How To Manage A Teen Clothing Budget

Parents often ask me how to teach teens budgeting basics. My favorite approach takes a page from the envelope budgeting system playbook, but with a digital twist.

In the traditional envelope system, each category of spending has its own labeled envelope stuffed with the budgeted allocation of cash for the month. Purchases must be funded with the cash from the appropriate envelope. So, all clothing purchases come out of the envelope labeled “clothing”. Super simple.

For the digital twist, replace cash-stuffed envelopes with automatically loaded FamZoo cards. So, all clothing purchases come out of the card labeled “clothing”. Still super simple. And it works in today’s online world where cash is no longer welcome.

When introducing teens to budgeting, I recommend keeping things narrowly focused. No need to overwhelm. Start by choosing just one envelope outside of everyday spending. Clothing is typically an excellent choice for teens.

Here’s how to get your system up and running:


7 Ways To Move Money To Kids

Child catching flying money emojis

What’s the best way to move money to your kids?

Trick question. It depends. It depends on their ages and circumstances. It depends on your money values and the messages you want to deliver.

Here are seven options to consider:


Hey Siri, Hey Google: "FamZoo Balance."

Woman talking to phone

Wouldn’t it be cool and convenient to retrieve your card balance from your phone by just talking to it? A short, sweet voice command like:

“Hey Siri, FamZoo balance.”

on your iPhone.


“Hey Google, FamZoo balance.”

on your Android phone.

Alternatively, if you need to keep things quiet, what if you could retrieve your balance with a single tap on a special home screen icon?

And what if you could quickly kick off other cool automated commands too, like: