremendous addition for helping our teenager learn about money and responsibilities. In addition to all the excellent features, I’m constantly impressed by the customer service. They respond almost immediately to questions and issues (even on holiday weekends!) and are always ready to help.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ jsg92107 via App Store.

Works wonders. Just a really great app.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mantis Shrimp5 via App Store.

Family of 7 have been using FamZoo for years now. 5 kids are from 8 to 22. Keeps everything organized and worth the money. They know not to ask me... Dad... for money unless they know what’s in their FamZoo accounts. Saved a lot of arguments and conflict.”
👍 Jeff H. via Facebook.

FamZoo is a Great product! Very good customer service, and very robust website with many features. This was a great way to pay allowances, and teach kids how to budget money and prepare for a proper bank account. Highly recommend!”
👍 Greg N. via Facebook.

“Useful product and great customer service.”
👍 Charlie M. via Facebook.

We LOVE this app, it’s helped to teach our son financial responsibility at 10!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kassie M. via Google Play Store.

Yes!!! This app has become a big part of our family. We have relied on it for years now. It teaches the girls not only about the responsibility of doing their chores, but also about the responsibility of listing them once they’ve done them. Because if they don’t add them in FamZoo then they don’t get paid. This is something we are still working on, but it is an excellent life lesson. I love the customer service. Any time something comes up someone contacts me immediately. The platform uses Facebook as a means to get answers, but I don’t do social media. So I always have questions, and I am always responded to within minutes, hardly ever hours — literally. I love this app. I can’t recommend it enough.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Flutterbyocean via App Store.

Offers a lot of flexibility with handling finances for kids. We do earnings, penalties, allowance, gifts, and so much more. Well worth the annual fee.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Raymond H. via Google Play Store.

This has helped our family immensely. We use it almost everyday and certainly every week to keep our son with funds that he needs from us. It also gives us a little bit of visibility into how he spends the money.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bob R. via Google Play Store.

We like it! What set this apart from other finance for kids apps was that I can take money back as well. I pay them but when they don’t do it right I can deduct pay as well. Or when money is borrowed in either direction it can be transferred easily. And questions are answered quickly and personally by the owner. That’s awesome!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Laci M. via App Store.

Amazing. I love this app and company. Teaching my growing boys responsibility and accountability is a breeze because of FamZoo.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Andrea J. via App Store.

We truly appreciate the customer service FamZoo provides and will be FamZoo clients for many years to come. We have been FamZoo clients for appr. 3 years. We are a retired couple that travels and looked for a safe/secure prepaid card. We researched and chose FamZoo. During the 3 years we have needed assistance/support from FamZoo (e.g. change of address, card replacement) and each time received immediate and excellent service.”
👍 Frank Family via Blog Comment.

We Love FamZoo. We used FamZoo because our kids were going on class trips and we wanted them to have access to make purchases without carrying cash. When Covid came along we used it as a teaching tool and an easy way to transfer their allowances to their accounts. There are so many uses for FamZoo to teach your children the importance of financial responsibility. I highly recommend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Btshank via App Store.

Before FamZoo chores and payments for my two teen sons was a mess. I was terrible at keeping track and it would be an argument every time. FamZoo allows me to set-up their chores, have agreed upon earning amounts per item, and pay them directly. My teens having access to their own card means they can use their card to purchase online things like ‘skins’ for video games and other things. I highly recommend FamZoo to all!!!”
👍 Rose D. via Facebook.

This exceptional app has complexity and depth beyond my limited parenting and financial skills. However, it’s basic use as a vehicle for allowance, expense tracker (and reimburser!), and way to immediately ‘wire’ funds to my mobile teens is magnitudes more valuable than it’s small cost. Support has also been outstanding when I’ve needed it.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Foster H. via Google Play Store.

In picking a way for your kid to have access to money and for you to have some control over that, you want to go with a company that has kids’ interests at heart. I vote for FamZoo. I have interviewed founder Bill Dwight multiple times and he is a great guy. He came up with the Bank of Dad debit card idea as a way to solve the problem of managing allowance and ‘Dad, can you lend me...’ requests from his own five children.”
👍 Elisabeth S. via LinkedIn.

“I wanted to let you know what I posted to the Facebook group for the disability my daughter has regarding FamZoo. The card has been very important for us personally for the past few years, and many other parents of young adults with my daughter’s disability have issues with financial management. This post was long overdue, but hopefully it will help others learn more about the benefits of FamZoo.”
👍 Ned P. via Email.

“We started using FamZoo recently and my son really enjoys seeing the #IOU go up with every ‘job’ he completes throughout the month. (Bonus, our place is super clean!) Thanks Bill Dwight for the walkthrough and sharing your philosophy with us!”
👍 Linda L. via LinkedIn.

Great service and convenience! Thank you FamZoo for the affordable and convenient way to disperse funds to family members. You have taken the hassle out of ‘banking’ and made it kid-friendly — having their own cards! Keep up the great work!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LRolfsen via App Store.

Excellent app and card service. We love FamZoo! We’ve found it to be the perfect way to start to teach our tweens how to use a debit card, how to track their spending (and saving!). Their customer service is superb. Highly recommend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MoniJon via App Store.

Fantastic! We love FamZoo. As a parent, it has greatly simplified allowance. If my kids get paid for a special chore or project, giving them the money is a snap. The toolbox is deep, with automatic savings, charity, loans, interest, etc. We also love that our kids take responsibility for paying for certain recurring expenses (ie iTunes subscriptions) which forces them to ensure they have funds, to save, and make choices in their spending. Wish I could give it 10 stars.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Applesucks111 via App Store.

“I got this app for my teenager so he could have an account where he could spend his allowance money via online merchants in a secure manner. The famzoo team has been incredibly responsive to any and all questions, need for card replacements, etc. Very glad to be working with famzoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Marcia R. via Google Play Store.

Kids love their famzoo cards. Very convenient for them to have when they are out and about for paying for their purchases. Great customer service. Gets the job done.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ellie C. via Google Play Store.

We love these cards! We use them to distribute allowance to our 4 children. They have had them less than a year and it has already helped them to learn about money and saving. They love having the freedom to make their own purchases, even online. The customer service is amazing, when our cards arrived my oldest’s card came with the wrong name printed. The owner himself called me to set it right and even sent my son a gift because of the mistake. I would recommend these cards to anyone who is wanting to help their children learn more responsibility.”
👍 Jessica T. via Facebook.

We still love FamZoo after all these great years of teaching our kids how to manage their own money with their FamZoo debit card. They have the best customer service too! We love FamZoo!”
👍 Bruce F. via Facebook.

Famzoo is the absolute best thing to teach kids about managing money and how to use cards. From chores checklists, interest payments and loan repayment, I love using Famzoo with my kids of all ages. Currently have kiddos ages 8 to 19 using different parts of Famzoo. Beyond the actual cards and system, Bill and his team have the absolute best service I have ever experienced. Always super fast and well thought out answers to address any question.”
👍 Kellie S. via Facebook.

FamZoo is the perfect solution for two boys to learn about money and making purchases in this digital world. And I thank FamZoo for making it easy to track.”
👍 James C. via Facebook.

I recommend it to all my friends. We’ve been using FamZoo for years and it’s great. If you ever have questions, Bill will help you. I especially like that my kids could send money requests and I could just tap to approve them: this is a great feature in case of an emergency. My kids love the independence of having their own debit cards and being able to order stuff online.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Margiemallo via App Store.

Works well for us. My kids are 12 and 14 and it was getting hard to keep track of money between us. I never had cash and we were writing down IOUs. FamZoo made it easy to pass money around and keep track of what was already paid. It is a good solution for us.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ creativebydesign via App Store.

This card is amazing. I have 3 kids with it and it’s awesome. Allowance and gifts so easy. Also the added learning on their part on how to balance their accounts and watch spending. Easy to load. Just an all out awesome service.”
👍 Julie A. via Facebook.

Great app, just what we were looking for. We were looking for a way for our kids to manage their own money and have their own debit cards. But when I started looking into it, both are too young to get a debit card from our bank. This was the perfect solution. All money on the kids’ cards is loaded from the parent account, so I know exactly where the money is at all times, can move money between accounts easily, and can see what is being spent. The only thing that was a bit of a pain was loading money to the parent card. I didn’t want to set up an automatic direct deposit from my paycheck, but adding money via my PayPal account took nearly a week for the funds to get to the parent card (this appears to be a PayPal issue not a FamZoo issue, but either way it was annoying), but once I got Apple Cash set up, it takes just seconds. Now the kids can use their own debit card to make purchases. And the card will not allow you to overdraw the account. So no worries about going into debt or racking up overdraft fees. If they don’t have the funds, the purchase can’t be made. The price to set up the FamZoo accounts and get the cards was very reasonable. We got a debit and a savings card for each child and encourage the kids to split their deposits so some money goes into each account. It has worked really well for our family.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ PTgamer121 via App Store.

FamZoo has been an incredible resource and product to help us instill the value (to our daughter) of saving money, saving money for charity, and of course spending money in a responsible manner. All while giving our daughter autonomy. Bill, the creator of FamZoo, has developed an excellent solution to instilling responsible financial education for our kids. He is very hands-on and will answer emails quickly and bring you into the FamZoo FB community, where you can inquire and comment on all things FamZoo. I highly recommend FamZoo and will continue to use it with our daughter and our son in a few years.”
👍 Rob B. via Facebook.

Great for teens. My two teenagers (and their parents!) love the FamZoo service. We have set it up for weekly allowances, chores and more. The kids are learning the value of money as they use their debit cards. Bill and the team have helped me configure any workflow I have wanted. I have used the service for over 3 years.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ iPhoneFan85 via App Store.

Fabulous funding tool for grandkids too! Sending grandkids funds for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions has never been easier! The oldest is in college and now mostly saves his funds for a rainy day! Truly a priceless financial tool for the whole extended family💜”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ DrPepperM via App Store.

Really nice app for managing money flow to my two teenagers. It’s especially helpful to transfer money immediately for emergencies like needing gas for the car. It’s also great for reminding them to get their chores done. All at a reasonable cost.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michael A. via Google Play Store.

Great for elderly parents too! My parents are elderly and on a fixed income and I have taken over managing their finances for them. They are still somewhat independent so they like to have spending money for things while I handle the bills and expenses. FamZoo allows me to give them debit cards for their spending money without worry of over spending and not having enough when the bills are due. Also every time I’ve had to contact customer service at FamZoo the response has been lightning fast and my issues are resolved instantly! I highly recommend FamZoo for anyone that has family members young or old that need some help managing their spending.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ marcro via App Store.

Awesome card for our family. We love Famzoo! Streamlined our allowances and chore chart. Trains my children to use a card without the possibility of over spending.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Janey M. via Google Play Store.

Great for teaching and great support. I got this to pay my kids for their chores and allow them to securely spend their money. It has been great! And if I have a question or an issue, I don’t get a robot or offshore help, Bill at FamZoo can tell you exactly what to do. Their policy on international use will be great when my daughter travels abroad next year.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jnepp97 via App Store.

“This bank account/debt card for kids has helped me teach my 11 year old daughter the value of money, budgeting and saving. We love it.
👍 Bradley D. via Facebook.

Simple but flexible way to help my 15 year old manage her finances. Very reasonable fees. Love this service and app.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Gerry P. via Google Play Store.

So helpful for managing allowance. The whole family loves FamZoo, and it’s so much easier to manage than cash.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ButterGorilla via App Store.

Famzoo is the perfect way to teach your kids how to use their money, track their expenditures, and save for the future.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mary C. via Google Play Store.

FamZoo for family. We absolutely love FamZoo for helping our kids understand how money works. We give them weekly allowances which is credited, in our case, to three buckets. One bucket is for spending, the other for saving, and the final for charity. We are able to encourage them to save and donate to charity by increasing the interest rate return on those accounts. The kids love to check their account and watch their savings grow. It also gets them to think about charity. The debit card has been a game changer for us since it places some responsibility on our kids to manage their money. And the app works well and seems very intuitive. Also, at the end of each week I can see where each of my kids spent their money. We are big fans of FamZoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Chris R. via App Store.

Easy! We have been using FamZoo for around 3 years now. It has been so great. Kids can have some independence when out with friends to purchase snacks and so on without me having to have cash for allowance. My 16 year old just started his first job and he can even have his paycheck directly deposited into his account! Then I can set up auto transfers from him to me to pay his share of car insurance for the car we just got him. 👍”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kennypickles via App Store.

FamZoo was perfect for our young kids so we could provide them with some money to spend in a convenient way while they learned how to manage their money. Our kids are now older and prepared for a credit card. Thanks FamZoo!!”
👍 Mike B. via Facebook.

Must have for teenagers. Chris and Bill at FamZoo are absolutely amazing. Always there when you need them. Always have the answer. And the product and app is amazing. Gives real peace of mind knowing my kids have a card to use that I can monitor, limit, and adjust as necessary (and on the fly too). This has been a game changer for my family. If more than 5 stars were available, I’d give it. Try it out. You’ll wonder how you lived without it. Keep up the great work and features boys!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Krispymom via App Store.

Great app. I love this app, it is so convenient and it allows me to monitor my kiddos spending. Thanks Bill.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Happy Cali Mom via App Store.

I absolutely love FamZoo and my only regret is not having used it sooner. Really helps to teach your kids about responsible spending. It gives them a degree of financial freedom but at the same time gives the parent oversight. I initially used FamZoo as a way for my daughter not to carry only cash while on spring break or go cray cray with a regular credit card or banked linked debit card. FamZoo was the safest and most efficient alternative. We were so pleased with it that we have continued to use it after her trip. I totally recommend it.”
👍 Alejandra S. via Facebook.

Love this app!! Stopped the complaints from our teenager that we forgot to put his $ into his savings. The memo line explains exactly what the money transfer was for and when it was done. Gives my three teenagers control of their finances for better or worse, :) allows me to check in on what they are spending to have teachable moment conversations. (My daughter bought a $3 item with $45 shipping!) Great customer service! Answers to my questions in just a few minutes to an hour. Makes handling money transfers for our oldest going to college easy and no worrying about finding a bank in a new state. Kids love seeing their savings cards add up and compete to have the highest balance, and vice versa when their spending cards go down to 0 and they have to find a job or cancel their recurring payments to Xbox! And countless other small financial moments made easier...”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Famzoo Fan via App Store.

Easy to use. Quick feedback if have an issue and works with Apple Pay and Google Pay.”
👍 Sasha L. S. via Facebook.

Great Tool for Teaching Kids about Money. We’ve used the FamZoo App, Bank Account, and Debit Card System with our daughter for the past several years. We all love it! My daughter was quick to understand the spending account paid no interest, her savings/investment account paid really good interest, and her car fund a different amount. We set it up that way and it worked great. I know where all of her money is at all times AND what it gets spent on. The text alerts go to her and I every time the accounts have activity. Allowances are automated ... and the occasional penalty is just a few clicks and done. She loves that she has a debit card at such a young age and overall, it’s really helped me teach about money, saving, investing, interest, debit vs credit cards, and so much. It’s been a great tool and I’d recommend to anyone. And for the very few times I needed help or support, the service was top notch. Thank you, FamZoo.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ AppleGuyRDW via App Store.

Great Service. Had them for years. Quick response time if have issues. Now works with Apple Pay and Google Pay and can easily send money back and forth with my kids. They were even able to add the cards to their phone.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fierce23 via App Store.

Impressed with the product and even more so with the support. Keep up the good work.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shayne H. via Google Play Store.

Excellent way for children to learn about finances. Recommend this service 100%.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dennis B. via Google Play Store.

Convenient way to provide a debit card to my son. Easy to move money into my FamZoo acct and then to distribute as needed. The spending accounting provides great feedback.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1RemD via App Store.

Wonderful! Who uses cash these days!?? Love the convenience of being able to instantly pay my kids for chores and being able to track their spending. Bill is friendly and always there to answer questions and addresses any issues immediately!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SoozyQ75 via App Store.

No longer need cash or time. A parent’s dream! I’ve been using this for almost two years. I no longer have to give them my card for online purchases. I no longer have to pay them cash for allowances. I no longer have to have conversations about purchases. I’m empowering my kids to manage their finances early. So glad my friend told me about this.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ cool dud247 via App Store.

Have used this app for years. I use this app to pay my kids allowance and for them to gain experience using a debit card. Any time over my time using this app I have had a question or concern, Bill will personally call me and get to the bottom of any issue. Very rare to have this type of personal communication with companies today. I highly recommend FamZoo. Great company with great support.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Egmech via App Store.

Love ease and convenience of giving my kids some spending money and ability to track all their purchases. Bill is friendly and answers any questions and addresses any issues immediately.”
👍 Susan O. H. via Facebook.

A must have for kids. I absolutely love this app. It is very easy to use and if you do have any questions or issues they are very responsive and helpful. I can keep track of chores and savings and I can add extras in for a one time bonus chore which is great when I need something big done around the house. My son is 15 and his high school friends want the app too because they see that my son gets a debit card and money :) thank you so much for providing this. It has saved me money and helped teach my son about finances and saving money for things he wants.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ AZSUNQUEN via App Store.

Great for kids to track their finances. This has been a great app for us to help the kids manage their own money. They can easily see how much they have in there give, save, and spend accounts. It also is a very easy way for us to control the flow of their spend. We can see all of the transactions in an easy list. Great app!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ KMT family via App Store.

I love Famzoo, my 17 year old has been using for the past 5 years and he loves it; his mom does too. 😊 So easy to use!!!!”
👍 Bridgett D. B. via Facebook.

“We have been using the FamZoo service for a few years now. So far, we have only used it for virtual accounts and it has saved us a lot of headaches with tracking allowances, odd jobs, and purchases. Our kids (6, 9, and 13 years) are learning the value of money and love to check their own balances. The customer service has been great too — it’s a very family-oriented company. I would give it 5 stars but I am not familiar with the full range of services.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Molly M. via Google Play Store.

This helps my family stay on track. They get paid biweekly for chores and it teaches them how to manage their money. Love it! Great for your teens!”
👍 Pam P. L C. via Facebook.

“We’ve been using FamZoo for a couple of years with our kids. It is an easy way to pay them for jobs completed and send them money when they are with friends. While there are similar apps that may be easier to navigate, the customer service at FamZoo is stellar.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ken and Loralee R. via Google Play Store.

This card has proven to be the perfect solution to my son’s situation last year. May 2020, he was a 17 year old high school graduate with a job, but he was not old enough to open his own bank account. Plus, he needed a bank account with a debit card that had his legal name on it so that he could have his paychecks direct-deposited. And I needed to be able to send him money in real-time, conveniently. I, as a parent, am very happy to have found FamZoo. I recommend it to anyone with teenagers.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ IvyTeacher Wilson via Google Play Store.

