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Kind Words From FamZoo Families

Awesome App & Even Better Service. We decided to wait until we had used the service for a full year before writing a review. I renewed our subscription for 2 more years today. I can’t even imagine going without FamZoo anymore. Both of our kids (age 12 & 14 now) LOVE their FamZoo accounts. The transformations in their money matters over the last year have been incredible. I cannot understand why every parent does not have this service. The customer service when we needed help has been above and beyond great! I would not want to ever have to go back to passing out cash to our kids...ever.”

(Editor’s Note: This is just a very brief excerpt of the full review, which is epic in size and detail. See the full review here.)

“ReggaeGeek”, Dad, via iTunes.

“Love these cards! The transfer really is instant (ask my son who didn’t have enough to pay the pizza delivery guy).”
Pam J., Mom, via Twitter.

“I was so proud of my little one that wanted to donate from her spending $ to the National Wildlife Foundation. She saw how much was in her FamZoo account and realized what she really wanted was to help animals like in the Ranger Rick magazine.”
Kathryn H, Mom, via Twitter.

“I have to give a big kudos to Bill Dwight and Chris Beaufort at FamZoo. Super impressed with the level of customer support that they provide. Great job FamZoo!”
Scott E., Dad, via Facebook.

“I absolutely LOVE FamZoo!! I’ve set up a 4-bucket money sys for my kids, I can tie in basic expected chores, extra earnings options, saving, emergency, and spend now, and teach them finances so hopefully they are far smarter 20-somethings than I once was. Totally recommend for anyone with kids 8+. I direct deposit from my paycheck, manage online, easy peezy.”
Helen M., Mom, via Facebook.

“Recently began using these with the kids after hunting for years for the perfect setup. So far they are loving their plastic and their paychecks.”
Crystal P., Mom, via Facebook.

“I have been looking for something like this that is automatic and simple. I love it so far. Before, I would never remember to get cash and my allowance system would always flop. Now, I have an automatic transfer from my bank account every month to my card and it transfers money to each of my 3 kids weekly, putting some in spending, saving and tithing. I keep the cards in my wallet all the time, so when they’ve asked if they can buy something, it’s simple. My kids are 9, 6 and 3 and my 3-year old doesn’t totally get it, but she asks if she has enough money for some toy and I can tell her yes or no after checking the balance. Also, I want to teach my kids that cards are money too, just like cash so that they don’t get in trouble with credit cards later in life. I think it’s super important for this generation that will see less and less cash transactions.”
Kathryn H., Mom to 3, via Review Comment.

“We still love FamZoo. Best option for allowances and teaching children about money.”
Phil W., Dad, via Facebook.

“@FamZoo has a large and rabid customer base and a tightly integrated app and debit card.”
@PaulNakada, Dad, via Twitter.

“Had a wonderful interaction with the Chris at FamZoo today after noticing a concerning transaction on my son’s card. We quickly confirmed what had occurred and it was taken care of, but I was much more impressed by how quickly I was contacted and how polite and personable Chris was!”
Randal J., Dad, via Facebook.

Brilliant family tool. We use this app to track our kids’ allowances & teach them about banking. They make their own deposits & withdrawals from their family bank accounts. Can’t wait to try the prepaid cards soon!”
“jbnoland”, Parent, via iTunes.

Fantastic Family Finance! We love FamZoo! The kids can manage their own cash from the app right on their phones. No more, "Hey mom, can I have some money for..." Loans & interest, chores & allowance, IOUs, savings and cash — it’s all right there. Learning together as a family at Bank of Mom makes me feel confident my kids will be ready for the real world of banking & finance when they are older. And, mom’s fine print is so much easier to understand! Thanks FamZoo!”
“eteagarden”, Mom, via iTunes.

“Amazing how this card has changed my daughter’s spending habits! Very pleased with the outcome so far!”
Suzy F., Mom, via Facebook.

Awesome Piggybank for Kids. We’ve been using FamZoo for 3 1/2 years ... it’s a great way to manage money for the kids. Now that our girls are in middle school, they regularly check how much money is in their accounts. Being able to automatically deposit weekly allowance is like getting a paycheck for kids. And being able to take out money for spending gives them control over their own finances. This app has enabled us to put a monetary penalty on bad behavior, it’s teaching our girls how interest is earned on money in savings ... “it pays to save” and it gives our girls a start on thinking about charitable contributions. We couldn’t imagine managing kid’s money without FamZoo. Love it!!!”
“Patti-o”, Mom of two daughters, via iTunes.

