About FamZoo

Prepaid cards and a financial education for your kids.
All in one award winning app.

FamZoo isn’t just a convenient prepaid card for families. It’s a hands-on financial education for kids of all ages — preschool through college.

A Hands-On Educational System

FamZoo is a private family banking system designed to help parents teach kids to earn, save, spend, and donate money wisely in a safe, friendly environment.

Real Money. IOUs. Or Both.

Parents manage their kids’ funds in either prepaid card accounts or IOU accounts.

Prepaid card accounts hold real money that kids can spend directly (with parental oversight).

IOU accounts track money held outside FamZoo by parents who make purchases on their kids’ behalf. They can also represent informal family loans. Many families use a combination of prepaid and IOU accounts.

If the kids aren’t quite ready or eligible for cards, watch our introduction to IOU accounts here.

Parental Controls

Parents maintain visibility and control over all the accounts in the family through a shared online dashboard. Kids sign in separately to access just their own accounts.

Your Family. Your Values. Your Rules.

Parents define the virtual family bank rules to match their family’s unique values. Financial rules include any combination of:

  • automated allowances,
  • rewards for chores and odd jobs,
  • “payroll” withholding for saving or giving,
  • penalties for missed work,
  • parent-paid interest on savings,
  • expense sharing,
  • matching contributions,
  • budgets,
  • loans,
  • and much more.
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Start super simple.
Add sophistication gradually as your kids mature.