Very good app... Really like the convenience and the teaching opportunities. Excellent way to introduce young ones to the correct use of credit, debit and online transactions. Keep up the great work!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sean J. via Google Play Store.

Great for helping kids learn about financial management and savings. This app and the associated debit cards — with fantastic and personal support from Bill, the founder — help our teenagers manage their money and make smart financial decisions, while encouraging them to complete chores around the house with financial incentives that we provide. It also gives our older teenager, who has his driver’s license, the freedom that comes with having a debit card, while allowing us to see instantaneously where he’s spending money. Great idea, great app, great debit cards, and great service!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ActuarySTL via App Store.

“If you ever thought it would be nice to be able to give your kids their own bank card to pay them their allowance or pay them for chores or just for emergencies, I highly recommend Famzoo. Amazing company with the absolute best customer service in the world. Seriously, I haven’t experienced customer service in this level ever. Cannot brag about this company enough. Heather and I got them for our kids as a Christmas present and they love it. They even have a version of the app so the kids can log in and see their balances.”
👍 Don C. via Facebook.

This has been a lifesaver for me for the past couple of years. I have three kiddos and keeping up with their money used to be a nightmare. They were always asking for money and the amount of lost coins and dollar bills around the house was making me sick. Then my son used my credit card to purchase $500 worth of Fortnite V Bucks and I lost my mind that fall lol — I couldn’t believe he would do that! So I needed a solution and I found it at FamZoo. Everyone has their own card that they can use wherever they want and adding funds to their cards is sooooooo easy! It literally takes 2 seconds to credit their card with funds they can use instantly. Love this! Thanks FamZoo!!! 🙏🤩😎”
👍 Gretchen J. H. via Facebook.

Great for our family with a tween and teen. We have been able to use this app and the bank cards as a great way to teach our kids 11 and 13 about fiscal responsibility, making choices for themselves and managing their own budgets. They have had to learn about recurring fees (what?... I have to read the fine print?!?) and how to prioritize what’s actually important to them. Before FamZoo they used to just come to us asking for money every time we went out. It’s refreshing to tell them that of course they can buy the favorite item de jour, as long as they’ve saved up for it. I highly recommend this app!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Momster90 via App Store.

Fantastic app! Fantastic customer service! We have been using FamZoo for about four years now, and we can’t say enough about how much we love it. We were trying to pay our kids allowance but we kept forgetting to get small bills, so we would find ourselves doing IOUs all the time. It was getting very frustrating. Then I heard about FamZoo, so I gave it a try. We absolutely love having debit cards for our kids so that they can purchase things on their own, even online. I love that if we are at a store and one of my kids wants something, I can check their balance right then. Or if they have not brought their card with them, I can pay for the item and immediately debit it from their account. Also, family gifts of money and checks are so easy now. We just take the money and then give them credit in their accounts from our master account. It’s fantastic! Also, anytime I have had a question, I email the company and they get back to me within hours. There is a little bit of set up in the beginning, but it’s well worth it. Try it! You’ll be happy you did!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shellbellen via App Store.

I’ve used FamZoo for over a year as a quick way to get money to my niece in college and my teenage nephew. The convenience of being able to fund it directly from my paycheck each week using the associated bank account is so nice. They have easy access and I can make a transfer to them in seconds. Highly recommend.”
👍 Tien M. via Facebook.

Life Changer! We signed up our three kids with FamZoo when each turned 13 years old. FamZoo taught them about money as well as provided them a solid foundation of independence. When each turned 18 we sadly said goodbye to FamZoo as they applied for their first actual bank credit cards. Thank you for helping our kids gain the confidence and knowledge to handle their personal finances at such a young age. Our Best. JW and Family.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hey5274838185 via App Store.

Great tool for family finance. First, let me say that the customer service has been great the few times I have had self inflicted issues. The interface is fairly intuitive and well thought out. There are a lot of features available to teach kids about finances, and saving and spending money wisely.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stan G. via App Store.

Great option for kids/parents. Had this for a few years for my son when he started venturing out on his own in 6th - 7th grade. It was cool for him to use the card with his friends rather than carrying cash around that would likely get lost. Highly recommend!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ibuildstuff71 via App Store.

Great service for families. I’ve been using FamZoo for my son who is away at boarding school. The app is easy to use, there are a lot of features on the website and the customer service is very good. Any questions I’ve had are answered in a very timely fashion.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ GBuck2021 via App Store.

We have used the famzoo card with our teens for the past 5 years of so. This is a great card and I highly recommend it! Our kids were getting overdraft fees when they used their bank debit cards and we do not need to worry about that with famzoo! The card administrators are very responsive and we hear back very quickly whenever we have a question. We’ve been very happy with famzoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jen F. via Google Play Store.

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Any questions that I had was answered at rapid speed. Its the best system at maintaining youngsters financial responsibilities. Zero issues with FamZoo card, Customer service, or desktop website & we started using the services well over a year ago. 6 Stars!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Six Magicman via Google Play Store.

We have used this excellent service with our children for the past three years and we found it educational and easy to use. Our kids have learned a great deal about finances and responsibilities, and it made our lives of keeping track of purchases and allowances and chores very easy. I was particularly impressed with how quickly I got answers to all of my questions from the customer service!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stella B. via Google Play Store.

FamZoo has really been a great tool to help develop independence and responsibility in my middle and high schoolers. Their chore reminders are sent directly to them via text eliminating the need for nagging. Yay!! I’ve also noticed they’re more willing to pay their own expenses since they have debit cards. No more ‘I forgot my money at home!’ They’re also more focused on saving money instead of spending. A really great tool!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Erika R. via Google Play Store.

FamZoo has been an excellent financial tool for my newly minted teen. It’s so easy to use and lets him keep track of his allowance. I especially love the hands on approach from Mr. Dwight if you have any questions. So refreshing. Absolutely recommend this card to help your child begin to learn how to handle their finances.”
👍 DAndrea H. via Facebook.

Great functional evolution. We have had good success with using FamZoo for more than a few years. At first, the advantage for us was not having to scramble for cash on allowance day. Then the debit system became a good way to understand rudimentary financials and learn about preportioning into a savings/spending split. Now the card makes my life easier when my daughter can run into the store, pay for necessities, track what needs to be paid back and feel comfortable knowing she has enough money for some splurges without carrying a wad of crumpled cash etc. With the pandemic’s effect on cash sales, the card is indispensable. Not to mention vending machine conversions to cashless transactions. We continue to be happy with FamZoo.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ TblRblPbl via App Store.

Great app for managing kids finance. We use it for our three kids and their allowance. The splits between the three categories is super helpful for teaching. Each year we help our kids pick charities to donate to from their FamZoo account.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ nebber88 via App Store.

Famzoo has been great for use as both a reloadable cards for the whole family and an excellent budgeting tool. It truly does change the envelope system to a digital system. I no longer need to be carrying around cash or forgetting to grab it out if the right envelope. It’s all there at my finger tips! Chore lists are great too for the kids!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bryan P. via Google Play Store.

This app is awesome! I can’t thank Bill and the team enough! They recently upgraded our cards to chip cards and it was practically flawless. I have had a few moments of question and they always have an answer for me right away. My daughters love the new flexibility of the cards and couldn’t be happier! Great job FamZoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shane R. via Google Play Store.

This app and its cards have helped us teach our kids financial lessons through hands on experiences tracking their spending, monitoring card balances, paying bills, budgeting and more! Plus the developers are very responsive to questions and issues.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sarah G. via Google Play Store.

I love the app & FamZoo! I love the app and the FamZoo project that it supports. FamZoo provides practical assistance to us parents to better teach our kids more about using money. I mainly use it as a simple way to stay on top of paying my son allowance. I don’t make as much use out of the program as I could — but I’m glad they have other features built in (like tracking chores), which someday I might use.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Momwizkat via App Store.

This is the only prepaid card I have been able to get to work properly for my sons. Also they give personalized service at FamZoo.”
👍 Donna P. via Facebook.

I absolutely love this card. Very easy to use for my 11 year old and it helps her learn to stay on budget and to get her chores done to get her money. Highly recommend.”
👍 Tracey H. C. via Facebook.

Essential App For Parents We have been using FamZoo for years and both my son and I love it. In addition to helping him learn how to budget and manage his finances, it has taken a lot of stress off me. No more hunting for dollars and spare change, which makes it much easier to be consistent. Also makes it very easy to impose fines for behaviors that need improvement like not leaving dishes in his room, etc. Relatively easy to set up and very intuitive to use. Couldn’t be happier.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ SamandKobe’s Mom via App Store.

I love this app. Started with virtual accounts with kids at first. Makes it easy to do allowances, create separate buckets like spending, saving, giving, and tracking monetary exchanges btwn kids and parents, everything for money for extra chores, to credits for parent spend at a store the kid needs to reimburse, etc. Only suggestion would be an update to UI, but other than that, they have a great help menu, and their support is 100% and incredibly responsive.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joanne D. via Google Play Store.

Superb functional, helpful app with excellent client service. It has been incredibly helpful for our family!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kate Z. via Google Play Store.

Incredible customer service! FamZoo has been extremely useful in managing a conservatorship for my elderly father. It has allowed me to manage my father’s finances as well as his primary caregiver’s payments and reimbursements. But what is most outstanding to me is the level of responsiveness of their customer service. There is so much you can do with FamZoo that it is sometimes hard to find the directions on the website. On a few occasions, I have emailed customer service asking how to do this or that, and every time I was amazed and delighted by the fast friendly and clear response I received. I highly recommend FamZoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ waterdragon888 via App Store.

Great for educating the kids about money. FamZoo does what your bank cannot: provide a safe and educational financial sandbox for the kids. It’s functional and super convenient. Love it.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ aint broke, dont fix via App Store.

“I searched for some time for a reloadable debit card for my daughter. Nothing came close to what FamZoo can do.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Matt M. via Google Play Store.

A few years ago, after I researched various options, we started using FamZoo for allowances for the girls. They charged $40 a year for a family account and minimal fees by transaction as compared to other cards. When they emailed me today with annual fee reminder, I replied we would not be renewing this year as the girls are adults and have checking accounts now. They issued my remaining balance refund the same day. Rarely have I worked with a company with such stellar service!”
👍 Chris B. via Facebook.

Very convenient and easy transactions that even our 14 yr old could figure out. Good for the family’s budgeting goals.”
👍 Emyrose I. via Facebook.

I have had FamZoo for over 2 years with my 6 kids — I LOVE it! It’s so convenient to quickly transfer money to my kids accounts and I can see where/how much they spend. Makes my life much easier! I wanted to rave about the amazing customer service Bill provided. I had a zillion questions in an email, to which he promptly called me and helped me navigate all my questions. Again today, I wanted to change some things and Bill (again) responded in minutes and helped me out . I highly recommend FamZoo to all my friends!”
👍 Christine M. via Facebook.

A great idea for preteens and teens, not only to teach financial responsibility, but I love my grandson not having to carry cash. I can always add a little extra on his card quickly for something unexpected. The FamZoo support is absolutely phenomenal.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Susan A. via Google Play Store.

I love the lightning fast transferring between my family accounts and how user friendly it was to teach them how to use the dashboard. I recommend this to help teach your kids finances.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bill M. via Google Play Store.

Great for Teens. Have been using almost a year for a 14 now 15 year old. Works great! Has made allowance, spending etc. so much better than cash. Totally recommend. Easy to use. Immediate transfers from main acct to kids.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ xkszxrfg via App Store.

I can’t say enough good things about this app and the creator. It’s kept my kids on track. If I ever have a question it’s answered and resolved. I have had great success and would totally recommend.”
👍 Yvette J. via Facebook.

I love not having cash on hand to pay kids for their chores! I used to have to be the ‘banker’ because kids would blame each other if they lost their money. Now, we can see where each dollar goes by looking at transaction history on each card! These cards ease home administration and help keep the peace!”
👍 Krista N. via Facebook.

This is a great system. We started using it about six months ago and have moved all our discretionary spending to famzoo. We have a card that serves as the ‘Central Bank’ and a card for each parent and child. It’s absolutely amazing.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Benjamin D. via Google Play Store.

Still love FamZoo. We have been using FamZoo since our girls were in their early teens and they are now almost 21 and 18. Although they have since opened traditional bank accounts, we still use their FamZoo cards to fund living expenses as needed. So convenient and easy, and it’s great to still be able to see where they are spending their money. Tech support is still the best around, although it has probably been 3 or 4 years since we even had a question, let alone any sort of problem. The phone app works flawlessly and the website is also great.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam via App Store.

Easy to use, responsive customer support. I started using Famzoo when my son started high school. It has been very useful and does exactly what I need it to do. I only use very basic functions — pay allowance to my son — pay for chores — putting money on his card to get something from the store — save a small amount for savings and for charitable donations. Works very well and customer service is friendly and quick. The community is very helpful as well.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ p.brooklyn via App Store.

My family uses the app regularly to check our FamZoo balances and move money around. It works well, is intuitive, and reliable. I love that I can make notes on each transaction. When I first started using FamZoo and sought help, my questions were immediately and thoughtfully addressed by the developer. Highly recommend!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cherie W. via Google Play Store.

I got cards for my three kids to help them begin learning how to manage money. They love it! My oldest (son) is now 18 and uses it to get paychecks and paying bills. And any questions we may have are answered promptly by Bill. Definitely recommend.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tamara H. via Google Play Store.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this service. Using my phone I can quickly send money to my children (allowances, payment for car washes etc) and they have it available in seconds. I can also get alerts whenever they use their cards and know what they are spending money on. They prefer it to cash, possibly because they feel all grown up swiping the card at the movies etc. I can lock/unlock the card, help them set up savings, charity donations etc etc. All of the control from this app — which is quite well laid out and has a good help service. Speaking of help, the kids have lost their cards twice now and on both occasions, the FamZoo staff have quickly responded even on Sundays to help get new cards ordered. This isn’t an expensive service at all — you can tell these folk are not motivated by financial wealth, but rather driven by a desire to teach children fiscal responsibility in a world of electronic payments. You will not regret downloading this app.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Matthew E. via Google Play Store.

Automating Allowance. Ends the weekly search for the right bills. Set up transfer automatically. When the kids want to spend money online, I transfer amount back to bank of dad. Super convenient. Lots of functions I haven’t gotten around to using like setting up interest payments, allocations for charity. Easy to link to my bank account to replenish as needed. Thanks.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bkearns123 via App Store.

Great for kids all ages. We have used this app for the last year to help our kids keep track of their allowance, chore money and spending. We don’t use the features for the actual debit cards because our kids are not old enough, but I would like to add that feature in the future. This has really solved the problem for us of never having cash to pay our kids their allowances and makes it easier when we are out and about to debit their account if they want to buy a toy or souvenir. We always used to forget when we tried to use cash and this app makes it so much easier.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ karlynt via App Store.

This is a great debit card for kids. No need for them to have to run to a bank for funds. I load it right from my phone. Sometimes emergencies happen and they may need extra funds. I also have it set up for their allowance. I definitely recommend this card for kids, teens and kids in college.”
👍 Christine T. via Facebook.

This is such a great way for my son to earn money and he knows it will go directly to his debit card. He loves shopping for his own stuff.”
👍 Carla F. via Facebook.

As a grandma I wanted to have my granddaughter to be able to learn how to spend wisely and make good decisions. This card is great and exactly what I was looking for.
👍 Robin K. S. via Facebook.

Great tool to help kids manage money! I did the research and compared FamZoo with Greenlight. The web interface is not as slick, but it delivers where it counts. Great service and great/fast customer support. No complaints.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Faisal-2016 via App Store.

FamZoo is AWESOME! FamZoo has been a wonderful app for our family! It saves me lots of time and helps me organize the kids chores, allowances earned, and keep track of who owes what to who!! With three kids, that’s a hassle and FamZoo has been a lifesaver with that! The kids know exactly how much money they earn and how much money they lose because they didn’t do chores. They also learn how to spend with their debit card and to keep track of their spending habits. They can’t spend what they don’t have and mom controls it all through the app! It’s awesome! Highly recommend! — Thankful Mom of Three”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ tipsmom3 via App Store.

When you need help setting up they are super friendly. These cards allow my wife and son to have a little extra money just in case. I can always add more money and the cards can’t be over drafted.”
👍 Michael C. via Facebook.

As a grandma I wanted to have my granddaughter to be able to learn how to spend wisely and make good decisions. This card is great and exactly what I was looking for.”
👍 Robin K. S. via Facebook.

With three children FamZoo makes it super easy to track allowances, cash gifts, and instill financial responsibility!”
👍 Richard L. via Facebook.

This app puts my family’s financial information at my fingertips. It’s given us control over our budgeting. It allows individual family members the freedoms to make their own money choices, while remaining in the confines of the family budget. There are a multitude of ways to use this app, this is just the way it’s working for our family right now!”
👍 Brianna L. via Facebook.

Famzoo is awesome!!! I have been having dire hardships and was extremely embarassed to say. My monthly payment I honestly could not afford. Bill, stepped in crediting my account covering the balance owed. It brought happy tears to my heart! I wanted my boys to have these cards so bad but then some bad things happened where I just lost everything due to serious financial hardship. Now I can load my boys cards up with a few bucks occasionally without the worry of an outstanding balance!!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kizzy B. via Google Play Store.

Perfect for helping my 8 year-old manage his money. Favorite features: automatic weekly allowance, instant transfers when he completes a chore, real debit card he can use in Roblox, free (but slow) reload transfers from my checking account, instant notifications of all account activity.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sean C. via Google Play Store.

FamZoo Card. Very easy and convenient card. My children are learning how to spend their money and now they realize how much everything costs and what they will have left if they spend their money. Great card!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Svaugu via App Store.

FamZoo is absolutely wonderful! It’s a great way to learn about finances, credit, debit, and the value of a dollar!! I LOVE my FamZoo!!”
👍 Tamika G. via Facebook.

Allowance Payment. Great way to pay my kids’ allowances each week. They each have their own cards and are learning how to spend money wisely too!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mommandant via App Store.

Receiving immediate texts for spending, deposits and balances for each or all accounts!! Very helpful in monitoring accounts in family.”
👍 Myrna K. via Facebook.

Fantastic way to keep tabs on what and where your children are spending their money. It also teaches them to have good money habits.”
👍 Jacqueline D. via Facebook.

They are wonderful! If you have a problem they get back within minutes of you reaching out.”
👍 Poohpaw N. via Facebook.

“Great app and financial learning tool for my kids.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Toni G. via Google Play Store.

Love Famzoo! It has been great for my 4 boys to learn financial skills.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Keith O. via Google Play Store.

We LOVE FamZoo! It lets my 40-year-old disabled son feel like an adult when he can go into a store and buy something on his own. It has made a big difference in his life.”
👍 Carol S. B. via Facebook.

