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Dear parent,

The easiest way to get the most out of FamZoo is to hang out with other FamZoo parents and share experiences. That’s what our members-only private Facebook group is all about.

  • Got a question about how something works (or doesn't!)? Ask it.
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You’ll find me:

  • sharing the latest FamZoo plans and stats,
  • listening to feedback,
  • conducting polls to help guide our future,
  • hosting live informational video sessions, and
  • providing help with your FamZoo questions and issues.

Before you click the Join button below, please review the following community guidelines:

  • Keep it positive. We’re more Tigger than Eeyore.
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  • Can the promotions. Nobody is here to buy stuff from you.
  • Nix the politics. We help families of all stripes teach kids good money habits. Our mission transcends politics, race, gender, etc.

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Bill Dwight




meganmk aka The Blog Post Author

What is the penalty if we sign up for a two year contract and decide after 6 months that this isn't a good fit? Is there a penalty for cancellation?

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

can i use the famzoo card to pay my monthly fee since i have money dd on the card?

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

can you change the passwords on the family member sub accounts?
My daughter didn't like the password I choose when I set it up ans she would like it changed, if possible.
But when I went on the settings on the main account it showed a lock symbol.
anyone know how to change it?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Megan, we're very flexible with refunds. When people ask, we pretty much give them. First and foremost, we just want families to be happy and kids to be financially literate. If the product and service is falling short in that regard, you deserve your money back!

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Beth, yes, you can change your billing info to charge your FamZoo card: http://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-faqs.html#update-billing

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Yes, parents can change passwords for any family member. To the right of the lock next to the Password field in the Edit Family Member Settings form, you see a Change Password link. Click on that to change the password.

Cara aka The Blog Post Author

Can I change which card is the funding card...I got the names wrong!

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Hi Cara, we can switch up the funding card for you on our side. Just contact us via http://famzoo.com/contactus and we'll take care of it.

Mary aka The Blog Post Author
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Hi Mary. Yes, for fees and caveats please see: http://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-card-faqs.html#outside-us

Debbie aka The Blog Post Author

Can my child get cash from a retailer, such as from Walmart when making a purchase?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Hi Debbie - yes, please see: http://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-card-faqs.html#cash-back

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

I'm trying to retrieve my kids' debit card balances via text with 'ab name's but I'm getting "Error: Pin could not be verified." in response.

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

If you're having trouble with our text quick commands, contact us (http://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-faqs.html#help) so we can look up your family in the system and sort out the issue.

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

My children cannot sign into famzoo. Both parents signed in with no problem. The children cannot... says "oops cannot sign in with this password".

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

When signed in as the parent, you can update your child's member name and password as follows:

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

On the kids app view are they able to transfer money between their spend,save, give accounts by themselves? Or is it only for the parents to transfer between accounts?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Only with approval - please see: https://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-card-faqs.html#kid-transfer

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

If all money on kids card is connected to their spend, save, give accounts, when using it at a store how does the card know to only pull from the spend account and not the others? Also if it doesn't and they go to use card and there's not enough in spend account will it just pull from the other account balances? Is it wiser to get separate cards for them labeled spend, save, give? Or does it not matter because there's a way to differentiate between the accounts?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

You get separate cards for spend/save/give. Please see the video here: http://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-prepaid-cards.html

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

Can your child earn money from outside the family account and have money loaded to their card?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Yes, each card has its own routing and account numbers and can be loaded using one of the options here: https://blog.famzoo.com/p/load.html So, for example, teens can get paychecks direct deposited to their cards. Note that most digital wallet products like PayPal (one of the loading options) require users to be 18.

Marshall aka The Blog Post Author

What would the second parent account be set up for? I have one for funding but wondering if there needs to be another parent account. Is there any reason for that?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

You can have a second parent account (separate member name / password) so another parent can sign in and do everything you can do with respect to configuring things and moving money around. Having a card for the additional parent is optional. Only necessary of needed for spending or for a multiple parent funding scenario like here: https://blog.famzoo.com/2017/06/allowance-chores-multiple-parents.html

Dee Dee aka The Blog Post Author

Will you ever start using chips for these cards?

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Hi Dee Dee, yes - we’re rolling out EMV chip cards to new families in late October 2020. In the subsequent months, all of our existing families will be migrated to EMV chip cards as well at no additional charge. More details to come soon.

Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

How do you use both type of accounts as the parent, 1 for debt card & 1 for IOU? My GD is 13 & my nephew is 8, I need both.

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

I'd recommend using the cards for both, but you can sign up and order the cards for one and then create IOU accounts for the other. The subscription covers use of both account types within the family.

Mandee D aka The Blog Post Author

How do I deactivate my account. I have 5 kids and they are only sending me one card. For 1 kid. This isn't what I thought it was. So I just want to CANCEL my account

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Hi Mandee, see our email responses to both service requests you submitted. They came from service@famzoo.com (perhaps in your spam folder?). One explained how to add more cards for the other kids and one confirmed cancellation/refund.

Anonymous aka The Blog Post Author

Will the prepaid cards work for websites outside the US like AliExpress, or do we need to notify Famzoo first like when traveling so transactions are not denied? Thanks

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

The cards work on sites that accept MasterCard (most) although suspicious sites may be blocked by MasterCard or our card processor. If traveling outside the US, see: http://blog.famzoo.com/p/famzoo-card-faqs.html#outside-us

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