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Young Parents Earn Baby Bucks for Learning Life Skills

Clients of the Young Parents Services program earning "Baby Bucks" on FamZoo for learning critical life skills.

We’re always delighted to work with non-profit organizations who help families develop critical life skills. The Family Resource Centre on the Island of Grand Cayman is one of those wonderful organizations. Through its Young Parents Services program, clients bring their babies with them to the center four days each week where they participate in presentations, take educational online classes, learn about helpful parenting tools, and receive interactive parenting advice. The program promotes healthy lifestyles and habits to help equip the young parents with the skills they need to have a successful, well-rounded family and professional future.

Personal finance is clearly one of those valuable life skills, but how does FamZoo fit in when the kids involved are just babies? It’s not for the kids. It’s for the parents. Carlie Rowell, a program support worker, explains:


If Your Net Worth Was Pasted on Your Forehead and Other Top Family Finance Picks for October 2014

What if your net worth was pasted on your forehead for all to see?

What if your net worth was pasted on your forehead for all to see? Would it change the way you spend? Would you still see people buying cars costing more than what they have socked away for retirement?

For an interesting reflection on the taboo subject of money and how the outward appearances of wealth don’t always match reality, read Carl Richards’ article in the New York Times: Living Your True Wealth. The article should spur some excellent discussions with your kids. I love Carl’s napkin graphic too featuring one of my all-time favorite phrases: “Big hat; no cattle.”

Here are my other favorite family finance articles for the month of October:


The Best Family Finance Articles for September 2014

Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail.

We’ve been scouring the web for good family finance articles all month and posting them on the FamZoo Facebook page.

Here are the very best ones from the month of September: