Where Are the Bank Routing and Account Numbers for Direct Deposit to My Prepaid Card?

Direct Deposit to Prepaid CardSome prepaid cards — like the ones offered by TransCard and FamZoo — have associated bank routing and account numbers. Why is that useful? You can use that information to set up direct deposit right to your prepaid card. This means you can accept paychecks from your employer, transfers from another bank account, refunds from the IRS, and more — all delivered directly to your prepaid card. Cool.

For example, my teenage son had a tax refund coming from his summer job. Since his prepaid card has bank routing and account numbers, we were able to provide that information to TurboTax and have his refund delivered right to his card via direct deposit. Now that’s a serious motivator for a teen to learn how to prepare a tax return. Sweet!

Direct Deposit Tax Refunds on Prepaid Card

Where do you find your card’s direct deposit bank information? You should be able to find your card’s routing and account numbers on the printed information that comes with your card when you first receive it. In the case of your FamZoo card, look for the Direct Deposit Form at the bottom of the page to which your card is attached. You’ll find the routing and account numbers in the lower right corner of the form as shown below.

Note: As of the transition to our new chip based cards in December 2020, the routing and account numbers are no longer printed on the paper card carrier. Instead, you’ll find them online on the Card Information screen.

Direct Deposit Routing and Account Numbers

Important note: your prepaid card’s 16 digit bank account number may not be the same as the 16 digit number printed on its face. Even more confusing, the name of the bank associated with the direct deposit routing number may be different from the issuing bank that is printed on the back of your prepaid card. To find the name of the bank associated with the routing number, you can just Google it with a search like: “routing number 111924680”.

So, before you sign up for a teen prepaid card, be sure to confirm that it supports direct deposit. It’s a super handy feature. Who knows? It might even spur your child to go get a summer job and prepare her own taxes!