“Great way to teach children about money management.”
👍 Yasmeen A. via Facebook.

Great app, easy to manipulate. I love I can just auto pay allowances and my kids can work for money and make money requests. Great owner/customer service — quick responses if you have any issues at all!”
👍 Nan S. via Facebook.

I like Famzoo for teaching financial managment skills and offering spending options.”
👍 Keith O. via Facebook.

FamZoo is a great way to help teenagers manage money. My daughter was able to use her card for a school trip to Europe last summer. Besides her trip, the FamZoo card has taught her how to manage money on her card. I highly recommend FamZoo as a way to teach children how to manage money while still giving the parent an opportunity to monitor the process.”
👍 Cheryl W. via Facebook.

Our family loves FamZoo! We have 2 boys, ages 14 and 17. We joined FamZoo a few years ago, before my older son took a school trip to Florida. We were mostly interested in the card aspect of it at that time, so that he wouldn’t be carrying cash. But FamZoo has made our lives easier in so many ways, I regret that I didn’t know about it sooner! Paying allowances and setting up paid chores are very easy in the app or on the website. We used to have a whiteboard filled with who owes what to whom — no more! We’ve made allowances automatic, and the boys can transfer money to one another for shared expenses, like video games. They get hands-on experience with budgeting, and we are able to oversee their accounts at a glance, to intervene if needed. Best of all, FamZoo has wonderful customer service. They have answered any of our questions quickly and thoroughly. I have no complaints!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ HippieHomemaker via App Store.

Best finance app for teens! Famzoo helped my husband and I to teach our girls about how to manage their money and the proper use of a credit/debit card. We also found a way to let them earn use of their technology by tracking their chores and responsibility with the Famzoo checklist on the app. What a great concept and a huge help for parents! This has been an excellent introduction in money management for our teens!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ kdardin via App Store.

We have been using Famzoo now for 3 years. (My kids are now 16, 17, and 19.) I love it. I’m able to keep cash in a bank account and dole it out as they earn it. The bank register helps me remember what I’ve paid them for. They’e got the flexibility to spend their money as they see fit without carrying cash around. (They have learned how to use their debit cards to get cash from stores, but at least I don’t have to carry cash around!) Famzoo helps them see where they are spending their money over time. And for my older son, it’s a backstop for his savings. He doesn’t want to be able to spend all of his money. Thanks, Famzoo, for the great tool!”
👍 Jacki W. via Facebook.

“We are on FamZoo for almost two years. I like that my children can see exactly where they spend their money. Transferring funds to their account is easy with direct transfer from my bank to FamZoo. Being able to use card for purchases makes them feel ‘adults’ and I don’t have to worry too much about them losing their cash. This is a good way to transition them into their own checking account because after 2 years with famzoo they now know how to manage their own finances.”
👍 Misa M. via Facebook.

“Great to teach your kids financial responsibility.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sandra T. via Google Play Store.

I love this app. My daughter loves having control over her spending & saving. We got her a FamZoo card at age 9. It took a bit of practice to get accustomed to the interface and how things work. Not long. My favorite feature, hands down, is the ability to automate interest. I set it up so she can easily earn $1+/week and when she sees it she is highly motivated to save even more. 💰”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kimberly R. via Google Play Store.

Big kids: $, Little kids:IOU. Great that big kids can get a debit card, you can track all their spending. Little kids it can be just an IOU Acct, they ask how much they have, you debit when they buy things. Great system!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ tbgekko via App Store.

Not just for kids. I love this app and the cards. It’s just me and my SO and this has really helped us get our spending and budget under control. It is easy to use and has as many and as few features as you want. The allowance feature as well as checklists work for adults too. Have a chore or task you don’t like doing and procrastinate a lot? Your SO forgets to do his chores frequently? Use the checklists to motivate and remind the whole family. It really is a wonderful system. We will be exploring the savings and charity features next.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ vlmb16 via App Store.

Responsibility. Learning to be responsible with money is a skill set most people never learn. FamZoo is a secure tool to help young people acquire conscious spending habits. As importantly, it is a platform to engage your kid in conversations that involve everything from delayed gratification, time management and self discipline. FamZoo is money well spent.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ papadoge via App Store.

We love it!!! Have had them for about a month and I took my girls out shopping last weekend. I told them how much they had and they enjoyed the experience!!! Such a smart way to prepare our kids for money management!!”
👍 Tammy D. via Facebook.

Love how easy it is to manage allowance now. No need for cash on hand. Add or take away money instantly. Awesome customer service.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Teresa G. via Google Play Store.

Love love love FamZoo. What an awesome tool for our family! I love the peace of mind of knowing that in an emergency I can instantaneously transfer money to the kids’ cards. Back in the pre-covid days when the kids used to go to school, I gave the kids a weeks worth of lunch money on Mondays. They learned to budget to make it through the week. I love getting messages on my phone showing me their purchases in real time, which lets me know where they are. Also, FamZoo customer service has always been exceptional. This card has all kinds of features I haven’t tried yet — opportunities to teach your kids about managing money. I definitely recommend it.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ AhSarah via App Store.

“Just returned from vacation and each of my children used their FamZoo card to pay for snacks, souvenirs, etc. It was such a great learning opportunity for them to manage their own money and so nice that it didn’t need to be cash, when so many places are preferring card payments right now. Also, the customer service of this company is on another level. Questions are always answered personally and quickly and they are never automated. It’s such personal service. We absolutely love everything about FamZoo.”
👍 Rachelle B. via Facebook.

Top notch. Great for the family to learn to manage funds.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Brian B. via Google Play Store.

Life got too busy to follow up on all 5 kids’ chores and paying them each week. Now FamZoo allows me to do it easily! I have my checklists of who needs to do what. I refer to the lists, check them off and pay them all at the same time. They are more motivated as they know they’re going to get paid (instead of momma’s empty promises that she’ll pay on Saturday!) AND I get all the cash in the house cuz if someone finds a dime, they’re giving it to me to make a cash deposit into their spending debit cards!”
👍 Christie A. L. via Facebook.

I said for years I wanted to give the kids an allowance each week but never consistently had cash on me to do so. FamZoo has been amazing for that. Love that I can keep a reserve of money in our parent account and then have auto transfers set up into their accounts. Teaches the kids how to manage their money, save vs spend, as well as using a debit card both online and in store. We love it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amanda S. via Google Play Store.

Love it! So helpful for our family. Has made allowance payments super easy. Great company — always answer our questions quickly!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Theophilus4 via App Store.

Great Way to Manage Finances. We love that we can instantly transfer funds among family members! Our teenagers have their own cards and enjoy having quick access to their allowances. We’ve been able to monitor their purchases with text alerts ;)”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tonya_D_R via App Store.

Teenage responsibility & convenience! Any parent with young teens beginning their life of independence this is the perfect solution for them, and just as First, it’s so easy and convenient. Second, it has saved me countless times when money was a need for my child and I wasn’t available. Third, it’s your kids who build up their balance and manage it, so it’s a life-lesson. And lastly, as a parent you can see the items your child has purchased. So you also can continue the life-lessons and manage expectation if purchases are not in line with agreements.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stop complaining... via App Store.

FamZoo FTW. I’m pleased overall with the app, the website, and the product itself. My kids are really into earning their allowance now, and the app helps us all keep track of their earnings and spending while on the go. I appreciate the periodic blog posts from FamZoo about getting the most from the app and strategies for teaching kids about money.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jack Sun1 via App Store.

My family has been using FamZoo for over a year now. I like that it’s teaching my son responsibility. I pay him his allowance and gift him money on his birthday. He budgets his own money for video games and the things he wants. I like there are no overdraft fees because, in the beginning, he was out of control. Now he realizes he needs to watch his balance and make better decisions.”
👍 Ginger M. via Facebook.

Only wish I’d found this sooner! It’s the absolute best way out there to give your younger kids a credit card and teach them how to manage money with no risk. The add-on features are the icing, allowing you to do everything from tracking household chores, with allowance, to charging real penalties and IOUs so the kids learn how responsibilities work in the real world. Super APP!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steve B. via Google Play Store.

Great for teaching kids finances. We have three kids ages 10 to 14 and absolutely love this app. They learn about financial responsibility and the idea of saving money. They feel the independence of having their own debit card for expenses We give them a very high interest rate on their savings to encourage them and they can see their money grow. Also, we created a charity account which gets them thinking about others. It’s fantastic !!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ checkybu via App Store.

Amazing Customer Service. Just had the most amazing experience contacting them over what I thought was an invalid charge. Actually got a call back from one of the founders of the company. He was quick to solve my problem and even gave me some tips about how to better use the app. Quite possibly the best customer service I’ve ever received!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rachele333 via App Store.

We not only use this for our personal finance but also to help teach our children. With an astronomical amount of monthly drafts and being able to truly track what goes where, FamZoo has truly helped us not only manage and plan but be ready for emergency situations without the use of a regular credit card. We do not find it hard to load our account while using direct deposit and also Cash app. Nor is it hard to set up a budget or kids chores. We love it and will use it for years to come!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Zn C. via Google Play Store.

Great way for kids to learn how to manage their money. Love they can send money requests, earn money from chores, make automatic payments, create savings goals and more.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jennifer E. via Google Play Store.

A great way to control and monitor your kids spending as well as a good tool in teaching them how to budget. I highly recommend.”
👍 Jim A. via Facebook.

I love being able to give my pre-teen access to money without sending them out with cash. She feels so grown-up having her own card.”
👍 Cathy M. via Facebook.

Essential app for our family. Great way to pay allowance and have kids track their money. We can’t do without it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ pbrown100 via App Store.

My kids have definitely learned a thing or two about money, and they actually see what the value of something they want is. They use an “extra” set of money chores to earn up for something they want, and put in the work to get it, which is exactly what I wanted them to get out of the experience.”
👍 Nick K. via Facebook.

Thank you FamZoo for an amazing four years. I am cancelling because my son turned 18 and now has his own checking and savings accounts. The four years of training have been invaluable — so many great FamZoo experiences and so many wonderful conversations about money. I have recommended FamZoo to many people, and I will continue to do so. Thanks for being a part of our son’s financial literacy. Best wishes!”
🎓 Beth M. via FamZoo graduation form.

Fully automatic allowances and savings. I use the FamZoo prepaid card with cards for each of my children. Using a debit card instead of cash is much easier for my 14-year-old, but my 9-year-old also is happy (though he must be with me to use it).

Where FamZoo is really useful, however, is automatically paying allowances and automatically transferring out the portion for savings. I kept forgetting to do one or both weekly before we had FamZoo. I also am able to pay interest if they keep their money on their cards, encouraging my children to not spend all of their funds.

Last, my teenager can runs errands for me, using his card to pay and I can pay him back, or in advance, instantly. He is happy to have the autonomy, and I am happy to have help with errands.

It’s a great system. It takes a bit to read everything to set it up, but it then can be fully automatic. I set up recurring transfers from my bank account to my FamZoo card, which then goes straight to their allowances. And I can give them funds to their cards instantly when I owe them for something. (And they can pay me back too instantly.) It is a great system.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MCSMMD via App Store.

FamZoo is awesome. Love giving the kiddo’s responsibility and knowledge of money management.”
👍 Rochelle B. via Facebook.

Great product!! I LOVE this program. We have utilized it for 2+ years. We used to do the 3-jars method for my two boys (then aged 10 and 8) .. it was getting crazy with all the dollar bills I had to put in. The boys never knew or cared how much they had. Now they know exactly how much; they check it often; they have taken ownership of their $; and have learned the value of compound interest. I can’t say enough good things about FamZoo. Thank you to its creator!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thebouke via App Store.

FamZoo has been a great tool for my kids to learn about money management. And, I love not having to pay them in cash as I hardly ever have that on hand. FamZoo is extremely easy to set up and use!”
👍 Sarah P. D. via Facebook.

FamZoo has been amazing for our family to stay on budget. We’ve recently gone through a 2 month period where both of us were unemployed, but thanks to having an awesome budgeting system in place, and knowing where the dollars that we had were going, we came out of that stronger than when we started. Thanks FamZoo!”
👍 Lorraine P. via Facebook.

Amazing app that transformed our parenting. Learned about this through a book about happy families... couldn’t agree more with the assessment that putting kids in control of their own money with scaffolding from my husband and me is developmentally best and only possible in a sustainable way with FamZoo. We couldn’t imagine life without it.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ jarofstars via App Store.

FamZoo has been an excellent money management tool for our family. It has taught our kids about priorities, budgeting, and where they spend money. It gives them an opportunity to decide if that is how they want to continue to spend their money. Payment for chores is easy as well as reimbursement for money they spent running errands for me. In this day and age of not walking around with cash it makes it easy for me. I can’t say enough about this system.”
👍 Jill S. via Facebook.

Convenient way to provide a debit card to my son. Easy to move money into my FamZoo account and then to distribute as needed. The spending accounting provides great feedback.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1RemD via App Store.

“Anyone looking for an app and online financial responsibility tool that allows you to assign chores and monetary value to those chores check out FAMZOO. I did a bunch of research and watched reviews and this one is legit. It takes the place of the chore chart hanging on the wall and automates everything including paying out allowances and chores pay to each kids card and separating into spend save give categories. Small family company with solid and altruistic intentions for helping parents teach kids sound financial habits.
👍 Julie M. C. via Facebook.

Makes me a better parent. I couldn’t provide a sophisticated financial system like this for my kids without using this app.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Appy Ascanbe via App Store.

Convenient and helpful. I opened an account for my two children a few years ago. Giving them an allowance was important to me but I often didn’t have cash in hand when it was time and the accounting of things (lending, giving, taking back when chores weren’t completed) got complicated and inaccurate. Having the cards and the app means I can make updates in real time and don’t have to worry about having cash. My kids know what they have at all times (I do too) and can plan, save, and spend. They’re learning great habits and I feel much less stress!.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ sarahanne02 via App Store.

“My wife and I actually use FamZoo to budget fast food spending! No other service allows the same flexibility between multiple cards. We have one main card for family eating out and then we each have a card for individual eating out expenses. With FamZoo, we can keep our “fun money” budget flexible since we can transfer money between the cards freely. It works so well and has helped us save hundreds of dollars on eating out.”
👍 Alex M. via Facebook.

Amazing customer service!!!!! I mean TOP NOTCH!! Our cards will arrive within 7-10 days and we are all so excited!”
👍 Brooke K. via Facebook.

I am SO grateful for FamZoo! It has allowed me to give my high school daughter an appropriate level of responsibility AND the freedom to make her own decisions about spending. And I cannot say enough about the support FamZoo has given me with setting up the accounts and linking them: they were so patient!”
👍 Margaret M. W. via Facebook.

We’ve used famzoo for our kids for 6 years and have found it very useful. Our oldest has learned to budget her money because we can put money for clothes as well as allowance for fun things. The youngest is able to see how much he has saved. And no arguments about allowance because we can set it to be automatic. And customer service is excellent, we never wait more than a couple of hours for very specific and helpful answers. We have felt it is very secure as well. Definitely worth it.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michelle R. via Google Play Store.

Very happy and impressed with the app and FamZoo system. Allows me to see what my kids are buying and easily reimburse them for things that I approve of. Wouldn’t change a thing.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ S. Newland via Google Play Store.

“My daughter loves that she can use her card like a grown up to purchase what she wants!”
👍 Jennifer L. via Facebook.

So Simple and Effective. We have used FamZoo for 3 or 4 years now. It’s a really easy way to keep track of allowance money among other things. It’s also handy to be able to add money to our son’s debit card when an ‘emergency’ comes up. Also I want to praise Bill for his quick response to any questions we’ve had. It’s been a great addition to our family budgeting plan.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Scooby 2004 via iTunes.

Great for families with kids and teens. This app has been a lifesaver for us. We were able to get our kids acclimated to using debit cards without incurring huge bank fees.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ EH in Brooklyn via iTunes.

Awesome service! We have been using FamZoo for over a year. I am highly impressed with the quality of services and the customer service is exceptional, personable and quick! We use the debit cards which is great even for my adult kids away at college and not here. I have setup allowances and it makes funding their accounts easy because it is automatic and easy to update. I have had kids call me during emergencies and I could transfer on the app and funds were available immediately. Highly recommend!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mystic Turtle via iTunes.

It makes allowance automatic. You can make changes on the fly if needed. I had an issue once and I received quick personal service that resolved it. FamZoo works great for my family. I love it and highly recommend it.”
👍 Jacob P. via Facebook.

I NEVER write reviews but FamZoo has totally transformed the way my children view money. Helped them break some impulsive money behaviors and helped me better structure monetary rewards and consequences. I didn’t learn about debt and interest until college, but this program opened up those conversations with my kids in elementary school. Highly recommend to everyone with a child in their life!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Erikka J. via Google Play Store.

FamZoo keeps track of the kids’ allowances without us having to use cash. I can automatically allocate their allowance & other earnings across different categories (ie, spend, save, charity). We also love that I can reimburse or deduct from their accounts instantly without dealing with a bank. The kids love using their own debit cards to make purchases, and that they can log in to the app to view their balances. FamZoo is much easier than going through our bank!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Brook H. via Google Play Store.

We have been using FamZoo with our teenagers for a few years. FamZoo staff always respond very quickly to our questions. FamZoo is a great way to avoid overdraft charges that one of our teens was constantly accruing when she used her ATM/Debit card. It is much easier to load money quickly on the FamZoo card as needed, than to transfer funds from our checking account to our kids debit card/checking account. We’ve been very happy with FamZoo!”
👍 Jen F. W. via Facebook.

I love FamZoo! We originally ordered the cards when my sons were in high school and were off on college visits and summer programs. We didn’t want them traveling with cards connected to our bank accounts — so FamZoo was the perfect solution! It is So Easy to transfer money to their FamZoo cards — my sons have earned their allowances for grades, chores, any number of things. Both sons are in college and still use their FamZoo cards. It’s the easiest way for us to share/transfer funds as a family.”
👍 Laura L. M. via Facebook.

Incredible app with exceptional customer service. We have used FamZoo with our teenager for a couple of years and it’s incredible. It teaches good money habits, allows for parents to effectively track spending, and lets teens make decisions for themselves. I cannot love this app more than I already do!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ MButches3 via iTunes.

Works very well. FamZoo has been an effective means to teach financial basics to my kids. Enables me to quickly get money to my kids in emergencies, empower them to shop on their own while providing me insight to how they chose to spend money. I enjoy setting bounties on household chores so my kids see opportunities to earn extra cash.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Spud_69 via iTunes.

I’ve been using FamZoo for almost a year and it is fantastic! This is GREAT for allowances in the digital purchase age (‘Dad, can I have $$ for a fortnite skin?’) Now, instead of having to search for small denomination xbox or switch gift cards, the allowance goes right to their FamZoo cards. The boys have also learned to keep track of their balances AND ...believe it or not... SAVE for future purchases! LOVE this system!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jason F. via Google Play Store.

