"I Do Not Know" Is a Four Letter Phrase

"Dad, I heard that you can make it rain by shooting stuff in the sky. How does that work?"

"Dad, how fast is a speeding bullet anyway?"

"Dad, I keep hearing about Darfur, what is going on there?"

With the Internet in general and Wikipedia in particular, a parent never has to respond with "I don't know" again. Instead, the response can always be: "Let's go look it up" and a few keystrokes later, everyone is a little wiser. (Always a good idea to Google for some alternate information sources as well and teach the kids about healthy skepticism and due diligence - see snopes.com)

Recently, I noticed the folks at Wikipedia are asking for donations via a prominent banner at the top of their pages. I use the site so regularly and have shared so many great family "teachable moments" there, that I just couldn't resist the request. I gave this morning with the comment:

Wikipedia is a wonderful resource and a symbol of the boundless possibilities offered by the Internet. It has virtually eliminated the phrase "I don't know" from my family's vocabulary.

How about you?

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