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15 Quotes to Inspire Less Spending and More Giving

Make a heartfelt gesture on #GivingTuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday — an international day of giving that falls right on the heels of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are apparently our unofficial national days of mindless spending. Giving Tuesday is a refreshing counterpoint to consumerism. That makes it the perfect trigger point for a family discussion about philanthropy.

Reading this after December 2? No worries. Any day is the perfect day to start a discussion about charitable giving with your kids.

Need a conversation starter? Try these 15 great quotes on spending wisely and giving thoughtfully:


Why Is the Stock Market Your Kid's Friend? Family Finance Picks for November 2014

The Market Is Your Kid's Long Term Friend!

Are you stuffing your child’s savings in a bank account because you’re afraid of the stock market? If so, what do you suppose the annual return after inflation will be? Minimal. In fact, it may be negative.

Whether you’re a millennial or not, you might want to check out this excellent article in the Wall Street Journal: The Market Is Your Friend. Really: A Millennial’s Advice to Peers. First, it explains why the fear that millennials (and perhaps you) have about investing in the stock market is quite understandable. Second, it explains why they (and perhaps you) really need to get over it! The bottom line: 6.8%. That’s the average annual return after inflation that the stock market has earned since 1871, and that’s in the face of 29 recessions, 1 Great Depression, 2 world wars, and plenty more disasters. If you’ve got time on your side, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a smarter long term investing strategy than a low cost US stock market index fund. And, fortunately, time is one thing your kids have in spades!


3 Tips for Unleashing Your Kid's Inner Entrepreneur

Help Your Kid Escape from Cubicle Nation

Take a look at your beautiful child. Now, close your eyes. Imagine your child 20 years from now in a professional setting. What do you see?

Is he an anonymous corporate drone slouched in a desk chair hidden among a vast sea of cookie-cutter cubicles? Is he sheepishly cowering before The Boss? Is he bored, uninspired, counting the seconds to 5pm? Is he playing it safe in a dull job while secretly dreaming of running his own show?


Is she huddled with her team to brainstorm on the latest killer idea? Is she her own boss taking charge of her own destiny? Is she motivated, inspired, waking up early to put her great ideas to work? Is she taking calculated risks and bouncing back from inevitable setbacks as she turns her professional dreams into reality?

I’m betting it’s more like door number two.

Now, connect the dots. Is there something you can do as a parent to help open that door for your child? Perhaps you can plant the seed by giving your kid an early taste of the entrepreneurial spirit. How? Help your child launch a micro-business.

Are you game? If so, here are three suggestions to keep in mind.