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FamZoo Awards, Media Mentions, and Shout-Outs

FamZoo Accolades
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Best of Show, FinovateSpring 2013
May 16, 2013. Announcement | Video | Blog Post

FamZoo Voted Best of Show at FinovateSpring, May 16, 2013

Best of Show, FinovateFall 2011
September 21, 2011. Announcement | Video | Blog Post

September 21, 2011: FamZoo Named Best of Show at FinovateFall

News Publications and Sites

The Wall Street Journal
“Family Inc.”
February 9, 2013. Article

FamZoo Featured in Wall Street Journal

The New York Times
“A New Tool to Teach Children About Money”
July 5, 2010. Article

July 5, 2010: FamZoo Featured in New York Times

“The Case Against Savings Accounts (but Not Savings)”
April 3, 2014. Article

April 3, 2014: Featured in the New York Times' "The Case Against Savings Accounts (but Not Savings)"

“How to Master the Allowance Question and Prepaid Cards in One Shot”
February 15, 2013. Article | Blog Post

FamZoo Featured in TIME

“4 Smartest Money-Making Stocking Stuffers”
December 9, 2013. Article

FamZoo featured in TIME's "4 Smartest Money-Making Stocking Stuffers"

“This Is How You Give Away a Massive Fortune”
June 6, 2014. Article

June 6, 2014: Featured in TIME's "This Is How You Give Away a Massive Fortune"


PBS Biz Kid$
Episode #304: “Where’s My Allowance?”
June, 2010. Video | Blog Post

June 2010: FamZoo Featured on PBS TV Series "BizKids"

Fox 40, Sacramento
Joe Orlando reports on Avoiding the Summertime Brain Drain
June 15, 2011. Video and Transcript

ABC 15, Phoenix
Smart Family Show with Daphne Munro and Connie Colla
July 13, 2011. Video | Transcript

Bill Dwight featured on Smart Family Show with Daphne Munro and Connie Colla ABC 15, Phoenix

Headline News
Morning Express
July 16, 2010. Video

Fox 4, KDFW, Dallas Fort Worth
Good Day Show
August 3, 2010. Video


NPR: Marketplace Money Matters
“A Virtual Bank for Kids’ Allowance” by Dan Bobkoff
November 9, 2012. Article and Audio

FamZoo Featured on Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio
“Experts Differ on the Best Way to Handle Kids’ Allowances”
The Daily Circuit with Tom Weber
March 25, 2013. Article and Audio

The Allowance Debate: Mandell vs. Dwight on Minnesota Public Radio


So Money with Farnoosh Torabi
“Episode 136”
May 27, 2015. Listen

FamZoo Featured on So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Stacking Benjamins
“Money Management 101 For Kids (and Maybe For You!) with Bill Dwight”
May 20, 2015. Listen

FamZoo Featured on Stacking Benjamins

Bobblehead Dad Radio
“Teaching Your Kids About Money” hosted by Jim Higley
September 24, 2012. Intro and Audio | Transcript

Jim Interviews Bill on Bobblehead Dad Radio

Unlock Your Wealth Radio
“Teaching Kids Good Money Habits” hosted by Heather Wagenhals
September 24, 2012. Intro and Audio | Transcript

Check Out Finance Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Unlock Your Wealth on BlogTalkRadio


The Opposite of Spoiled
by Ron Lieber, bestselling author and personal finance columnist for the New York Times
Chapter 3: “The Allowance Debates”
January, 2015. Book Home Page | Amazon

FamZoo Featured in the The Opposite of Spoiled

The Secrets of Happy Families
by Bruce Feiler, author of 6 consecutive New York Times bestsellers
Chapter 5: “The Buck Starts Here”
February 19, 2013. Book Home Page | Amazon

FamZoo Featured in the Secrets of Happy Families

The Coolest Startups in America
by Doreen Bloch
Chapter 8: “FamZoo”
February 2012. Amazon | Blog Post

February 2012: FamZoo Selected As One of the Coolest Startups in America

Mom Rules
by Soni and Treion Muller
Rule 22: “Start a savings account for each child.”
March 12, 2013. Book Home Page | Amazon


Money Magazine
The Right Way to Give Allowance
August 2015 Issue, Page 30. Online Version

FamZoo featured in Money Magazine August 2015

The Suit Magazine
Financial Education For Kids Pays Off
July 2015 Issue, Page 27. Print Edition | Web Article

FamZoo featured in The Suit Magazine July 2015

Family Circle Magazine
July 2012 Issue. Article

FamZoo Featured In Family Circle Magazine

Costco Connection
August 2013 Issue. Article

FamZoo Featured in August 2013 Costco Connection


Women 2.0: Caren Merrick
10 iPhone Apps to Add to Your Home Screen Now
July 27, 2015

FamZoo Featured on Women 2.0

Credit Card Insiders: Kimberly Rotter
If My Parents Taught Me This As A Child, I’d Be Retired By Now
October, 2014

FamZoo Featured by Credit Card Insider as a Favorite System

BadCredit.org: Steven Richmond
FamZoo Makes Parents Bankers, Not Just a Bank
April, 2015

FamZoo Featured on BadCredit.org


Twins Times Two and One More, Too!
FamZoo: The Virtual Bank that Teaches Children about Money

FamZoo: The Virtual Bank that Teaches Children about Money

Growing Rich Kids: Going Beyond the Allowance
Review: FamZoo — Flexible Enough for Every Family

FamZoo - Flexible Enough for Every Family

The Well Organized Mom
Financial Responsibility for Kids

Financial Responsibility for Kids

To Love, Honor and Vacuum
Planning for Poverty: Teaching Kids to Handle Money

Planning for Poverty: Teaching Kids to Handle Money


Parenting 2.0 Conference
“Can I Buy That?” by Bill Dwight
San Diego, August 16, 2012 Video


Mac Thomson, Father of 3
“FamZoo is a tool that has made my financial relationship with my kids so much easier.”

Janet S., Mom to 2 boys
“Perfect for our needs, and then some! This app has completely solved the problem of tracking who did what and how much I owe who. This app is simple to use yet has some complex tracking abilities if you wish. Both of my boys, 10 and 15, love that they can see what they earned when they perform a chore, and how it adds up. I highly recommend this app!”

Matt R., Father
“Great program!! FamZoo is much more than an app. It’s a complete program to help your kids manage finances in a logical, responsible, and fun way. I used to use a PayPal child card for all my kids, but PayPal cancelled the entire student card platform. In steps FamZoo, and it’s even better. 5 stars!!”

See more kind words from FamZoo families.

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