Modern Approach to Piggy Banks, Jars, and Chore Charts. We were first exposed to FamZoo when we went out to eat with family friends and each of their three kids were responsible for buying their own meal. As a busy family of five they are out frequently and used the debit cards from FamZoo as a way to teach their kids the value of a dollar. We took the plunge about 9 months ago and have found it to be an effective way to track chores, implement penalties, and give our daughters (8 and 10) visibility into their accounts as they save for bigger purchases. We also use this approach for their weekly tithe on all they earn to separate into spend, save, and give categories. We tried all the manual approaches and never stayed with them long. This has been a great app to teach our kids more about money and responsibility.”
“Hook asp”, Parent of two daughters, via iTunes.

“FamZoo is a tool that has made my financial relationship with my kids so much easier.”
Mac Thomson, Father of 3, via YouTube.

Perfect for our needs, and then some! This app has completely solved the problem of tracking who did what and how much I owe who. This app is simple to use yet has some complex tracking abilities if you wish. Both of my boys, 10 and 15, love that they can see what they earned when they perform a chore, and how it adds up. I highly recommend this app!”
“Janetsline”, Parent of two boys, via iTunes.

Awesome. Great tool that allows me to be intentional about teaching my boys about money and not waste my time chasing down change.”
“rbolski”, Parent, via iTunes.

Best option for kids. After the PayPal student program discontinued (November 2016) we were on a search for an alternative. So far FamZoo didn’t disappoint! Best service support (had issue linking to PayPal account and they helped resolve), very friendly mobile app and website very easy to use and plenty of reports and options to choose. One minus: one day wait for money to be loaded from PayPal but that’s if you only use PayPal as your loading option, there are other options but most not free unless it’s direct deposit from your paycheck.”
“nzolotar”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great app for helping our kids to understand finances. We’ve used this app and service for several years now. It’s helped our kids understand how to save for long term goals and put aside money for charities. When they were younger, it was also a great tool to curb wanting everything at the store. I would just pull out the mobile app and show them how much they had left in their short-term savings and the “want” would end. The app itself isn’t the most feature rich app I have but it does what it needs to and ties into a great service.”
Patrick Wardrop, Parent, via iTunes.

Great Product and Support. I have been struggling with a solution to allowance. This does it all. Teaches fundamentals and makes managing balances and cash painless. Great app and family solution.”
“Tobrienmd5”, Parent, via iTunes.

Highly recommend!!! There are a lot of great lessons learned by my kids from this app. It is easy, the kids love it, and it gives them real life experience managing their money.”
“Middle school finance”, Parent, via iTunes.

Very helpful. This app is terrific! I can load in chores for each of my kids and assign due dates, value, repeat schedule. It tracks their balances and automatically divides their allowance into different accounts.”
“Jefast6”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great program!! FamZoo is much more than an app. It’s a complete program to help your kids manage finances in a logical, responsible, and fun way. I used to use a PayPal child card for all my kids, but PayPal cancelled the entire student card platform. In steps FamZoo, and it’s even better. 5 stars!!”
“mattr2”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great Family Finance App! I use FamZoo to manage my son’s weekly allowance and saving goals. He has the freedom to use his debit card with the balance I manage.”
“The Review 81”, Parent of a son, via iTunes.

No more allowance guilt. I struggled every week to have cash to pay allowance, so mostly it wasn’t paid. Being young, my kids didn’t really care too much, but they also weren’t learning how to handle money either since I’d often give in and buy that trinket out of guilt knowing that I owed them allowance. FamZoo has totally solved that problem since the money is effectively virtual. I literally can’t forget to pay it since it is automated and I never need to make change. My kids are now engaged with learning about finance with the tools to track saving, and we get to talk again about the useless stuff they spend money on when we review their spending every couple of weeks: “So here’s that $2 you spent on the funny pencil. Do you think that was worth the money? (And, by the way, do you even know where it is?)” Tip: check out the blog from the earlier days of the app as well as the associated Family Finance Favs blog for some great ideas about how to get more from the app (love the “could have earned” account where we note how much was spent on stuff that just wasn’t worth it as well as jobs they passed on so they can start to connect long term financial effects to short term decisions) and how to approach finance education with your kids.”
“E*W”, Parent, via iTunes.