FAMZOO is the best! Excellent way to streamline allowance & teach your kids about money. We’ve been using it for 2 years & no complaints! Great customer service on the one occasion that we had a minor glitch — fixed in no time.”
👍 Kate M. via Facebook.

What a wonderful way to teach my children the importance of saving and budgeting. I have two teenagers and one is a new driver. With a quick text and some transfers on the FamZoo app. I can make sure there is gas money on their cards, as well as a quick grocery pickup on their way home. I don’t have to worry about lending out my debit card, I can just transfer and go.

My daughter just started her first job so her paycheck gets deposited directly to the FamZoo account and half gets automatically deposited into a savings account. She has already saved over $1000!

I researched a way for my children to have a safe, reliable account with a debit card and FamZoo was by far the best!”

👍 Amy S. C. via Facebook.

FamZoo is well worth the small, yearly fee! I can manage payments to my children’s allowances, help when they are in a bind (they can be at the movies, etc. and request money of me in case they are short), and my older sons now have jobs and their paychecks go to their FamZoo cards via direct deposit. We don’t worry about overdrafts and crazy fees; once they spend what was deposited on their card, it cannot be used until funds are added (by me, each other, or their jobs). Nothing compares!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kerey M. via Google Play Store.

Awesome! Just what we needed! Easy! We used this for our kids for years. It is great to help them learn how to budget. Fabulous for when they had an unexpected expense while away from home. We could instantly put the money on their card and they were good.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Angela M. via Google Play Store.

Very Handy. After years of looking for a way to keep track of allowance, we finally found FamZoo and are very happy with it. It strikes just the right balance between control (for parents) and freedom (for our 16 year old). I won’t say it’s taught her to be a responsible money-saver, that would take a miracle, but we no longer argue. She now knows her account balance and understands the relationship between her actions and her finances. No more nagging and whining! Happy to recommend this app to parents.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dad Bank via iTunes.

Life changing for parents of teens! This app has helped our family in so many ways! We use it to pay our kids for chores, give them money for meals when they’re out with friends or after school for extracurricular activities.

My daughter even used it for direct deposit when she worked part time over the summer. They love it because it helps them be independent. I also think it’s helping them build money management skills they’ll need when they’re on their own eventually.

As for the app itself, it’s rock solid and we’ve never had issues with it working properly. Customer service is also top notch and very responsive when we needed help.

It’s worth every penny we pay for the service.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ chkkmk via iTunes.

FamZoo was recommended to us by a good friend and we’ve been truly amazed! We have enjoyed the fun, smart user experience of the app and the amazing personal service. It’s truly un-believable how Bill and his team respond to questions and dumb-parent questions.

This is a game-changer in helping to manage responsibility and budget and goal-setting.... Thank you FamZoo Team!”

👍 Suzy A. S. via Facebook.

Outstanding tool for teaching finances to kids. What could be more empowering for a kid than having their own real debit card? What could be more effective for a parent than being able to teach kids about money by supervising them actually manage it?

FamZoo is a powerful platform that allows parents to configure a wide range of options. We choose to pay the kids 2% interest per month. If they save their money, they watch it grow. They actually hold back spending because they want their interest. That’s exactly the lesson we are trying to teach.

When they do their chores, they check them off and get paid — and we are notified via email so we can ensure it was really done. Some tasks are daily and others are weekly or monthly? Check. You can do that.

Unlike some platforms that are focused only on very young kids, FamZoo matures with your kids. My high school teens still love using FamZoo and appreciate being able to get a card without the whimsical logo they enjoyed when they were younger.

Everything I mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are working to raise responsible financially literate kids, this app is a great tool.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ John C. via iTunes.

Big help for parents With four teenage daughters, FamZoo is a huge help!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ jj53709 via iTunes.

Have loved it for years. Sane, convenient, logical, intuitive, educational, economical, socially responsible, and worth every penny. I started using it to make sure I remembered to give my son his allowance. It blossomed into a resource to teach him money management. When he was ready, it became his first debit card (with real money). The economic educational resources are exactly what my family needed for raising a fiscally responsible kid!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ldd82 via iTunes.

This service is just about perfect! We’ve been using FamZoo for about 6 months now, and I’m very happy with how it works. We have three teenagers signed up, and it works well with all three. I have the app loaded on my phone, so I can transfer funds from the primary account to the kids’ accounts instantly. Happy to report that I’ve never experienced an outage or downtime when using the app. I’ve placed a few calls/emails to customer support and the response time has been fantastic. We are extremely pleased with everything.

Like they suggested, we created chore checklists and assigned payment values to each task — a portion goes to a spending account and another portion goes to a savings account (a nice feature!). It motivates the kids to do more work around the house, and it helps keep us honest on making payments when the work is done. Making a payment once the work is done is just a few clicks.

I also like the fact that I can see all spending transactions for each of my kids. Honestly, though, I haven’t explored that functionality very much. I’d strongly recommend for anyone with teens/pre-teens. It’s been a great way to teach kids about managing money and it’s very convenient to use.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ William F. via Google Play Store.

Highly recommend FamZoo to parents everywhere. FamZoo makes it very easy for me to manage my two teenagers allowances, since I can do it remotely (1 is away at college and the other lives out of state w his dad). This is the first debit card they have ever had and they’re enjoying this intro to financial independence (being able to shop online, order from Grub Hub, Uber, etc).

I’m able to transfer funds to their cards w ease, I have the ability to “spot check” their spending habits by viewing their transaction statements online — this is what alerted me to a possible security breach when I saw unknown attempts to charge the card originating from clear across the country. I was able to get in touch w a FamZoo rep immediately and get the card canceled and a replacement shipped.

Any time I’ve had a question, Bill from FamZoo has been readily available via email and text and very responsive. I’ve even started sending holiday money gifts to the kids this way instead of sending cash in the mail like I used to (more secure).

I have had some issues in the past w ensuring the money I send to my son actually gets to my son (and isn’t intercepted by his dad) and FamZoo has alleviated all of those concerns.

I can’t think of anything but good things to say about FamZoo.”

👍 Alice H. via Facebook.

Awesome for our family! Teaches them about budgeting and responsibility while giving them some financial freedom. Love that I can track their spending and transfer funds easily. Highly recommend!”
👍 Katherine S. via Facebook.

“I have been using the paid version of this app and service for YEARS. I now have a 20 year old son who is so much more responsible and knowledgeable about money and finance than I was at his age. I still have two little ones at home and it works great! I love the debit cards, and the ability to give them control over savings, etc. I cannot recommend this enough.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kobié J. via Google Play Store.

Great app with great support! We have been using the app for about a year. It has been great for keeping finances in order in our family. Kids are learning about the value of saving and we don’t have to be constant cash machines. Bill is so prompt and very helpful with all questions! We’ve had no glitches.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Slick_blades via iTunes.

This service has been a life saver for us! We have a daughter who is a disabled adult. She is able to handle her money using different cards for various purchases. The cards are loaded automatically once a week. (That way she doesn’t spend her whole month’s worth of allowance in one week!) I have had a couple of little issues and they have been corrected immediately by the staff at FamZoo. I have been so happy with FamZoo, I have told all my friends who have kids who need some help with budgeting to use this service!!”
👍 Nancy S. C. via Facebook.

Our son saves!!! It’s great to see our (now not so little) guy behaving pretty well around money — he’s good about understanding the connection between impulse buying versus having money for the important things later, and that money is finite. Thanks FamZoo for helping us down the road toward his financial literacy!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ emo366 via iTunes.

FamZoo is a great app! This is the best way that I have found to give my kids financial freedom and financial responsibility. Transfers are easy (with my Bank free). I can keep track of everything from the very user-friendly app. Customer support is very fast and very knowledgeable on helping with technical support questions. You can withdraw money from an ATM. The account set up is not that complicated. You must first send a trial transaction of $1.00 from your bank account to verify the FamZoo account. I highly recommend this app! Thank You FamZoo!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ HILL BILLY via Google Play Store.

Great teaching tool. Makes paying kids their salaries easy. Also very helpful in keeping track of chores.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Andrew L. via Google Play Store.

For starters, they have insanely AMAZING customer service! I send a request for support and they instantly answer with a solution! ALWAYS!! We have children across the country and we can instantly send them money through the app free of charge. My kids have their names on their own card and can track their earnings, savings, and spent. It helps them learn how to budget too! It is great for the whole family and we are grateful and blessed to be a part of the FamZoo family!!”
👍 Raymond R. via Facebook.

ALL 5 Stars ⭐️! I would highly recommend FamZoo! Service is very much convenient and has 24/7 exceptional customer service! My son used this card outside the US with NO issues!”
👍 Eagles Fly via Facebook.

“Great and powerful, but a little complex. Fortunately, they have great support when you need it. We’ve been using this for a decade to teach our kids how to manage money, first with virtual accounts, and then with real debit cards. The system is rich and flexible, but thus also a little complex at times. I’d prefer to deal with the complexity to get the power it delivers, and I appreciate the extremely responsive support and extensive instructions available, so this is okay with me.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Danny S. via Google Play Store.

“Great for budgeting for the entire family and to teach kids budgeting and responsibility. We use it like cash for each budget category, pay our kids for their chores and work and they have their own cards for their spending money.”
👍 Ryan M. via Facebook.

“Great way to enforce a daily allowance for budgeting purposes.”
👍 Josh C. via Facebook.

FamZoo is amazing! I have been using it with my 2 boys who are 5 years apart, for years.

It is an outstanding way to teach children responsibility with money. When they were younger their chores were spelled out in it, and they received compensation right to their accounts when chores were completed, with a FamZoo entry that they had been paid (no more paying cash to them and having them later say you forgot to pay them, it is all documented in FamZoo.

When the kids got older and we gave them physical FamZoo debit cards, we used it as a great way to pass money to the children (when at college or on school trips) instantaneously. Does your child need gas money to travel to and from college? You can set funds for that to their FamZoo card, and receive a text to the parent phone each time they use the FamZoo card. Again with all entries recorded in FamZoo, so you know what they spent on what with the card.

The parent can also take funds off the card if no longer needed by the child. And if the cards are stolen the money on them is insured so you don’t lose the funds. My boys also have their own money on their cards to use for online purchases. At any point in time they know how much money they have and they use it wisely. Wonderful system!”

👍 Kristin M. via Facebook.

“Excellent solution for kids managing their $$$. I strongly recommend!”
👍 Edgardo S. via Facebook.

“This app is genius, super easy to use too!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bailee Griffith via Google Play Store.

Has everything you need. Chore charts, virtual accounts, real accounts, savings goals, allowance splits, parent paid interest, loans, money requests, free direct deposit, text alerts, etc... If you can think of it, it probably exists. Everything you could possibly think of for a debit card, chore chart, and money management.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wilson476 via iTunes.

“Today I MUST take a moment to recognize FamZoo. CEO calls you back on a Sunday in the middle of his football game from an email sent 15 minutes prior... WOW. I highly recommend you FamZoo, first for providing the platform in Financial Services for children, next for such excellent customer services.”
👍 BigBro W. via Facebook.

Best way to manage kids’ money. I tried several cards for kids before they all went out of business or were discontinued. PayPal for Kids MasterCard (discontinued), Nickel (went out of business). Because of those, I was very wary of FamZoo. I had nothing to worry about. Super responsive service, lots of features, and very reliable. My kids are grown-ups now and they even were super cool about closing me out. Highly recommended.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Djshopper via iTunes.

“My kids are grown up. My youngest is now in college, has a part time job, and a ‘real’ account. I’m grateful to FamZoo for the service it offers, and will continue to recommend it to friends with kids who are learning about budgeting.”
🎓 Jason G. via FamZoo graduation form.

“Amazing customer and personal support. Chris called me back on a Sunday night and walked me through all my inquiries. I had everything figured out by the end of call!!”
👍 Kristi L. D. via Facebook.

“This service and app is AMAZING! The customer service is top notch. Highly recommend FamZoo!!”
👍 Brittany F. via Facebook.

“I highly recommend FamZoo. It has so many features to help kids learn and manage money, including saving, giving, allowance, IOUs, chores, etc. It allows parents and kids to deal with money seamlessly. Customer service is also very responsive.”
👍 Laurel P. via Facebook.

“I can’t say enough about the customer service. It’s absolutely outstanding. I called because I had been frustrated trying to load my card and Bill walked me through it step by step. Now that we have loaded the card we are good to go and we look forward to using this card to help our children learn how to save and be more responsible with their money.”
👍 Trisha H. via Facebook.

“FamZoo is teaching my teens how to budget, and think about how they want to spend their money. We have had FamZoo cards for only 5 months and my 13 year old has learned to shop for sales, and he recently chose to save his last $10 rather then buy fast food! This new attitude is refreshing to see and so vital to their future. We are so pleased with our experience, and customer service is top notch!!”
👍 Jennifer H. C. via Facebook.

“We have used FamZoo for 5 years and love it!”
👍 Jeanne C. via Facebook.

“EXCELLENT customer service, great app, a bit of a learning curve but took my time with it and got used to everything and now my kids are doing chores without me asking. BEST PART? My son likes to make online purchases for gaming and now he has his own card so if he makes a compromised purchase, it controls any damage since it’s limited and MY CREDIT stays good!”
👍 Mia A. via Facebook.

“Truly kid-focused financial product that makes it easy to give the kids financial training wheels. I was looking for reloadable prepaid debit cards so that I could give my kids a way to spend their own money online while setting safety limits. This was by far the best option.”
👍 Jenny N. via Facebook.

“Such an easy and fun way to manage the kids allowances, chores, responsibilities, giving, and saving. They love that they can track everything and that they have their own debit cards.”
👍 Brenda N. via Facebook.

“I love love love this card and company. So easy. So rewarding! I set the amount I want my daughter to have each week, and it draws it out automatically from my card!”
👍 Alexis P. via Facebook.

“This system is super easy to use, and completely transparent with regard to purchases. I love the fact that I can add chores with the amounts they’re worth.

Honestly, the best part of this system is the customer service. I have had two questions in the four months we’ve been using the system, and my emails have been answered with the question thoroughly answered within 45 minutes... and the people at FamZoo have consistently been friendly and very helpful. I absolutely recommend!!”

👍 Shannon B W via Facebook.

“We love FamZoo! Especially great for special needs young adults and teens who need help budgeting but want to feel independent! They love that they know how much money they have left, and I love that when it’s gone they can’t spend anymore!”
👍 Ashley E. via Facebook.

“Love using FamZoo to help my kids manage their spending money!”
👍 Angela S. via Facebook.

“FamZoo has simplified our weekly allowance and helped teach our kids to make good spending decisions. Thanks FamZoo!”
👍 Angela R. via Facebook.

“Great way to teach teens budgeting and responsibility. Customer service is always quick and helpful. The parent community questions and ideas help with teachable moments along the teen financial journey.”
👍 Tina M. via Facebook.

“Helped my daughter learn to balance her account and track her spending. Great preparation for a checking account.”
👍 Corissa S P via Facebook.

“Highly recommend! Affordable and intuitive.”
👍 Eulalia P. via Facebook.

“Great management for money for kids and adults who want to keep on a budget and have more flexibility. Great and prompt customer service.”
👍 Jolie O. via Facebook.

“Love this! Works for lots of purposes! Great for kids, as a card alternative to a cash envelope budget system, & for assisting young adults or special needs adults who may need supervision & guidance financially.”
👍 Paulette B. via Facebook.

“My family has used FamZoo for over three years, and I was amazed at how quickly it cured my kids of the phrase, ‘Dad can I...?’!!”
👍 Eric B. via Facebook.

“Fantastic tool for teaching kids money management!”
👍 Chris S. via Facebook.

“Love the fact FamZoo has the tools to start reaching your kids early on how to manage money and their finances”
👍 Jorrie A. via Facebook.

“Fantastic customer service and love being able to transfer funds to my pre-teen in a snap when she’s out without me.”
👍 Camilla W O via Facebook.

“Amazing software to help automate kids allowances. Teaches kids how to budget their money and create savings goals.”
👍 Ronda S. via Facebook.

“Great way for my special needs kiddo to feel more independent.”
👍 Teresa K. via Facebook.

“Super convenient way to fund the kids when they are off and need to pay for something. Instantly transfer money to their account from a browser. Mobile site is friendly. Helps kids learn online banking, money management, watch their trends... We’ve used this for years and love it.”
👍 Mark A. via Facebook.

“We are overall extremely pleased with this service. It is the BEST of it’s kind. All of the features are very useful friendly and so helpful for money management.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shannie S A via Google Play Store.

“Super convenient way to fund the kids when they are off and need to pay for something. Instantly transfer money to their account from a browser. Mobile site is friendly.

Helps kids learn online banking, money management, watch their trends... We’ve used this for years and love it.”

👍 Mark A. via Facebook.

“I have two very different kids with different lessons to learn about money and I love that this program addresses both and they are learning through mistakes and successes in a controlled way. It was kind of a challenge to set up (mostly user error on my part) but now that it’s up and running, it’s the best. Thank you!”
👍 Kellie R. via Facebook.

“Great way to teach kids about money. Lets them prepare for the future of using a credit card and being responsible.”
👍 James C. H. via Facebook.

“Great app to help kids and family! Wanted to teach my daughter how to manage money as she is a teenager. I am able to put money on or off her card and track all her purchases easily. Love all the extra features the card has to help such as adding for chores completed. Would recommend!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ J via Google Play Store.

“Great financial info to teach your kids!”
👍 Shelley W. via Facebook.

“While we don’t have children on our plan, my wife and I use FamZoo to share and manage our monthly spending funds. I really like how easy it is to get dedicated cards/accounts for specific purposes (food, travel, gas, etc.) so we can know right away where each fund’s balance is at. And transferring funds from one account to another is instantaneous. It’s like an envelope tracking system on steroids! FamZoo has changed our financial world.”
👍 Curtis S. via Facebook.

Easy! Makes giving allowance so much easier. No more running to get cash every week. We are still learning money management skills, and we are thankful for this app.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kennypickles via iTunes.

“FamZoo is a great source to use when teaching your teenagers how to manage their money. I love ❤️ the feature that allows the parents to keep track of their kids spending, you can create a chore board and add and take away funds on your kid/kids debit card. This card is perfect for my 12 year old’s Fortnite purchases. I also want to tell Bill thank you for your prompt assistance when I had concerns. I highly recommend this card service. Everyone have a great day 😊”
👍 Youno M. via Facebook.

“Great for showing kids how to manage their own money.”
👍 Buck N. via Facebook.

“Wonderful tool for family finance lessons!”
👍 Stacy O. via Facebook.

