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If you’re interested in improving youth financial literacy, we want to partner with you.

We partner with everyone from large financial institutions, to small non-profits, to teachers, to individual families.

  • Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Advisors, Financial Organizations

    Are you interested in providing a co-branded version of FamZoo to help you connect with and educate your customers with families?

    See our Partner Edition

  • Bloggers, Podcasters, Publishers, E-commerce Sites

    Are you interested in selling FamZoo to your family-oriented audience and sharing in the revenue?

    See our Affiliate Program

  • Teachers, Non-Profit Educational Programs

    Are you interested in teaching financial concepts to students by running a virtual bank in the classroom free of charge?

    See our Teacher Program

  • Enthusiastic FamZoo Parents

    Are you interested in helping spread FamZoo and youth financial literacy to more families?

    See our Referral Program

Partner Edition

Do you represent a credit union, bank, financial advisory firm, or related organization delivering financial services to families with children?

With our co-branded FamZoo Partner Edition, you can:

  • Develop an ongoing connection with your next generation clients.
  • Deliver more effective learn-by-doing youth financial education.

You’ll be right there — at the right time with the right message — when your next generation client transitions to adult financial products.

Does your financial institution use Q2’s Digital Banking? We’re part of the Q2 Partner Marketplace.
Request FamZoo here.

Interested in Partner Edition? Contact us.

Featured Partners

Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog, podcast, or website that attracts a family oriented audience?

Join our affiliate program, and you’ll earn:

  • 5 cents for every family you send us who registers for a free trial within 30 days,
  • 25% of every subscription payment made by those registering families who convert from a free trial to a paid subscription, and
  • 25% of gift subscription purchases made within 30 days by visitors you send us.

Remember, we pay our commission on the initial subscription as well as all monthly recurring subscription payments and pay-in-advance subscription renewals throughout the lifetime of the family’s membership.

Loyal FamZoo families often subscribe for over a decade as kids move through kindergarten and on to college. That means your commissions naturally compound over time as you steadily add families.

All you have to do is place our special links on your site!

Our affilate program is administered by ShareASale. Joining it is simple, quick, and free.


Teacher Program

Educators from around the world use FamZoo to run a virtual banking system and economy for students in the classroom.

Michelle used FamZoo to make personal finance and economics interesting and tangible for her 6th grade students. See here.

Referral Program

Do you like what FamZoo has done for your family?

Are you a FamZoo cardholder?

Would you like to be rewarded for introducing FamZoo to other families?

Check out our referral program.