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Chores? What chores? No more excuses!

Are you using a FamZoo checklist as an online chore/job chart for your child? If so, you may have wondered: when do upcoming chores appear on the chart? The truth be known, the answer to that question wasn’t as obvious as it should’ve been. That is, until this week. We’ve just rolled out some checklist improvements to make the behavior of upcoming chores much more natural.

Upcoming Chores on a FamZoo Online Chore Chart

Here are the new rules that describe when upcoming chores will appear on your chore chart:

  1. Due Today ViewWhen you’re browsing your list in the DUE TODAY view, you’ll see all chores due on the current day — no changes there.
  2. Due This Week ViewWhen you’re in the DUE THIS WEEK view, you’ll see all chores — whether past-due, due today, or upcoming — with a due date that falls within the current week. (Note: surprisingly, this is actually new behavior. In the past, you wouldn’t necessarily see upcoming chores in the remainder of the week. That was understandably confusing. Doh! Sorry ’bout that!)
  3. All Open ViewWhen you’re in the ALL OPEN view, you’ll see upcoming chores that are within an “appropriate” time horizon. Here’s how we define “appropriate” for the different types of repeating chores and situations:
    • For chores that repeat daily, you’ll see a week’s worth of upcoming occurrences. So, you’ll see what’s due through the next 7 days.
    • Similarly, for chores that repeat weekly on certain days, you’ll see any upcoming occurrences that fall within the next 7 days. There’s one exception: if you use the “Every N Weeks” option to skip some number of weeks between occurrences, you’ll see the upcoming chores that fall within the next N weeks.
    • Chores that repeat monthly or yearly follow the same pattern as weekly ones, but the time horizon is a month (or N months when using the “Every N Months” option) or a year, respectively.
    • Whenever you add a new chore, you’ll always see its first occurrence — even when its start date is way off in the future. Otherwise, you might add a chore and not see anything appear on the list. That would be confusing.
    • And finally, whenever you check off or delete the last occurrence of a chore, you’ll see its next occurrence. That just feels right.

Got all that memorized? Of course not! The good news is you shouldn’t have to think about those rules at all. Assuming we’ve got them right, things should just feel natural as you’re adding, browsing, and checking off your chores.

If not, just give us a holler!


Cynthia Castillo aka The Blog Post Author

My children are pre-checking their chores. Is there a way I can make the checklist for the children only viewable for that day and they can only see one day of chores?


Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Hi Cindy,

I'm afraid there's no way to truly prevent the kids from seeing the upcoming horizon of chores, but if you have them sign in and set the viewing mode to today, that will reduce the chance of inadvertent check-offs:

To monitor more closely, you can be alerted upon check-off as follows:

And, you can roll-back prematurely checked items as follows:

(BTW: sent this info via email in response to your customer service request earlier today - perhaps it ended up in your spam folder or GMail promotions tab)

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