Great for traveling kids. It is great to teach your kids how to manage their money, but it’s also great if you have kids who travel a lot without you. Sometimes my daughter has to travel with her coach or team without us and it’s cool because she doesn’t have to carry a ton of cash. Also we can set her budget and she can watch how she’s doing. We can also watch from afar and refill if necessary. Compare it to other cash cards. It can’t be beat. I haven’t had time to tap all its resources, been too busy, but I will soon. They have a ton of good ideas.”
“air1max”, Parent, via iTunes.

Go To App for Kids’ Finance. I’ve used FamZoo for many years with each of my three kids. It’s awesome for teaching financial acumen and responsibility, including things like saving, budgeting, and charitable giving. We use it with the FamZoo debit card to manage the kids’ allowance and lunch money. It’s super easy and allows parents to instantly transfer money when it’s needed. And I can just as easily take money off their cards when they leave their dirty underwear on the floor :-)”
“stefanski81”, Parent of three, via iTunes.

Better customer service. Best intentions are laid to waste if not executed upon. As my kids were younger, I planned on giving them a weekly salary and the opportunity to earn bonuses. If they earned $x.xx in a week, I wanted to split their earnings to be designated for three categories spend/save/give. Additionally, I wanted to help my young’ings understand the benefits of savings with matching dollars (I call it the 401Dad program) and aggressive interest paid on savings. The complexities of my plans made it difficult if not impossible for me to execute consistently. FamZoo has helped me set it up and has been there for me every step of the way. Their FAQs answer most questions I may have but their customer support crew regularly returns e-mail inquiries within hours. This is my first app review ever but I took the time to write this because I feel that strongly about FamZoo and the need to provide kids with financial education. My oldest just bought his own first car with his own money and my 10 year old just bought $500 in stock with some of his savings. Use FamZoo and take the time to dig into it and do it right. If you are looking for a simple allowance management system, FamZoo will meet your needs too, but I can all but guarantee you will do more with it than you anticipated.”
Jason B in Fargo ND, Parent, via iTunes.

Terrific app. This app allowed us to move from the physical to the digital domain pretty seamlessly. As founder, Bill Dwight, points out, it’s important for kids to undertand that digital money is as valuable as physical money and this app is a great way to do that. We also like that it’s not tied to any spending platforms. This is just good solid allowance and goal-setting training. It’s simple and easy-to-use.”
“John - Chief Mammal”, Parent, via iTunes.

Fantastic! I love FamZoo. This tool has been amazing. It has helped my kids to better handle money. They feel confident about how they’re earning and spending with access to the app even at age 9.”
“Rmecc001”, Parent, via iTunes.

Our family couldn’t love this more. We use FamZoo to hand out allowances. It’s great not having to remember to come home on Friday with cash to dole out, and there’s never a question of “did I remember to pay her already?” Our kids love having the power to check their balances at any time, and we’re thrilled that they’re learning how bank accounts work while they’re young enough that mistakes don’t really hurt them. Customer service has been top notch for the few times when we’ve needed help (always because of mistakes on our end, not FamZoo’s). I’ve recommended the service to multiple family friends.”
Kirk Strauser, Parent, via iTunes.

Love the app and the service! Setup was a cinch, service is great, my kids love having this card.”
“Huham”, Parent, via iTunes.

Simply Amazing! From jars to this app. I knew there had to be a better way. I could sing the praises of this app all day! We were using glass jars (save jar, spend jar, give jar) to teach our kids to manage money. This app has not only saved me time, but has also been a great tool to encourage the behaviors we want to see more of in our kids. My kids, ages 9 and 7, ABSOLUTELY love their debit cards and checking their balances with their devices. I can see using this program and app for years to come!”
Sandra, Mom to 2, via iTunes.

“I use @FamZoo debit cards so my kids can earn $, save and budget for big ticket items.”
Tameka E., Mom, via Twitter.

Great tool for managing allowances. I have been using Famzoo for about two years and can’t imagine doing allowance for my three kids without it. The ease of scheduling deposits and chore lists is in itself enough for me to keep this app in frequent use, but you throw in their robust flexibility with savings accounts and exaggerated interest and you have the ideal tool for helping kids learn the value of money, saving, and doing their part to contribute to a household through chores.”
Luffa, via iTunes.

“Thank you guys! Thank you for always being a phone call away to answer questions. I have told everyone I know about it. The kids have been able to donate to our local animal shelter with the savings aspect. You just can’t teach those joys they have to be learned.”
Sarah B., Mom to 3, via Facebook.