“FamZoo is an affordable option to fund your kids, while teaching everyone financial responsibility. I really like FamZoo!”
👍 Ivy L. via Facebook.

“FamZoo has been very helpful in teaching my sons responsibility in financial matters with accountability. Thank you FamZoo.”
👍 James G. via Facebook.

“We started using this to help teach the kids about spending (wants vs needs). The oldest immediately started realizing how much things really are and figuring out how to budget. They are also learning about saving. I’m so glad we started using this!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jodie S. via Google Play Store.

“Fantastic! This app makes enforcing chore completion the kid’s responsibility, automatically rewarding completion, and punishing slacking without parental nagging! The Debit cards work flawlessly, there are no fees, and I can transfer money to the kids instantaneously when they call from a friend’s house needing cash. Just love it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Joe J. via Google Play Store.

“FamZoo is a great incentive tool for my 3 older kids. Our teenagers/pre-teens love having their own money, and I love that they can earn it by doing the chores I established. The customer service has been amazing . Highly recommend!”
👍 Dara P. via Facebook.

“I highly recommend FamZoo. Their customer service is wonderful I have ever encountered. Such prompt care from an organization such as FamZoo.”
👍 Jesline S. via Facebook.

“Our family uses FamZoo for our 7 and 10 year old, and we absolutely love it. It is really helping our kids make mindful choices about spending, charity and investing.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A Google user via Google Play Store.

“Great app with loads of functionality. Not having to keep track of allowances is great. My kids’ not having ask me for allowances is even better.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A Google user via Google Play Store.

“Excellent service. Great technology to help families understand budgeting, saving, and more. Backed up with great support on forums and documentation to nearly any situation or issue, plus great content and advice about family money management.”
👍 Mike C. via Facebook.

“Wonderful product and service to provide your children with life-long financial skills. Customer service is outstanding (free replacement cards) and it is safe for all ages. We use the simple accounts for our youngest (6-yrs) and more advanced features for our teenagers. This Android app has less functionality than the website, so definitely explore the web version for all features.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A Google user via Google Play Store.

Great app. This app has been a great resource. I rarely carry cash, when Friday comes, my kids are looking for their allowance (assuming they have completed their weekly chores). Before FamZoo, I would delay payment because I did not get a chance to run to the bank. FamZoo allows the money to be automatically added to their FamZoo debit card. Money is so easy to move from the parent card to the child’s card — either direction. No need for my kids to go to the mall with a pocket full of cash, and text alerts allow me to see where money is spent. 5 stars from me — very happy with this service.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Egmech via iTunes.

“As they get older, you can use tech as a teaching tool [for money]. If you want to use tech this way then I strongly recommend the @FamZoo program. I can’t say enough good things about it!”
Brian Page, via Twitter.

“It is a great service for younger children to see their money grow and track spending.”
👍 Denis S. via Facebook.

Great way for kids to learn about managing money. We have always paid our children commission for chores, but we always had physical control of the money. This way, we load the cards and let them spend it. It also lets us know where they spend it. When kids go to camp, we load up what we think is appropriate. If an emergency comes up, then we can put more on their cards in just a few minutes. Easy to use.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Saint Phat via iTunes.

“Awesome service! Run by really great people. Highly recommend them.”
👍 Jason W. via Facebook.

“We have an active soccer player who travels for various tournaments and camps. FamZoo is a the way to get him money within minutes when needed. He doesn’t have to carry much cash, so it’s safer, and I can easily lock his card if he can’t find his card. I can just as easily unlock his card when he’s found it again.

I initially found FamZoo because I wanted to teach my (then 13) teenager about check writing and keeping the register. It didn’t take long to realize I was a dinosaur in my way of thinking, and his generation will, more than likely, never use a checkbook. So I was trying how to teach him about credit cards when I came upon the FamZoo website.

It’s fantastic. I load (transfer from the credit union) money onto my card, then transfer money to him. I also have his allowance automatically deposit onto his card from my card. If need be, I can view his transactions to see when and where he’s making purchases.

I would not hesitate to join and help your kids on their journey of understanding basic money skills.”

👍 Joe B. via Facebook.

“Our family has been using famzoo for 5 years and recommend it highly. My daughter is in high school now and handles her budgets for clothes and fun stuff, and we don’t have arguments about allowance. Also, the customer service is excellent. The system is very easy to use, and when we have had problems (like lost cards), I have never had to wait more than a couple of hours for a reply. It has been worth the cost for us.”
👍 Michelle R. via Facebook.

“Excellent and very personalized service. I have been using FamZoo with my kids for three years now, and highly recommend it! My kids also love it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A Google user via Google Play Store.

“Really love this service. Having cards with easy fund transfer for all my kids is a great time saver. I was constantly forgetting to pay them allowance which meant it build up large amounts due, but no longer thanks to FamZoo. The app makes it simple to check balances and track activity, and also make reimbursements for approved purchases. I use this to help my three young adults get more familiar with budgeting.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fred W. via Google Play Store.

Great for parents of kids who game online Great system! Allows parents to keep credit card numbers away from kids who can get carried away. This ‘credit card’ makes them feel independent but also keeps a close eye. If my son wants to order a pizza, I can literally transfer the money to his card from my phone while at work and he can order it on his card. I automatically have his allowance sent every Friday and can also deduct money if needed. Great app and so far nothing it can’t do that we need!!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jeffiner1218 via iTunes.

@FamZoo Thank you for possibly the best customer service I have ever received. #CustomerService #customersatisfaction #allowance”
Jacob P., via Twitter.

“I absolutely love FamZoo!! There’s nothing else quite like it, and it has made a tremendous difference for my family!”
👍 Lori P. via Facebook.

5 stars
FamZoo has helped us teach our daughter the value of a dollar, the benefits of saving, how to be a responsible consumer and so much more. We cannot recommend FamZoo enough! It is so easy to use and Bill is amazing. His passion for helping parents teach their kids about finances is clearly genuine and we are so happy to be a part of the FamZoo community. Thank you!”
👍 Nico N. via Facebook.

Best customer service EVER!! I had trouble with the app loading and emailed the error report. Chief Dad Bill answered me back in minutes and reported he had removed some session data stored on the server. Problem solved... and did I mention this was at 9pm? Fantastic!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ladyhbomb via iTunes.

Great for adults w/ADHD & kids too. This app and the program it represents are a fabulous system that provides very clear boundaries about money, but also a lot of flexibility. My kids are 5, 10, and 15, so I’m getting a full experience of FamZoo across the various development stages. My teenager loves her independence, my 10yo loves how she can’t lose her money (esp. compared to keeping her money in a box), while my 5yo likes being like ‘the big kids’ and I am the keeper of the cards. We aren’t anywhere near using this system to its full potential, but when I have a new task to do, the blogs, Facebook group, and the quick customer service will be what I do.

This app is also fabulous for me and my ADHD. Folks with ADHD can have serious problems with money, keeping to a budget, etc. FamZoo is flexible enough that I was able to set up different cards for each of our budget areas, like grocery , kids’ clothes, pet care, etc. I can always look up how much money we have in a given account. My ADHD issues with money are now much better managed, thanks to FamZoo.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A’bel via iTunes.

Very helpful for our budget. We like the FamZoo prepaid debit cards for managing some of our budget items that are easier to track on a prepaid card than with cash. It’s also been great to empower the kids and teach them how to use a debit card.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thrive55 via iTunes.

Excellent Family Tool. We have been using FamZoo for more than a year and love it. We haven’t delved into all of its features (there are a LOT!), but we do use it for allowances, IOUs and those spontaneous trips to the mall that teenagers are so well known for.

Transferring money from my ‘mom’ account to one of my kids’ accounts is instantaneous, and I love that it’s not tied to my regular bank...I control how much is available even before I get a transfer request from someone!

I also feel a lot safer with my kids carrying cards vs cash. We’ve never had a problem with one not being accepted and all three have become very responsible with keeping track of their cards, etc.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Toddeo via iTunes.

“We have used FamZoo years. The card has really helped him see where his money is going, and the process is simple.”
👍 Len E. via Facebook.

“FamZoo offers an easy and affordable way to share money with your children and help them learn money management.”
👍 Cynthia B. via Facebook.

“Great way to manage kids spending and savings habits. Also can be used as a family wide “envelopes” style budgeting tool.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Andrew R. via Google Play Store.

“Excellent app for distributing allowance to my kids that is just real world usable money, not tokens or points in some system.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jonathan D. via Google Play Store.

Best teaching tool. FamZoo is the best financial teaching tool. We have been using it for 3 years, and our 16 year old loves it as much as we do. It’s the way to go!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Happy M Family via iTunes.

This is a great tool! I was losing track of how much money my 2 boy’s had in allowance, and was going to make a chart, but this solved the problem! So easy to go in, debit their “account” each time they buy something. And it automatically credits their account each week with their allowance. I also use the Long-term Savings, and Charitable Giving options. Great way to teach them accountability and money management, and easy for me to keep track!”
👍 Karrie B. via Facebook.

Great tool. We love this app — it’s given our son the independence he was craving while also giving him the chance to play and experiment with finances in a safe, supportive way. And Bill, the developer, is great — he’s always been available and helpful when I’ve had questions.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ magaru45 via iTunes.

“Love @FamZoo; allows us to stay on top of things with our little one even when life is a bit hectic!”
Elle, via Twitter.

Great Way to Help Others Manage Money. I needed to help a family member manage their money, and I tried a couple different reloadable debit cards that supported multiple cardholders, but they fell far short of FamZoo. Now I’m expanding to help others in my family manage multiple accounts. It’s great. The small monthly fee is well worth it.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ matt.miller via iTunes.

Makes life easier — and great customer service! I love the convenience of being able to pay allowances in seconds. And if chores aren’t done, fines can be deducted, easy-peasy. It’s a great way to keep track of spending, and loans to each other.

The kids love their cards — they have had some trouble keeping track of them, but hey, that’s a life skill too. Better to lose these cards now and learn to do better, than to lose regular credit cards later. These cards can be disabled instantly through the app; when they are found, they can be enabled again. We’ve just started saving accounts, so we’re learning about interest, and I’m hoping we can cultivate a saving habit.

There are occasional technical difficulties. Also, since I bank with a credit union, I have to load my parent card through PayPal, which takes a few days (all money is transferred to and from the kids’ cards through the parent card). But as long as I preload my parent card each month, it’s not that much of a hassle.

But still, 5 Stars, because the customer service is incredible! Anytime I have an issue, I go to “contact us” to send an email, and I generally get a response within an hour or two. No app is perfect, but with friendly and responsive support, I am more than satisfied.

Bonus — they have a Facebook group now where parents can chat, get information, ask questions, and exchange ideas.

So glad I have FamZoo!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bellajewel Nina via iTunes.

“Great product to give kids access to debit cards that they can use online, and for helping them understand all about finances.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mark D. via Google Play Store.

“This has really helped keep my kids’ finances organized. No more writing down what I owe them or they owe me. It has really helped our son, in particular, learn how to manage his money, and get used to having a credit card.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karin B.. via Facebook.

“FamZoo is a great way to teach your kids financial independence and good money habits.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jennifer E. via Facebook.

“Great financial product to teach your kids about finances, and now a great app on android to complement.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tyson S. via Google Play Store.

“We’ve been using FamZoo for about 4 months, and it has been great! For years I had kept up with allowance on a notebook, never had cash and never knew really what I owed them until they asked and then I would have to go to the notebook and figure it up. The app allows them and me to see at any moment how much they are owed, and I don’t have to keep my notebook anymore!! I have a 15 and 13 year old so they like that it’s on an app. I also use it for chores because a portion of their allowance is tied to chores. I also love that it was easy to set up and allows for not just allowance but buckets for savings and giving. We haven’t used the prepaid card yet but may in the future. I can’t say enough good things about it. It has literally taken the stress out of keeping up with everything surrounding our family allowance rules and chores. Thank you!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vicki B. M. via Facebook.

“My family has been using FamZoo for about three years and it has made giving allowances, transferring money, providing numerous financial lessons, teaching debit card safe practices, and dividing money into spending/savings/tithing accounts super easy. Trying to dole out cash was a nightmare! This system has given us flexibility and confidence!! SO worth it!! Thank you FamZoo!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karey T. H. via Facebook.

Best Family Finance App. After months of research and reviewing different family finance apps trying to find something that would fit what I wanted to do, I came across a review of FamZoo and, more specifically, their prepaid debit card option. Four main reasons I love the FamZoo debit cards, well five:
  1. I can set up automatic, recurring transfers to fund the main debit card (the bank).
  2. I can set up automatic recurring allowance payments to my boys’ debit cards.
  3. The debit cards can be used like a bank account where money can be sent to and from.
  4. My boys can check their balances at any time
  5. I no longer have to pay the tax at the register. If there isn’t enough money on the card to cover the tax, they can’t buy the item.

The only thing that would make it better would be if I could link our savings accounts directly to FamZoo. However, since money can be sent from the debit cards online, I purchased a second debit card for each boy to be used as savings, and that can be transferred to their bank accounts. It is an easy and reasonable workaround.

I love this system. Thank you FamZoo!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Gid’s daddy” via iTunes.

“My daughter was spending a lot of money on games (my debit card). Once I found this financial prepaid card, we switched the bill over to her. It’s amazing how little she now spends on games and that she is now saving her money for something that she really wants.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dawn C., Mom, via Facebook.

“I just signed up to get all the kids their own prepaid cards. This has so many great perks...

  • They can get paid for chores/earn money
  • Save money
  • Learn how to spend wisely
  • Ask for a loan (from mom)
  • Pay back that loan
  • Parents monitor all transactions
  • You can lock their card
  • You can also set up auto bill pay where you set an amount they pay towards their phone bill

Plus so many other great features. Check it out.”

Ashley R., Mom, via Facebook.

Excellent! The best program I’ve found for general family budgeting and financial coaching in the digital age. My favorite feature is the real-time transfer from card to card, all via this app. It really feels like you are your own bank. And, the service is very inexpensive, more than worth it. Thanks for making such a great product!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “alippiat” via iTunes.

Famzoo has been great for managing our kids’ allowance. We recently started using the parent interest paid on their savings account balance. Much more motivating than the pittance paid by the banks these days.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Sandi K., Mom, via Facebook.

“If you are looking for a digital allowance and chore solution, you may want to look at FamZoo. We are finishing up our first week and it’s going well. The kids LOVE not having to ask for money — It is automatically on their monitored, prepaid debit card. (If it gets lost, we turn off the card until it’s found — No lost cards so far.) I love not having to keep cash on hand or needing to remember if I deducted their purchase from our digital spreadsheet.”
Kathy B., Mom, via Facebook.

“We’ve been using Famzoo for about 8 months now for our 4 kids. Our youngest is 11 and our oldest is now 14. All the kids have a spending debit card and savings and charitable giving accounts. The oldest 2 have separate cards for their clothing monthly budget.

It has been wonderful.

Our oldest joined our family in July of 2017 (adopted), and it was difficult at first getting her into the habit of saving her allowance. The other 3 kids had it ingrained in them over a long period of time, but the oldest was excited to be getting her own money, and would spend it shortly after receiving it. Nonetheless, we showed her the savings tools, and how money could be distributed based on her goals.

She’s getting the hang of it, and in the mail today came the guitar that she saved up for and bought on her FamZoo card. It was exciting when she said she met her savings goal and now had enough to buy the guitar she wanted.

I’m so proud of her and excited that FamZoo has made a lot of this possible.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Abayomi H., Dad, via Facebook.

We have been a FamZoo family for almost 4 years, and we have really loved this product. I no longer respond to request for money by saying ‘I’m sorry, but I’m out of cash”. Money from my paycheck goes directly to my FamZoo card and is then distributed to my teenagers.

They get their allowance every two weeks and have to prioritize their spending and figure out how to make it last. I can also easily add extra money to the card and, from a distance, send them funds for non-allowance expenses like school shopping or the movies.

The card is empowering for my daughters who are learning to control their spending, and I love that I can see how much they’re spending and where they’ve spent it. Great product!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karen H., Mom, via Facebook.

“I am not sure how I haven’t heard of FamZoo till now. There are so many great resources we can use! I signed up earlier this week, and can’t wait to get our cards in the mail to set everything up! Thank you SO MUCH for giving parents a resource and starting point for many future discussions about financial management!
Stacy F., Mom, via Blog Comment.

FamZoo has been so helpful as a step in helping my teen gain financial literacy — without getting overdraft charges during the process. He is working toward controlling his spending but in the meanwhile, I can pay him for work as he does it, see how he is spending it, and also reward him for saving money.

I can add money to his card instantly which is helpful if he is running errands or purchasing items for the family.

Our bank had no way of doing this for us — and even with a debit card and a zero balance he could still spend beyond the balance (with a $30 overdraft charge each time — even on small purchases). Not the case with FamZoo!

Plus, they have great technical support and have been on hand practically 24/7 as we first set up our cards.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kimberly W., Mom, via Facebook.

“I’m extremely happy with these cards for my grandchildren, they learn very fast how swiftly money is spent and to price compare.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cindy R., Grandmother, via Facebook.

“I just got my family all setup with FamZoo and am already thinking ‘why isn’t everyone using this?!’ I was wondering how I might do exactly what you’ve explained here to manage my household budget — genius! ”
Sarah S., Mom, via Facebook.

Outstanding Teaching Aid. I researched all of the online programs for teaching kids financial lit for a project at work. FamZoo came out on top when features were compared side-by-side. I liked it so much I signed up my grandkids to monitor chores but also to use it to enforce good manners. It’s become invaluable. Bill has thought of everything using his own family as the example. You won’t be disappointed!”
“Tulsa Transplant”, Grandparent, via iTunes.

“OMG not only has this made our lives so much easier, but their customer (personalized) service is unsurpassed. Kids love it, Parents love it, all around excellent product!!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Angela B.M., Mom, via Facebook.

“Famzoo is the best way to give kids an allowance and teach them about money at the same time. You can set up interest on their savings to encourage them to save and you can always set an upper limit so they don’t get too ambitious and break the bank! Another thing that’s great is that you can never overdraw your main account. If you run out of cash to give them, it will just assign IOUs to them and then automatically pay them when you fund your account. They thought of everything!”
Darrell V., Dad, via Facebook.

“The weekly summary already, last week, gave my 16yo daughter her first glimpse into the reality of having your own debit card.

She had signed up for Amazon Prime over the holidays (which was our original reason for going out searching for a pre-paid method so that she could buy Christmas presents for my wife and I, “without Mom and Dad seeing what I ordered”), with the intention of cancelling it at the end of her month free trial.

She “forgot to cancel it” and got the shock on her debit card statement in email. She came to me in a panic, and I told her that she just learned the hard way what happens if you don’t watch your money. Someone is always looking to get it from you. I told her that she was lucky that it defaulted to a monthly payment of about $10, and didn’t charge her the yearly fee of about $100.

