6 Ways to Get FamZoo for Free. But Hurry!

There are 6 different FamZoo giveaways (coupled with a gift card in some cases) going on right now on 6 different blogs. Click through each link below to see the FamZoo review, what's being given away, how to enter, and when entries close. Some close today and the rest close over the next few days, so hurry!

Listed in alphabetical order, the 6 blogs are:

  1. The Centsible Life
  2. Connect With Your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology
  3. Daddy Forever
  4. For the Mommas
  5. Money4This, Not4That!
  6. Tech Savvy Mama

Good luck!


Seeking Concise Parenting Wisdom from a Veteran? Ask Evelyn

Mother Hen Have questions about parenting? Looking for “short, clear, and practical answers” that aren’t full of “theory and jargon”?

Ask Ev!

That’s “Ev” as in Evelyn Petersen, a parenting columnist who currently writes for the Traverse City Record-Eagle in Michigan. I happened upon her column, Ask Evelyn, a few days ago during one of my regular searches for articles related to teaching kids about money matters.

Here’s a sampling of FamZoo-relevant articles from this no-nonsense mother-of-four, grandmother, and even great-grandmother:

If you like those pearls of wisdom, you can find Evelyn’s weekly column here and even more material on her site, AskEvelyn.com.

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6 Tips for Raising Cash Savvy Kids

This final week in April marks the end of National Financial Literacy Month. The objective of the month (ironically) supported by Congress is to "highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits". Hear, hear! (Um, "Americans" includes our federal, state and local governments, right?)

To commemorate National Financial Literacy Month, I spoke in a teleseries today hosted by Sarah Cook over at RaisingCeoKids.com. Each of the speakers shared their 6 top tips for raising "cash savvy" kids. Here are mine:

  1. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. Have a system
  3. Do the math
  4. Create balance
  5. Insist on accountability
  6. Promote passions

You can see the next level of detail (and some fun drawings by Henry Payne) by clicking through the 17 slides here:

What are some of your favorite tips for raising cash savvy kids?


FamZoo Review Roundup: 3 New Ones This Week

We received three nice reviews this week:


New Video: FamZoo Intro And Quick Tour

We're just starting to put together some videos to help describe FamZoo and show folks how it works. Here's one we just put together that combines a brief segment on the "FamZoo story" with a quick tour of the virtual family bank.

Take a look, and let us know what you think:

Note: We'll probably be splitting this into two videos to keep each one under the 3min mark.


On BetterParenting.com - How to Save Money by Giving Your Child an Allowance

I've written an article called How to Save Money by Giving Your Child an Allowance over at BetterParenting.com. Sound counter-intuitive? Check it out, and let me know what you think