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How To Transfer Your Prepaid Card Balance To Amazon

Transfer from FamZoo card to Amazon balance

Looking for a way to quickly unload that $3.54 remaining on your prepaid card?

Most merchants won’t let you split a purchase between your prepaid card and another payment method at checkout. ATM withdrawals and cash back options are typically in round numbers starting at $20. So liquidating your lingering prepaid card balance can be a bit challenging.

If you are an Amazon.com customer, there’s a simple, quick solution.

Reload your Amazon gift card balance with the amount remaining on your prepaid card.

Then, the next time you make an Amazon purchase, you can split the amount between your Amazon gift card balance and your regular payment method.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:


Resolve To Teach Your Kid These 3 Quick Money Lessons in 2020

Uh oh, it’s resolution time again... 😬

How about kicking off the decade with some quick wins for once?

Resolve to teach your kid these three simple but critical money lessons:


Introducing Default Accounts: Perfect for First-Dibs Chore Charts

Suppose you’re setting up a checklist item that delivers a reward. (Think chore charts for the kids.) You need to specify where that reward should be delivered when the item is completed. Should it be credited to Johnny’s spending account? Should it be credited to Suzy’s spending, saving, and giving accounts using her spend/save/give split?

Choosing an explicit target account is fine when you know up front who should receive the reward. But what if the opportunity is first come, first serve? You want the kid who checks off the item first to earn the credit. Families often call this a “First Dibs” Chore Chart.

In the past, we had a clunky workaround for first dibs chore charts. The parent had to create separate items for each of the kids and then trust that only one kid — the deserving kid — would check off the right item. What could go wrong? 😬

Now we have a more elegant solution. We introduced a new target destination for rewards and penalties on checklist items. It’s called the Default Account. If you want a chore reward to go to the first child who completes it, set the target account to the Default Account entry. Later, when the first child checks off the item, we’ll look up that child’s default account setting and apply the reward to it.

Here’s how to set it up step-by-step.