I told her that she just got a $10 lesson, and it was cheap.

As it turns out, because she hadn’t used Amazon Prime in the time after she automatically “paid her monthly fee”, Amazon allows her to cancel it for a refund of that month’s service. I told her that was a lucky break for her, and not to expect that from everything that she signs up for. Read the fine print. Fortunately, Amazon is pretty customer friendly. Next time might not be so pretty for her.

So the FamZoo account is paying money experience dividends every month already! :) This is the best money education tool I could imagine for the kids. I just need to stay on them, reminding them of their interest earning benefit, etc. so that they will gradually gain my enthusiasm about managing their money to their best advantage.”

Jeff J., Dad, via Email.

This has worked well to get our son to see where his money is going.”
Len E., Dad, via Facebook.

“We struggled to keep up with a cash based allowance for our two younger daughters, always forgetting to pay them, and then our girls not keeping track of what they have.

FamZoo has been the perfect solution for us. It automatically pays allowance and allots a percentage to spending, to saving and to charity automatically! It’s a great tool to help young children begin to understand the value of money and we eventually hope to transition to using the debit card as we love that we can add that feature when we are ready.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Robert M., Dad, via Facebook.

“We use the FamZoo cards too and love them. I linked it to my kids iTunes account and amazon and it’s saved us a lot of time and money and teaching them to budget and save. Prior to FamZoo, they were charging our cards and we could never keep up with it or get the amounts correct. It’s been great — highly recommend.”
Jennifer W., Mom, via Facebook.

“We LOVE FamZoo. In trying to give each of our seven kids some personalized oversight on their journey to financial understanding, this tool is a godsend for us.”
Jeff J., Dad, via Blog Comment.

“FamZoo has been so helpful as a way to track chores (and Christmas lists!) and keep track of how much money the kids really have (so neither parent is in the dark... Hey, how much birthday money is left?).

Anytime we’re in a store we can check how much money they have to spend. Have yet to try cards but have one son turning 12 so we’ll be there soon!

Customer service is astoundingly helpful and fast. Blog is insightful.

I can’t recommend FamZoo enough.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Wendy Low, Mom, via Facebook.

“I’ve gone back and forth a lot on whether to strictly pay my children for chores or an allowance system. Right now, we’re paying half their age in allowance weekly and give them opportunities to earn more money if they want through chores. I’ve found it to be a good compromise. They have to use their own money for everything that isn’t a necessity (Scholastic book orders, buying breakfast at school, all toys, etc.).

I’ve been using FamZoo to automate this for me and I love it. I especially like that it’s a card-based system for the spending portion of their allowance so that they learn that spending on cards is still money.

I’ve also set up (in FamZoo) to pay them 1% per month in interest in anything they set aside in their account for savings and that adds up fast enough to encourage them to save.”

Kathryn H., Mom, via Blog Comment.

“Some of our favorite things: Common Sense Media and FamZoo.”
Ben and Becky S., Parents, via Facebook.

“FamZoo is such a great app for allowances and teaching kids about money! It has finally allowed us to have a consistently implemented allowance plan for our kids. I love the ability to split the money among spending, saving and giving, and appreciate how easy it is to set up separate chore checklists. It is also easy to use when they want to buy something.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Julie R.V., Mom, via Facebook.

“This is a great way to give my teens allowance. I have direct deposit from my paycheck and automatic transfer every Friday. They can check their balance on the app, while I can monitor their expenses. They can do chores for rewards and all can be tracked in the app. Highly recommended!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Javier C., Dad, via Facebook.

We love this service for our family. A great way to teach your kids about managing money and also a highly functional way to make it easy for parents and kids to exchange funds for every day needs. WE highly recommend FAMZOO! The customer service is also amazing and very timely. Give it a try you will not be disappointed.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Andy M., Dad, via Facebook.

Game Changer for Family Finance. This app and money system has been a game changer when it comes to our family finances. My kids are now doing chores and extra activities around the house regularly becuase they know money will be added to their card. They pay for snacks and other necessities, which I believe is making them more aware when it comes to money.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mzzmac79, via iTunes.

“#SuperGirl Amina puts aside 10% of her weekly allowance to give to GrassROOTS Community Foundation. Today, she gave $42.70; auspiciously she had saved an amount divisible by 7. Choose this #GivingTuesday.

Much love & appreciation for FamZoo for giving us the tool to make it possible via their platform & Mastercard prepaid card. Love it when my worlds come together.”

Lisa M., Mom, via Facebook.

FamZoo has been life changing! Not only for kids’ allowances, but also for hubby and I to have our own spending accounts clearly visible.

We have always utilized a single bank account and trying to track spending and budgeting daily life was getting to be too time consuming and confusing. Now that I can clearly see my spending account AND have a separate card to use, it is perfect! I have money auto transferred into FamZoo and automatically allocated out each month.

When I’m shopping with the kids and they make a purchase, I transfer it out of their accounts before leaving the store so they can see it happen. No more trying to remember who owes me what and collecting piles of pennies.

We even made a family decision to go out to dinner a few weeks back and split it 5 ways! 😀”

Stephanie S., Mom, via Email.

“We switched to FamZoo from cash for our kids’ allowances and could not be happier.

With Famzoo, we split their allowances into 3 accounts: spend, save, and give. No more envelopes and attempting to count change.

I love the daily “checklist” we use to pay their allowance on (Didn’t do their chore? Don’t check that day and they don’t get that portion of their allowance).

They learn good spending habits, and we, as parents, can track what they’re spending their money on.

It’s easy to use, and customer service is speedy, kind, and knowledgeable. I’m so glad we found Famzoo!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stacey A., Mom, via Facebook.

“Amazing company with amazing customer service. 5 stars!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Noemi M., Mom, via Facebook.

“For me this is one of those products that parents will wish they had known about earlier when teaching money habits on a day to day basis.”
Paul V., via Facebook.

“If you want to give your kid an allowance and help them learn money management & banking skills at the same time, check out @FamZoo. TL;DR your kid gets a prepaid debit card that they can’t overdraw. Got $1.00 in the account and try to spend $1.01? Nope! I  ❤️  this so much!”
Kirk S., Dad, via Twitter.

“This has been a hugely powerful learning tool for the kiddos. I also love not feeling guilty when I’ve forgotten to hit the ATM on allowance day.”
Kirk S., Dad, via Twitter.

“Not only do I use it for my children, my wife and I use FamZoo to help our budget. Seriously everyone should look at this as an option.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Scott A., Dad, via Facebook.

“We’ve been using FamZoo for a year now with our 8 kids. After using envelopes and cash, we thought ‘there’s got to be a better way’. A little research uncovered several options out there. After comparing features and cost, we signed up for the free trial of FamZoo. It had everything we were looking for, plus many unexpected extras. We loved it so much that when the free trial was up, we subscribed for the maximum available: 2 years.

Several months in, we switched our older kids’ spending accounts over from virtual ‘IOU’ accounts (which just track numbers) to debit card accounts (with real money behind them). This was one of those bonus extras we weren’t really looking for, but figured we’d give it a try. It didn’t take long to wonder why we didn’t do that sooner (there’s no extra cost).

When we saw how easy it was for the kids to keep track of their money, we decided to start giving ourselves a little allowance in FamZoo too, since our eating out habits were a little out of control. FamZoo not only helped keep our kids money organized, but provided an easy way to rein in our own impulse buys.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Erik P., Dad, via Facebook.

“Another great tip. I swear, @FamZoo has every great tip ever.”

We love FamZoo. The kids love to pull up the site when they get paid. Easy for them to see what they get for their allowance without having to open their piggybank when they need cash.”
Chris J., Dad, via Email.

Great teaching tool. Started our son with a small allowance and a bit of Bank of Dad interest rate when he was seven. You have to let your child make their own decisions about when to spend the money in their account, so they have the experiences both of spending too much and the experience of saving and watching compound interest work. Our son is now ten and saves most of his allowance.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mike L., Dad, via iTunes.

“I’ve used FamZoo for probably 3-4 years now and I love it. I’m a firm believer in teaching kids about financial responsibility early and FamZoo is a GREAT tool. If we are out and they want to buy something, they know exactly what they have and we can see the history in a moment.

I like that it helps them save and put aside for giving and we’ve also used the loan tool.

Starting about a year ago, I began utilizing the debit card for my now 14-year-old son. It’s awesome practice for him, and I can load it on the fly if he is out or in an emergency.

I’ve had a couple of occasions when I’ve had to contact FamZoo and their customer service is super responsive, friendly and helpful.

I think VERY highly of FamZoo and would recommend without ANY reservation. Thanks for what you all do.

BTW - their newsletter (free) is fabulous!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kim B.F., Mom, via Facebook.

“If you are looking for a way to help your kids manage their money, @FamZoo is a great place to start. Check it out.”
Elisabeth S., Mom and Parent Coach, via Twitter.

“We’ve been using FamZoo for years, after several failed attempts to give our kids an allowance. (Never had cash on hand, would forget, they’d ‘borrow’ in advance and no one would keep track.) The app was helpful in managing all that, but is even more helpful now that they’re teenagers and using debit cards. It’s a much easier way to give them a level of independence while still keeping an eye on spending habits. It also offers insights how to help them learn good habits, which is ever more important as they get summer jobs, etc. I’m really grateful for FamZoo’s customer service, which has made card set-up and trouble-shooting pretty painless. As someone who could have learned a few lessons earlier, I’m really trying to send my kids into the world with a high level of financial literacy. This stuff isn’t taught in school, so I’m hugely grateful to FamZoo for helping us bring it home.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dana L., Mom, via Facebook.

“This is a wonderful program! FamZoo absolutely helps me manage my family and teaches my kids about money, allowance, chores, checklists, savings and so much more. I highly recommend this program and the cards!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mia E., Mom, via Facebook.

“So, I realize that FamZoo is about teaching children financial responsibility. It was my sister-in-law who told me about FamZoo, and I signed up for my kids to use for their allowance. However, after many months, I decided that this was a good step for me also. I have a set budget deposited each week on my FamZoo debit card. I also take money from that card to put on a savings card for bigger things I want to save money for. This has been a great decision for us, not only for my kids who take responsibility for their own purchases, but for me and keeping on a budget. I would absolutely recommend this.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heather B.M., Mom, via Facebook.

“I love that FamZoo is helping me teach my kid how to be financially savvy. It will be able to grow with him from managing allowances when younger (automated, split between save/spend/donate, incentives for extra chores, etc) and then eventually we can get into having his own prepaid card when he is older and helping him learn about budgeting, investing, etc. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amy D., Mom, via Facebook.

Great app. This has saved me from having to remember IOUs for my kids for chores. They can let me know what chores have been done and get paid right away. They love having a debit card to use and having access to their money. It’s a great way to teach kids about finances and saving money.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Ya.buddy”, via iTunes.

“We have used FamZoo to provide our kids with debit cards. We didn’t want to give them ATM/Debit cards that have access to their whole bank account balance and savings. This is a great service that links all of the family cards and I can instantly move money to my kid’s card when they need it. Great for allowance, trips with friends, ski trips, etc. You can also create chore lists with $ rewards. I’ve never seen my kids respond quicker than to claim the “reward” for doing odd jobs around the house. A great product/service that is well thought out and well managed. Thank you!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Bruce F., Dad, via Facebook.

Been very happy with FamZoo! My daughter was away at camp across the country for five weeks. First time on her own. I had used PayPal with my son a few years ago, but they no longer provide a refillable credit card. It was quite easy, and free, to transfer funds from my bank. Once she got used to a credit card, I had to make quite a few transfers!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Hockeyman42”, via iTunes.

“Our family has been using FamZoo for about a year now. This is by far the easiest/best way I have found to keep track of our children’s money. Keeping track of their money allows them more control and a better understanding of how money works. If they ask to buy something I let them decide based on the money they have (we easily keep track on the app). They are making better decisions as a result. Teaching them how to manage money on their own is the goal, and this app helps tremendously.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Matthew C., Dad, via Facebook.

Unique set of tools. I’ve loved the rich compilation of knowledge and tools in FamZoo. Their prepaid debit cards are just what our family was looking for as our girls learned about money in a hands-on 21st century approach!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “avmjrm”, via iTunes.

“We find it extremely useful... makes it extremely helpful for making my kids allowance automated so I don’t have have to think about it... but there are limitations...such as how the card is funded... free to put money in if I use paypal which is a bit of a PITA, only comes in Mastercard (some stores only accept Visa), does not seem to work on Amazon to make purchases & no chip reader. [See FamZoo response] We have tried other options such as the Serve card from Amex and my bank debit card, but keep coming back to this card. There is a fee which makes it more expensive than the bank debit card — however, we stay because the web interfaces is much easier to use and feature rich than both Amex and my bank. The kids are, at this point used to this card. Comes in handy for situations such as my daughter went on vacation with some friends and while on vacation happened to have the opportunity to go shopping for school supplies at staples. The card made it so easy to reimburse her Staples expenses and slide some more money into her account to cover her ongoing vacation expenses. It is a useful card for my kids to use... When the kids go to to town to hang out at the soda shop with friends, she is confident to purchase a snack and soda without having to worry about carrying cash... or she can skip the snack and save the money in her savings for a car she is saving up for... allows her to make these types of decisions — which is very healthy. She can add her babysitting money and summer job money (through my Paypal account) and the website allows me to set up a savings account process for her which for every dollar she saves, I put in 50 cents — which encourages her to save more. Its very useful and automated which means I don’t have to spend time thinking about this stuff.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thoms H., Dad, via Facebook.

We love FamZoo. This app allows my children to know how much money they have. When they want to buy something or go somewhere, they think twice when they see it come out of their account. The app is easy to use!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “PrivetLover”, via iTunes.

“Famzoo has been a huge win for our family. It has made family money management easy.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Max B., Dad, via Facebook.

Love this app. We have been using the app for over a year, and had a great experience. My kids absolutely love it. Highly recommended.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Geatful users”, via iTunes.

“We’ve used Famzoo for over 2 years and it is simply great!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shawn B., Dad, via Facebook.

“Incredible site and app. I can see it working as my kids think carefully about their spending decisions. We’ve been using it for two years for our now 13 and 10 year olds. Can’t recommend it highly enough.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Richard E., Dad, via Facebook.

“Love, love, love FamZoo!!! It has kept me (mom) more organized and on top of allowances and has kept my kids motivated to earn and save money. What a great tool and well worth the small fee to use it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Heather H., Mom, via Facebook.

“We’ve used FamZoo for 4 years, and it has been an amazing learning experience for our now 13-year-old daughter. She has learned how to budget her money, how to set savings goals, and the power of compounding interest. We treat FamZoo like a ‘real’ bank account, and she is gaining invaluable experience in how to manage her money in the real world. I highly recommend it!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michelle R., Mom, via Facebook.

“We LOVE FamZoo! Our family started using FamZoo almost 2 years ago. We love that our children can see what ‘Can I have that?’ really means. Sure! But, it will come out of your account... This always makes them think twice! Teaching them financial responsibility at an early age can never lead them astray! Thank you FamZoo for making this possible...and easily possible at that!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Shannon C.W., Mom, via Facebook.

“Exactly what is needed for a range of kids from say 9 to 18. Even without the extra tools it’s worthwhile.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Matthew J., Dad, via Facebook.

“If your kids don’t have chores, you’re doing more than your fair share as a parent. If you decide to reward them for their efforts and teach them financial responsibility, then you need this service.”
Phil W., Dad, via Facebook.

“I love it so far. What a great way to keep track of kids and money.”
Cheryl S., Mom, via Facebook.

“This system has been very helpful in teaching money values into my kids at younger age, plus they get the grown-up feeling to swipe their debit cards at the cash register! Plus their support team is SUPER quick. Within minutes of sending an email, you get a response and many times a call from a friendly-U.S. based rep who will take the time to walk you through everything.”
Aja McClanahan, Mom, via Blog.

“What a wonderful system, and Bill is awesome! He actually took the time to CALL me about a question I emailed on a SUNDAY! WOW! The system was just what I was looking for and beats trying to do this in Quicken.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dusty M.B., Mom, via Facebook.

“Have you checked out @FamZoo? Absolutely love the prepaid card method.”
Kathryn H., Mom, via Twitter.

“We LOVE our FamZoo accounts!”
Crystal P., Mom, via Facebook.

“Your cards are probably the best system I’ve seen for [weaning the kids from the family wallet].”
Lee H., Dad, via Facebook.

“This card was very easy to get and easy to fund for the whole family. Best of all, your minor children can have their own card under your supervision. I like it. It doesn’t hurt to try it. It’s one of the best prepaid cards I have seen so far, so give the FamZoo card a try. I can even monitor my 19 year old’s spending. My 14 year old has his own card. Amazing, starting a child off young with financial responsibility.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Kela S., Mom, via Facebook.

“I love what you’re doing. It’s making a difference in my family for sure. My daughter has been using FamZoo this summer as a vehicle for saving up for a mac book. She’s 81% away from her savings goal of $999.00.”
Todd A., Dad, via Facebook.

“Love my prepaid cards for all 3 of my kids ages (9, 7 and almost 4). However, my almost 4-year old doesn’t understand the concept of electronic money at all. I use it anyway for her as well to be consistent, and because all of my other methods of trying to remember to give allowances regularly failed.

FamZoo is by far the best allowance system out there for busy moms that

  1. don’t use cash regularly and
  2. are forgetful about giving allowances.

I absolutely love it!”

Kathryn, Mom, via Blog Post Comment.

“FamZoo has been an exceptional tool for teaching my daughter financial responsibility. Chris personally reached out to help resolve questions within hours. Thanks FamZoo!! You’re 5 out of 5 stars in my book.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Lisa M., Mom, via Facebook.

“We have been using FamZoo for a year and a half and it has been a great decision for our family. We went with a chore chart and commission approach for a couple years without consistency. My wife and I simply were not able to keep up with paying for chores earned AND we regularly forgot what chores were completed and which were not. We heard about FamZoo from a friend, who uses it along with the debit cards for his three children. We went with the complimentary trial before signing up for the two-year option. It has kept us and our children honest about what is being done with chores and provides the accounting needed to add funds and take away funds from the account. In a couple years, I anticipate moving to the debit card option to provide my girls more control over their account.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jason H., Dad, via Facebook.

“We have been using FamZoo for over 5 years. We put our kids’ allowance on the card and they can check the balance on their phones while we are at stores, figure out if they have enough money to make a purchase, without asking me. It’s a great way to teach them to handle $. It’s unlikely our kids will write very many checks in the future. They LOVE their cards and feel a great sense of responsibility, just having their own cards. I would highly recommend FamZoo to every family looking to teach your kids financial responsibility.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Cheryl B. P., Mom, via Facebook.

