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How To Track an Xbox Loan To Your Kid With Payments Every Fortnite

Game controller and IOU note.

John recently wrote in:

I told my kids I would float their repayment of a Xbox Live subscription since it came due before any of us realized they should have been saving for it. At any rate, they owe us $21 each, and I want them to pay $7 every other week. What’s the best way to track this, preferably in a way that they can see it — I guess it’s basically a loan.

Here’s my suggestion:

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Our Card Has Gone Minimalist

Embarrassing FamZoo Card

“Hey, did your mommy give you that card?”

Ouch. Not what a self conscious teen wants to hear.

OK, so I thought our original card design was clever at the time.

But with a big, blaring “FamZoo” and the quaint “Good Money Habits. Together.” beneath it, the razzing was inevitable.

And that, parents told us, is exactly what happened. Face palm.

So, we just ditched the original design.


30 Top Money Parenting Tips For 30 Days Of Financial Literacy Month

30 top money parenting tips.

“A fool and his money are soon partying.” ~Steven Wright

That always cracks me up.

But, financial literacy is no joke. Even if National Financial Literacy Month does kick off on April Fool’s day every year.

We don’t want our kids to be money dunces. And we probably don’t want them partying with their money either.

To help you steer your kids clear of those money pratfalls, I’ve scanned the analytics over at my family finance tips blog and picked out the top 30 by all-time traffic.

Here they are grouped by 5 categories: earning, spending, saving, giving, and investing.