“I have been very happy with FamZoo and decided the annual fee was well worth it. I never used to remember to give the kids an allowance, never had their money with me when I was out shopping and they wanted to buy something, and consequently the amount of disposable income they had was quite a mystery. Now, the allowance gets deposited automatically and is split 50/50 between spending and savings. When we are out, if they want to buy something, we can easily check to see how much money they have. If it’s not enough, the gimmes usually go away without a fight. ‘Oh well, looks as though you don’t have enough money in your account...’ Money from gifts also gets split and is labeled so we can go back and see where their money came from (and where it went since I label what they spend it on). I also reward savings with interest, encouraging them to move additional spending money into savings. I had opened a bank account for them at one point, but never managed to take them to the bank for deposits. This teaches them the value of savings without the hassle for me.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Karen F., Mom, via Facebook.

“We have been using FamZoo for the last two years, and it has been FANTASTIC! We have set it up to tie allowances for our two teenage sons to weekly chores, and that has greatly simplified our lives. No more arguments about how much they should earn. We also set up ‘Moneymaking Chores’ for opportunities to earn additional money on top of their allowance as well as ‘Naughty or Nice’ checklists to help discourage/reinforce bad/good behavior. They can watch their savings grow in interest bearing accounts, and we have set up ‘Double your Money’ accounts for them to help save spending money for special items they want to purchase. It’s very simple to use, and the customer service is superb. Sign your family up today!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ David N., Dad, via Facebook.

“We’ve used FamZoo for over 2 years and it has been great. Our kids can manage their own money and we can keep up-to-date with allowance when we don’t keep much cash. They are able to make their own purchases in store and online. Love it and recommend it to other parents I know!

Updating my review because of awesome customer service I received! Had a question and posted on FB which got an almost immediate response. Followed up by a phone call from “Chief Dad” after which he spent time looking at a transfer option and called me back with an update. On a Saturday afternoon. How much better could it get?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Allison S., Mom, via Facebook.

“We’ve been using FamZoo for several years and we LOVE it. My children have a much better concept of how money and real world financial concepts work because we have used Famzoo.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Denise H., Mom, via Facebook.

“Our family LOVES Famzoo!!! We have 4 kids from age 9-14 and they love the freedom of having their own money. We could not be happier with how easy it is to set up, use, and pay. My kids all carry their own cards and will even ask us to transfer money to each other as they pay other members of the family for things. Give FamZoo a try and you will love it.

BTW....their customer support is incredible. Quick to answer any questions that come up.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rich E., Dad, via Facebook.

“We have used FamZoo for several years and it is the best. It allows my kids to manage their own money and be accountable for their chores, plus I don’t have to carry around cash to pay them, which before I would often forget to do for weeks. Customer Service is always very friendly and helpful whenever I have had a question or needed help. I couldn’t be happier! I just wish they had an app for Android users.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jamie H., Mom, via Facebook.

“This has simplified allowances for our six (count ’em) kiddos. I’m grateful. When the kids hope to buy something extra, they ask for their debit cards. And they watch the balances go up and down depending on their own choices. It’s a big win-win.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Darlene W., Mom, via Facebook.

“I’m cheap and tend not to pay for tools that I can get for free. FamZoo is one tool that is worth paying for. We’ve used it for years and it’s been fantastic for our family. It’s more than just a ledger — the automatic income splits and chore lists are fabulous!”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Varrin S., Dad, via Facebook.

“Love FamZoo. My son is a at that age where he wanted to buy things online ( music, games, etc.). FamZoo has been a life saver for allowing him to manage his own money. No better lesson, because he could spend it at anytime but saves for long term goals. (He even has an emergency fund LOL)”
Robert P., Dad, via Facebook.

“Hi FamZoo, thanks for giving my family a way to learn dealing with money and being responsible. It really works well for us.”
Paul M., Dad, via Facebook.

“FamZoo has been a great tool for our family. Setting up bank accounts is a total pain for kids (and parents) and the tracking tools are awesome. FamZoo is a big part of financial education. It is also fun!”
Mike B., Dad, via Facebook.

“My teenage daughters and I have used the FamZoo debit card and app for about 3 years. It’s a great way to distribute money to my girls in my often cashless life. Money goes directly from my paycheck to them, and I am easily able to electronically transfer additional money that they may need. I can get money to them whether I am in their presence or far away. Love it!!”
Karen S., Mom, via Facebook.

“I have been using FamZoo for the last year or so and I LOVE it! Both of my kids have debit cards that are funded by me through their weekly chores, gifts, and one-offs as needed. My problem was that I never had cash to give to the kids and now I don’t need it! I can shift their money around from save, share, spend so easily. Their spend account IS their debit card. It’s a great way to teach my kids about money in a safe secure way! Thank you FamZoo!!! I wish I had you found you when they were younger! :-)”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carrie G., Mom, via Facebook.

“FamZoo has made it so much easier for us to help our kids learn about fiscal responsibility. We really needed something to help us be consistent and organized with paying allowance and taking money out of our kids’ ‘accounts’ when we were out and about and they wanted to buy something. Now their allowance is credited every week automatically with a set percentage going to charitable giving and savings. When they want to make a purchase, both my husband and I can easily record the purchase using the app on our phones, and the money is deducted from their spending account, and the purchase is recorded. If they want to know where they spent their money they can simply log into their account and find out. Love this tool! It sets a great example for them of being organized with finances and has really taken the stress out of keeping track of their money.”
Jill G., Mom, via Facebook.

“We love FamZoo! Prepaid cards are awesome for kids keeping track of their spending and frees mom and dad from the inevitable ‘Can I have some money to buy xx?’ Allowance splits and automatic deposits keeps me sane! I don’t have to keep track of ‘Did I give you your allowance last week? What about the week before?’”
Tristi K., Mom, via Facebook.

“We have only been using FamZoo for the past 6 months or so and we love it! My 17 and 13-year-old girls love that they have their own debit card and that the money they have on it was earned by them. We use FamZoo to compensate our children for chores, babysitting, or when they have cash they give it to us and we put the money on their card. It has helped them learn to save, only spend what is on the card, etc. It is a blessing to be able to teach our children, young, that they cannot buy what they don’t have the money for. My 13 year old saved enough money to buy herself a pretty pricey item for her age. She was very proud of herself when she was able to finally make the purchase. Thank you FamZoo!!”
Glenda S., Mom, via Facebook.

“Love FAMZOO...great for my teenagers at home and while travelling abroad. Worked really well for helping my college student live on her budget — we provided an allowance, and she allocated in categories for spending, food and sorority expenses. As she earned money, she figured out how to balance spending and saving.”
Anne T., Mom, via Email.

“We have been using FamZoo for many years, and we credit this app with our sons having great money skills. If we are out and about, and they want to buy something, I simply look at the app and tell them how much money they have. Then they decide. They have made some poor choices, and have learned better decision-making as a result. That is our goal — have them make some mistakes when they’re young, and it’s only $20 on the line, rather than when the stakes (and $$$) are higher. This is one of my most important apps.”
Nancy S., Mom, via Facebook.

“This is a great product. Nice thing is I can add their routing numbers & acct #s from their Zoo cards and set up allowances from my paycheck to their cards for FREE! I get to see exactly what they buy and when, plus I can block it for a day, week, forever...and unblock it immediately when I want. Most reasonable option out there!! Plus the kids feel so grown up with their credit cards.”
Carin D., Mom, via Facebook.

“FamZoo is great for our family. We’ve been using it for chores lists. When the kids complete a chore, they sign it off on FamZoo and immediately get paid for their work. It makes them earn the allowance rather than me just giving them money. Also, it’s a very inexpensive Debit card! Thanks FamZoo!”
Matthew B., Dad, via Facebook.

“Easy to use, and a great way to teach our kids how to save, spend, and give.”
Victoria D., Mom, via Facebook.

“Love using FamZoo. It makes keeping track of how much my kids have so much easier. Also, love that the kids get a summary every week of what is in their account. I also love that you can setup different sub accounts. Our kids have found good ways to use their charity money as they watch it grow in their accounts.”
Missy M., Mom, via Facebook.

“FamZoo has really helped us turn allowances from hassle and conflict into responsibility and independence. Once set up, administering and transferring funds is quick and easy. The record-keeping is there for all to see, so no more arguments about whether the kids have received their allowance or not. And the kids are enjoying the independence of having their own debit cards. FamZoo has been a fantastic resource for both parents and kids!”
Harry H., Dad, via Facebook.

“Sane, convenient, logical, educational, economical, socially responsible, and worth every penny. The economic educational resources of FamZoo are exactly what we needed for raising a fiscally responsible child. Convenient, since our son’s allowance doesn’t have to be on my ‘to do’ list every week. Charitable giving is built in to the account, but the choice of charities is between child and parent. (Another site I looked at had direct links to selected charities, raising red flags about the site’s ulterior motives.)”
Lynn D., Mom, via Facebook.

“We have used FamZoo for more years than I can count. We haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg of what this app will do, but what we have used has made all the difference. Before FamZoo, it never failed that we’d be out shopping, and the kids forgot their allowance, and so I had to pay for it and remember for them to pay me back. Or we didn’t have cash to give them each week, and it was a headache keeping up with who had how much money. Enter FamZoo, now we go to a store, my kids ask how much is in their account, we check the app, and they can buy what they want. No more manipulating or wracking my brain to remember how much money I owe them or they owe me. When they get birthday money or gift cards, they cash them out with me, and I add it to their account. Basically, I’m their bank. My oldest now has his own "real" checking account and he already knows how it works b/c he used the FamZoo account for so long. What a great teaching tool! And no more money headaches with my kids. Thank you for FamZoo! I recommend it to everyone I know.”
Shelley H., Mom, via Facebook.

“I cannot say enough about the customer service! They have responded to my inquiries immediately (often with a live voice!). Regarding the program: I love that I can lock the card immediately (we have already lost one, but no worries about the funds since I locked it). My kids are motivated to do chores and are learning how to manage their money by doing (not just me telling).”
Amy M., Mom, via Facebook.

“We have 7 kids and I’ve used FamZoo for 5 years to track their allowances. Highly recommended!”
Jon G., Dad, via Facebook.

“FamZoo is brilliant. It essentially works ads an ‘IOU’ system, with credits and debits (not an actual account with money in it). We have 4 kids and it makes managing allowances and purchases so simple. When we are in Target and my son wants to buy a Lego, I click on one button on the app and he can see how much money he has in his account — no more forgetting money at home, loaning money to kids and forgetting etc. I can deduct $10 from his account in one easy step.

You can set up allowances to auto credit, and even divide between spending/savings/giving or any way you’d like. It has enabled our family to shift decision making to our kids so that they can easily see and manage the money they earn through chores/receive as gifts. Highly recommend!”

Julie S., Mom, via Facebook.

“6 kids — I never thought I could manage allowance and chores; let alone savings and spending. My kids (even my 7 year old) understand financial consequences. Just Amazing :-) Lost cards, they ARE still kids, replaced with a simple phone call. Love FamZoo!”
Portia A., Mom, via Facebook.

“I am the mother of three teenagers, a licensed therapist, and I am a public school social worker. We have used FamZoo for several years now, and it is the most amazing learning tool for financial and money management for children. There are three separate reasons why this program is amazing. One — it is wonderful for emergencies — like if your 16 year old is about to run out of gas, or your 13 year old is at the mall and sends you a picture of tennis shoes she will actually wear — you can put money on their FamZoo MasterCards from your phone. My oldest is now out of the house and off the allowance plan, but I will put money on her card for medical co-pays, books, and an occasional haircut :-).

The second is that this program is such a time and energy saver for parents. I tried to do allowance with pencil and paper and calendars and little stacks of money and had little ungrateful angry people if I forgot a detail. I give my children $.50 per year that they have been alive, per week. So the 14 year old gets $7 per week. We have set the splits at 50% spending, 40% savings, and 10% charitable donations. ($3.50 / $2.80 / $.70). The spending portion gets put right on a refillable FamZoo MasterCard with their name on it, if 13 or over. If under 13, it has their name and yours. My kids’ allowance is not tied to any chores but this week I have been playing around with the chores list on FamZoo and adding some incentives and fines for not doing chores. You first fill your parent MasterCard which is the ‘bank’ for the kids’ accounts. All money is virtual except the money leaving the parent bank and the kids’ ‘spending’ portion.

The third reason this is amazing, is for the financial learning it provides to the kids. You set the interest rate on their savings portion. Children can ask for loans, pay them back in installments, set budgets, set short-term and long-term goals, and they can send quick money requests like, ‘Mom, I just picked up milk for $3.39. Can you pay me back?’ My youngest has sent, ‘Please send $1,000 because you love me’ Some requests get denied :-).

Anyway, kids can go online to check and reconcile accounts, set alerts, request money, almost anything an adult would do with a regular bank. This is an incredible learning tool and costs next to nothing — besides what you are willing to give in allowance. They even have a referral program, so if my write up helped, please use my referral code when signing up!”

Erin W., Mom, via Facebook.

“Great product for teaching kids how to manage their money.”
Steve S., Dad, via Facebook.

“We’ve used FamZoo for six years now. It’s been a total game changer, and had easily saved us thousands of dollars. Before FamZoo, we struggled to let kids spend money when we were out shopping. We had to guess how much they had in their piggybanks, remember to deduct that when we got home, and (hardest of all) convince the kids to physically put their money into their piggybanks. The result was that much money got lost and wasted, feelings got hurt, and mom and dad got fit to be tied. FamZoo changed all of that. Kids are happy, we never have to guess at piggybank balances, money never gets lost. Then we tried paying interest and watched the light bulbs go on in their eyes (most of them). Hugely valuable lesson. We haven’t tried the debit cards. Our problem is already solved without them.

Oh, and another tip: have you tried mvelopes or another online budget tracking system? Well if you’re a FamZoo subscriber, you can just create a new family member called ‘budget’ and give that person one account for each envelope you want to track (groceries, etc.). You can setup monthly ‘allowances’ to automatically load the ‘envelopes’. Now both spouses have up to date expense tracking and remaining balances, but can pay with whatever is convenient. That’s worth the price for the FamZoo subscription right there. We’ll be using this long after the kids are grown.”

Andy R., Dad, via Facebook.

“Cannot speak highly enough about this kiddo money management eco-system. I’ve raised all 3 of my girls on FamZoo, and two are now investing in the stock market!”
Jason S., Dad, via Facebook.

“Wonderful app for teaching kids about money and for keeping track of kids’ allowances and spending. Before this app, I was managing envelopes full of cash and coins! This app is really convenient and easy to use. I like being able to automatically send part of my kids’ allowance to separate spending, savings, charity accounts. When my kids are a little older, we’ll definitely order the prepaid cards. I also really appreciate Bill’s blog and have filed away several finance topics to revisit later! Well worth the small subscription fee. Thanks, FamZoo!”
Elizabeth J., Mom, via Facebook.

“I have been VERY happy with FamZoo. Whenever we have had an issue or question, I get an immediate response. You just don’t get that kind of customer service anymore. I am highly impressed.”
Patricia C., Mom, via Facebook.

“Huge help for keeping track of allowances, purchases, and savings.”
Dana L., Mom, via Facebook.

“I love the convenience of the FamZoo app. I can easily and super-quickly transfer money to (and from!) my children, wherever they are. I also really like the ability to split allowance distribution in any way — we use ‘charitable donations,’ ‘longtime savings,’ and ‘spending,’ but I think you can do whatever works for you. Finally, it’s easy to do an audit of spending when the kids are feeling poor!”
Pamela B., Mom, via Facebook.

“I am so thankful for the FamZoo account and cards as they allow me to help my grandchildren who live out of state without costing excess fees. Their customer service is the best I’ve encountered. They are friendly, informative and helpful and they always respond in a timely fashion to any questions I have.”
Cynthia W., Grandmother, via Facebook.

“FamZoo is fantastic! We use it almost daily, and it has solved all our allowance issues in keeping track of who earned, spent, and was paid what and when. Took a little tweaking to get it just right for our needs, and now it’s perfect!”
Heather B., Mom, via Facebook.

“Not just for children! FamZoo has helped my fiance and I use the envelope method for budgeting on hobbies. With a weekly allowance we can save, donate, and spend guilt free money all within a shared budget.”
Monte N., Spouse, via Facebook.

“FamZoo is a surprisingly powerful tool for managing allowances, providing debit cards for families, and tracking expenses. It’s become an essential part of our family’s economic life.”
Danny S., Dad, via Facebook.

“After using the Paypal Mastercard and the Nickel app for my kids (and watching them both go out of business), I’ve been impressed with FamZoo’s reliability and comprehensive feature set. Definitely recommended for anyone looking to enable their kids with a safe, secure way to manage their money.”
Dominic D., Dad, via Facebook.

“An excellent app that we’ve used for a few years to help our kids (and us) manage allowances. Allows kids to set goals & monitor those goals. It has a % option for savings, tithe, etc. that you can set up with automatic ‘payments’ into their accounts. My favorite part is that I always have my phone with me so if my kids want a pack of gum, for instance, I just subtract the $ amount from the app right after checking out — no more forgetting! My preteen is getting old enough that we have talked about getting the prepaid card option to give her some independence and help her develop her financial skills further.”
Gwyn S., Mom, via Facebook.

“We have been using this for our boys for about the last 6 months. I absolutely love it. It is so nice to see where they spend their allowance and gives them the confidence of having a credit card (actually a debit card). Transferring funds is incredibly easy between accounts. Even they are able to look back and see that they need to cut back on some expenses. Definitely worth it.”
Mike B., Dad, via Facebook.

“Helpful for teaching our tweens about money. When they want to know how much money they have, they ask ‘how much do I have in FamZoo?’ We use the auto-debit feature to ‘charge’ our son for his monthly cell phone fee. As they get older, we will take advantage of more advanced features.”
Diane P., Mom, via Facebook.

“My teens are getting real-life experience managing debit cards, bank accounts, and budgets. I wish I would’ve had this kind of financial education as a kid!”
Kirk S., Dad, via Facebook.

“We love FamZoo... it’s so helpful, prompt with issues that arise and better than any other prepaid card for teens and children and family out there!”
Jennifer R., Mom, via Facebook.

“I have used FamZoo for the last couple of years. It transitioned my teens from spending MY money to budgeting THEIR money. It has allowed me to teach them how to budget and to manage their money. I believe it saved me money and gave my kids real world skills.”
Douglas C., Dad, via Facebook.

“Excellent product. Makes kids’ allowances easy. Have used it for about three years now.”
David L., Dad, via Facebook.

“Our organization operates foster homes for at-risk teens in Florida. We utilize FamZoo as a financial literacy tool to distribute and track allowance spending, create work opportunities, and establish savings goals. It’s a powerful and easy to use tool, but more importantly, it’s run by a passionate group of people who care about financial literacy. Thanks FamZoo!”
Michael L., Executive Director at SailFuture, via Facebook.

“Parents, any one who knows me knows that I am not a big shopper and am certainly not a big promoter of products. Generally, I think that kind of thing is pretty boring. So when I go out on a limb in a public way for a product, it is because I REALLY THINK YOUR LIFE WOULD IMPROVE by using it. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t know about until my kids were too old to introduce it, but HAD I KNOWN, I'm pretty darn sure my review would echo ReggaeGeek’s (and, no, Bill Dwight is not giving me a kickback for this)”
Elisabeth S., Mom and Parenting Coach, via Facebook.

Awesome App & Even Better Service. We decided to wait until we had used the service for a full year before writing a review. I renewed our subscription for 2 more years today. I can’t even imagine going without FamZoo anymore. Both of our kids (age 12 & 14 now) LOVE their FamZoo accounts. The transformations in their money matters over the last year have been incredible. I cannot understand why every parent does not have this service. The customer service when we needed help has been above and beyond great! I would not want to ever have to go back to passing out cash to our kids...ever.”

(Editor’s Note: This is just a very brief excerpt of the full review, which is epic in size and detail. See the full review here.)

“ReggaeGeek”, Dad, via iTunes.

“Love these cards! The transfer really is instant (ask my son who didn’t have enough to pay the pizza delivery guy).”
Pam J., Mom, via Twitter.

“I was so proud of my little one that wanted to donate from her spending $ to the National Wildlife Foundation. She saw how much was in her FamZoo account and realized what she really wanted was to help animals like in the Ranger Rick magazine.”
Kathryn H, Mom, via Twitter.

“I have to give a big kudos to Bill Dwight and Chris Beaufort at FamZoo. Super impressed with the level of customer support that they provide. Great job FamZoo!”
Scott E., Dad, via Facebook.

“I absolutely LOVE FamZoo!! I’ve set up a 4-bucket money sys for my kids, I can tie in basic expected chores, extra earnings options, saving, emergency, and spend now, and teach them finances so hopefully they are far smarter 20-somethings than I once was. Totally recommend for anyone with kids 8+. I direct deposit from my paycheck, manage online, easy peezy.”
Helen M., Mom, via Facebook.

“Recently began using these with the kids after hunting for years for the perfect setup. So far they are loving their plastic and their paychecks.”
Crystal P., Mom, via Facebook.

“I have been looking for something like this that is automatic and simple. I love it so far. Before, I would never remember to get cash and my allowance system would always flop. Now, I have an automatic transfer from my bank account every month to my card and it transfers money to each of my 3 kids weekly, putting some in spending, saving and tithing. I keep the cards in my wallet all the time, so when they’ve asked if they can buy something, it’s simple. My kids are 9, 6 and 3 and my 3-year old doesn’t totally get it, but she asks if she has enough money for some toy and I can tell her yes or no after checking the balance. Also, I want to teach my kids that cards are money too, just like cash so that they don’t get in trouble with credit cards later in life. I think it’s super important for this generation that will see less and less cash transactions.”
Kathryn H., Mom to 3, via Review Comment.

“We still love FamZoo. Best option for allowances and teaching children about money.”
Phil W., Dad, via Facebook.

“@FamZoo has a large and rabid customer base and a tightly integrated app and debit card.”
@PaulNakada, Dad, via Twitter.

“Had a wonderful interaction with the Chris at FamZoo today after noticing a concerning transaction on my son’s card. We quickly confirmed what had occurred and it was taken care of, but I was much more impressed by how quickly I was contacted and how polite and personable Chris was!”
Randal J., Dad, via Facebook.

Brilliant family tool. We use this app to track our kids’ allowances & teach them about banking. They make their own deposits & withdrawals from their family bank accounts. Can’t wait to try the prepaid cards soon!”
“jbnoland”, Parent, via iTunes.

Fantastic Family Finance! We love FamZoo! The kids can manage their own cash from the app right on their phones. No more, "Hey mom, can I have some money for..." Loans & interest, chores & allowance, IOUs, savings and cash — it’s all right there. Learning together as a family at Bank of Mom makes me feel confident my kids will be ready for the real world of banking & finance when they are older. And, mom’s fine print is so much easier to understand! Thanks FamZoo!”
“eteagarden”, Mom, via iTunes.

“Amazing how this card has changed my daughter’s spending habits! Very pleased with the outcome so far!”
Suzy F., Mom, via Facebook.

Awesome Piggybank for Kids. We’ve been using FamZoo for 3 1/2 years ... it’s a great way to manage money for the kids. Now that our girls are in middle school, they regularly check how much money is in their accounts. Being able to automatically deposit weekly allowance is like getting a paycheck for kids. And being able to take out money for spending gives them control over their own finances. This app has enabled us to put a monetary penalty on bad behavior, it’s teaching our girls how interest is earned on money in savings ... “it pays to save” and it gives our girls a start on thinking about charitable contributions. We couldn’t imagine managing kid’s money without FamZoo. Love it!!!”
“Patti-o”, Mom of two daughters, via iTunes.

Modern Approach to Piggy Banks, Jars, and Chore Charts. We were first exposed to FamZoo when we went out to eat with family friends and each of their three kids were responsible for buying their own meal. As a busy family of five they are out frequently and used the debit cards from FamZoo as a way to teach their kids the value of a dollar. We took the plunge about 9 months ago and have found it to be an effective way to track chores, implement penalties, and give our daughters (8 and 10) visibility into their accounts as they save for bigger purchases. We also use this approach for their weekly tithe on all they earn to separate into spend, save, and give categories. We tried all the manual approaches and never stayed with them long. This has been a great app to teach our kids more about money and responsibility.”
“Hook asp”, Parent of two daughters, via iTunes.

“FamZoo is a tool that has made my financial relationship with my kids so much easier.”
Mac Thomson, Father of 3, via YouTube.

Perfect for our needs, and then some! This app has completely solved the problem of tracking who did what and how much I owe who. This app is simple to use yet has some complex tracking abilities if you wish. Both of my boys, 10 and 15, love that they can see what they earned when they perform a chore, and how it adds up. I highly recommend this app!”
“Janetsline”, Parent of two boys, via iTunes.

Awesome. Great tool that allows me to be intentional about teaching my boys about money and not waste my time chasing down change.”
“rbolski”, Parent, via iTunes.

Best option for kids. After the PayPal student program discontinued (November 2016) we were on a search for an alternative. So far FamZoo didn’t disappoint! Best service support (had issue linking to PayPal account and they helped resolve), very friendly mobile app and website very easy to use and plenty of reports and options to choose. One minus: one day wait for money to be loaded from PayPal but that’s if you only use PayPal as your loading option, there are other options but most not free unless it’s direct deposit from your paycheck.”
“nzolotar”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great app for helping our kids to understand finances. We’ve used this app and service for several years now. It’s helped our kids understand how to save for long term goals and put aside money for charities. When they were younger, it was also a great tool to curb wanting everything at the store. I would just pull out the mobile app and show them how much they had left in their short-term savings and the “want” would end. The app itself isn’t the most feature rich app I have but it does what it needs to and ties into a great service.”
Patrick Wardrop, Parent, via iTunes.

Great Product and Support. I have been struggling with a solution to allowance. This does it all. Teaches fundamentals and makes managing balances and cash painless. Great app and family solution.”
“Tobrienmd5”, Parent, via iTunes.

Highly recommend!!! There are a lot of great lessons learned by my kids from this app. It is easy, the kids love it, and it gives them real life experience managing their money.”
“Middle school finance”, Parent, via iTunes.

Very helpful. This app is terrific! I can load in chores for each of my kids and assign due dates, value, repeat schedule. It tracks their balances and automatically divides their allowance into different accounts.”
“Jefast6”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great program!! FamZoo is much more than an app. It’s a complete program to help your kids manage finances in a logical, responsible, and fun way. I used to use a PayPal child card for all my kids, but PayPal cancelled the entire student card platform. In steps FamZoo, and it’s even better. 5 stars!!”
“mattr2”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great Family Finance App! I use FamZoo to manage my son’s weekly allowance and saving goals. He has the freedom to use his debit card with the balance I manage.”
“The Review 81”, Parent of a son, via iTunes.

No more allowance guilt. I struggled every week to have cash to pay allowance, so mostly it wasn’t paid. Being young, my kids didn’t really care too much, but they also weren’t learning how to handle money either since I’d often give in and buy that trinket out of guilt knowing that I owed them allowance. FamZoo has totally solved that problem since the money is effectively virtual. I literally can’t forget to pay it since it is automated and I never need to make change. My kids are now engaged with learning about finance with the tools to track saving, and we get to talk again about the useless stuff they spend money on when we review their spending every couple of weeks: “So here’s that $2 you spent on the funny pencil. Do you think that was worth the money? (And, by the way, do you even know where it is?)” Tip: check out the blog from the earlier days of the app as well as the associated Family Finance Favs blog for some great ideas about how to get more from the app (love the “could have earned” account where we note how much was spent on stuff that just wasn’t worth it as well as jobs they passed on so they can start to connect long term financial effects to short term decisions) and how to approach finance education with your kids.”
“E*W”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great for traveling kids. It is great to teach your kids how to manage their money, but it’s also great if you have kids who travel a lot without you. Sometimes my daughter has to travel with her coach or team without us and it’s cool because she doesn’t have to carry a ton of cash. Also we can set her budget and she can watch how she’s doing. We can also watch from afar and refill if necessary. Compare it to other cash cards. It can’t be beat. I haven’t had time to tap all its resources, been too busy, but I will soon. They have a ton of good ideas.”
“air1max”, Parent, via iTunes.

Go To App for Kids’ Finance. I’ve used FamZoo for many years with each of my three kids. It’s awesome for teaching financial acumen and responsibility, including things like saving, budgeting, and charitable giving. We use it with the FamZoo debit card to manage the kids’ allowance and lunch money. It’s super easy and allows parents to instantly transfer money when it’s needed. And I can just as easily take money off their cards when they leave their dirty underwear on the floor :-)”
“stefanski81”, Parent of three, via iTunes.

Better customer service. Best intentions are laid to waste if not executed upon. As my kids were younger, I planned on giving them a weekly salary and the opportunity to earn bonuses. If they earned $x.xx in a week, I wanted to split their earnings to be designated for three categories spend/save/give. Additionally, I wanted to help my young’ings understand the benefits of savings with matching dollars (I call it the 401Dad program) and aggressive interest paid on savings. The complexities of my plans made it difficult if not impossible for me to execute consistently. FamZoo has helped me set it up and has been there for me every step of the way. Their FAQs answer most questions I may have but their customer support crew regularly returns e-mail inquiries within hours. This is my first app review ever but I took the time to write this because I feel that strongly about FamZoo and the need to provide kids with financial education. My oldest just bought his own first car with his own money and my 10 year old just bought $500 in stock with some of his savings. Use FamZoo and take the time to dig into it and do it right. If you are looking for a simple allowance management system, FamZoo will meet your needs too, but I can all but guarantee you will do more with it than you anticipated.”
Jason B in Fargo ND, Parent, via iTunes.

Terrific app. This app allowed us to move from the physical to the digital domain pretty seamlessly. As founder, Bill Dwight, points out, it’s important for kids to undertand that digital money is as valuable as physical money and this app is a great way to do that. We also like that it’s not tied to any spending platforms. This is just good solid allowance and goal-setting training. It’s simple and easy-to-use.”
“John - Chief Mammal”, Parent, via iTunes.

Fantastic! I love FamZoo. This tool has been amazing. It has helped my kids to better handle money. They feel confident about how they’re earning and spending with access to the app even at age 9.”
“Rmecc001”, Parent, via iTunes.

Our family couldn’t love this more. We use FamZoo to hand out allowances. It’s great not having to remember to come home on Friday with cash to dole out, and there’s never a question of “did I remember to pay her already?” Our kids love having the power to check their balances at any time, and we’re thrilled that they’re learning how bank accounts work while they’re young enough that mistakes don’t really hurt them. Customer service has been top notch for the few times when we’ve needed help (always because of mistakes on our end, not FamZoo’s). I’ve recommended the service to multiple family friends.”
Kirk Strauser, Parent, via iTunes.

Love the app and the service! Setup was a cinch, service is great, my kids love having this card.”
“Huham”, Parent, via iTunes.

Simply Amazing! From jars to this app. I knew there had to be a better way. I could sing the praises of this app all day! We were using glass jars (save jar, spend jar, give jar) to teach our kids to manage money. This app has not only saved me time, but has also been a great tool to encourage the behaviors we want to see more of in our kids. My kids, ages 9 and 7, ABSOLUTELY love their debit cards and checking their balances with their devices. I can see using this program and app for years to come!”
Sandra, Mom to 2, via iTunes.

“I use @FamZoo debit cards so my kids can earn $, save and budget for big ticket items.”
Tameka E., Mom, via Twitter.

Great tool for managing allowances. I have been using Famzoo for about two years and can’t imagine doing allowance for my three kids without it. The ease of scheduling deposits and chore lists is in itself enough for me to keep this app in frequent use, but you throw in their robust flexibility with savings accounts and exaggerated interest and you have the ideal tool for helping kids learn the value of money, saving, and doing their part to contribute to a household through chores.”
Luffa, via iTunes.

“Thank you guys! Thank you for always being a phone call away to answer questions. I have told everyone I know about it. The kids have been able to donate to our local animal shelter with the savings aspect. You just can’t teach those joys they have to be learned.”
Sarah B., Mom to 3, via Facebook.

Great way to manage allowance. I have been using this app for several years, and I love it. No more jars of money, no more forgetting to bring cash to the mall, no more forgetting to dole out allowances every weekend. This solves all of those problems. When my kids want to buy something, I just say, “yes, let’s see how much money you have.” A few taps on my phone later, and they are deciding whether to get the latest doodad. Customer service is very responsive, too.”
“Notanewbie”, Parent, via iTunes.

“Big fan of Bill and the @FamZoo team! Signed up when our little started getting her allowance.”
Elle, Mom, via Twitter.

Fabulous. I’ve used FamZoo for five years to teach my three boys about money. I like that (i) I can pay their allowance automatically, (ii) their money can be allocated to different funds (we do spending, saving, and charity funds), (iii) I can pay them interest automatically on their savings, and (iv) they can pay me back immediately when we’re out and they want to spend their money on something, but don’t have it with them.”
“KCAM48”, Parent, via iTunes.

“I love FamZoo. It’s what we use in our family!”
Amanda C., Mom and financial therapist, via Twitter.

Modernized allowance. This app is great. A few of the cool things you can do:
  • Pay your kids a ‘direct deposit’ just like mom and dad.
  • Virtually add birthday and holiday cash/checks and then deposit the money into your own account. When the kids want to use their money, they go through you.
  • Set up an age-based allowance where your kids get a raise every year.
  • Have their deposit divvied up between checking, savings, and charity accounts.
I’m sure there’s more (in fact, I know there is) but these are the features we use and love. FamZoo is awesome. Check it out!!! ”
“Love it so!”, Parent, via iTunes.

Family CEO. I can’t tell you how many times I have recommended this program to other families. We’ve been using it for almost 3 years. Children are 10 and 12. They understand real world finance so much better now, and we thank you for writing this program.”
Summer Hill Mom, via iTunes.

Great app for managing chores & finances. It takes a bit of time to set up, but it is well worth it. I especially like how when the kids want to spend $ while shopping but don’t have cash, I easily remove it from their account. Best of all, customer service is the BEST!”
“ChippyFan4876”, Parent, via iTunes.

I HIGHLY recommend this app/company. We’ve been using FamZoo for 2 years now and love it! It makes allowances for 5 kids much, much easier, and is a wonderful tool for teaching kids to manage money. Fantastic company. I cannot recommend enough!”
“Valoril”, Parent to 5, via iTunes.

My FAV family finance tool. Been using this app for years with my two kids (10 & 12), love how easy it makes talking with and teaching them about money, and managing their allowance and spending.”
Chris, Dad, via iTunes.

BEST allowance manager! I began giving my 8 year old an allowance this year. I researched several online options and FamZoo really stood out. It’s so easy for parents to manage and let’s kids track their funds and spending. It’s a great tool!”
“Lacroixfan”, Parent, via iTunes.

Love, love LOVE!!! I love this app. As a working mom, I don’t always have cash or the time to monitor my son’s chores. I love that I can direct deposit money into my son’s account so he also learns to manage his money on a bi-weekly basis. This app has been a time and lifesaver!!”
Ame', Mom, via iTunes.

WE LOVE FAMZOO! This app and their debit cards have solved our struggle with allowances. The kids love checking their balances and using their own debit cards to make purchases. I definitely recommend!”
“THC10”, Parent, via iTunes.

Love this app and service! FamZoo is the only way we can keep track of our six kids and their money. Automatic allowance is awesome.”
“PrairieDad”, Dad to 6, via iTunes.

We love FamZoo. FamZoo has made managing money with my kids and teaching them money skills so much easier.”
“ReykjaMac”, Parent, via iTunes.

The best allowance app! I love having an app that lets me teach my kids real life money skills.”
“nynaboo”, Parent, via iTunes.

“We have used FamZoo for a while now. We love it. My boys each have their own account and they can see their balance anytime they want. We just started loans with them. We are charging them interest and they pay us monthly. FamZoo is a great tool to help my boys learn to manage money.”
Terri H., Mom, via Facebook.

“Thank you for the FamZoo service! It has really helped my kids understand money, budgeting, and saving. It’s also way more convenient than cash for me and for them!”
Matt H., Dad, via Email.

“Well, you’ve made a big difference in this house! My daughter is most certainly more financially aware since using FamZoo, and she feels so proud when she hits her goals. There was much rejoicing and jumping up and down when she discovered she had reached $X in her account a few weeks ago. :) Congrats on FamZoo’s anniversary, and thank you for the great idea!”
Michelle R., Mom, via Facebook.

“This is a wonderful app that enables you to teach your kids to learn financial management in a way that fits in with your busy life.”
Caren Merrick, Mom, via women2.0.

“I recommend FamZoo to everybody. Huge fan!”
Bharat Mediratta, Dad, via Twitter.

“One thing I struggled with regarding allowances, though, was that I rarely had cash on hand to give them. And that would wreck the whole system! If we were out at the mall and they wanted ice cream, but they forgot their money, I’d say, “you have to pay me back.” But then we’d forget. If that’s becoming frustrating in your house, FamZoo is a great way around it. It helps you organize your allowances online, as if the kids have a virtual bank account with you. They can track their spending and saving, and it even has a savings tool where they can make goals — like saving up for an iPod — and see how long it will take. It’s awesome.”
Sheila Gregoire, Mom, via To Love, Honor and Vacuum.