Great way to manage allowance. I have been using this app for several years, and I love it. No more jars of money, no more forgetting to bring cash to the mall, no more forgetting to dole out allowances every weekend. This solves all of those problems. When my kids want to buy something, I just say, “yes, let’s see how much money you have.” A few taps on my phone later, and they are deciding whether to get the latest doodad. Customer service is very responsive, too.”
“Notanewbie”, Parent, via iTunes.

“Big fan of Bill and the @FamZoo team! Signed up when our little started getting her allowance.”
Elle, Mom, via Twitter.

Fabulous. I’ve used FamZoo for five years to teach my three boys about money. I like that (i) I can pay their allowance automatically, (ii) their money can be allocated to different funds (we do spending, saving, and charity funds), (iii) I can pay them interest automatically on their savings, and (iv) they can pay me back immediately when we’re out and they want to spend their money on something, but don’t have it with them.”
“KCAM48”, Parent, via iTunes.

“I love FamZoo. It’s what we use in our family!”
Amanda C., Mom and financial therapist, via Twitter.

Outstanding Teaching Aid. I researched all of the online programs for teaching kids financial lit for a project at work. FamZoo came out on top when features were compared side-by-side. I liked it so much I signed up my grandkids to monitor chores but also to use it to enforce good manners. It’s become invaluable. Bill has thought of everything using his own family as the example. You won’t be disappointed!”
“Tulsa Transplant”, Grandparent, via iTunes.

Modernized allowance. This app is great. A few of the cool things you can do:
  • Pay your kids a ‘direct deposit’ just like mom and dad.
  • Virtually add birthday and holiday cash/checks and then deposit the money into your own account. When the kids want to use their money, they go through you.
  • Set up an age-based allowance where your kids get a raise every year.
  • Have their deposit divvied up between checking, savings, and charity accounts.
I’m sure there’s more (in fact, I know there is) but these are the features we use and love. FamZoo is awesome. Check it out!!! ”
“Love it so!”, Parent, via iTunes.

Family CEO. I can’t tell you how many times I have recommended this program to other families. We’ve been using it for almost 3 years. Children are 10 and 12. They understand real world finance so much better now, and we thank you for writing this program.”
Summer Hill Mom, via iTunes.

Great app for managing chores & finances. It takes a bit of time to set up, but it is well worth it. I especially like how when the kids want to spend $ while shopping but don’t have cash, I easily remove it from their account. Best of all, customer service is the BEST!”
“ChippyFan4876”, Parent, via iTunes.

I HIGHLY recommend this app/company. We’ve been using FamZoo for 2 years now and love it! It makes allowances for 5 kids much, much easier, and is a wonderful tool for teaching kids to manage money. Fantastic company. I cannot recommend enough!”
“Valoril”, Parent to 5, via iTunes.

My FAV family finance tool. Been using this app for years with my two kids (10 & 12), love how easy it makes talking with and teaching them about money, and managing their allowance and spending.”
Chris, Dad, via iTunes.

BEST allowance manager! I began giving my 8 year old an allowance this year. I researched several online options and FamZoo really stood out. It’s so easy for parents to manage and let’s kids track their funds and spending. It’s a great tool!”
“Lacroixfan”, Parent, via iTunes.

Love, love LOVE!!! I love this app. As a working mom, I don’t always have cash or the time to monitor my son’s chores. I love that I can direct deposit money into my son’s account so he also learns to manage his money on a bi-weekly basis. This app has been a time and lifesaver!!”
Ame', Mom, via iTunes.

WE LOVE FAMZOO! This app and their debit cards have solved our struggle with allowances. The kids love checking their balances and using their own debit cards to make purchases. I definitely recommend!”
“THC10”, Parent, via iTunes.

Love this app and service! FamZoo is the only way we can keep track of our six kids and their money. Automatic allowance is awesome.”
“PrairieDad”, Dad to 6, via iTunes.

We love FamZoo. FamZoo has made managing money with my kids and teaching them money skills so much easier.”
“ReykjaMac”, Parent, via iTunes.

The best allowance app! I love having an app that lets me teach my kids real life money skills.”
“nynaboo”, Parent, via iTunes.

“We have used FamZoo for a while now. We love it. My boys each have their own account and they can see their balance anytime they want. We just started loans with them. We are charging them interest and they pay us monthly. FamZoo is a great tool to help my boys learn to manage money.”
Terri H., Mom, via Facebook.

“Thank you for the FamZoo service! It has really helped my kids understand money, budgeting, and saving. It’s also way more convenient than cash for me and for them!”
Matt H., Dad, via Email.

“Well, you’ve made a big difference in this house! My daughter is most certainly more financially aware since using FamZoo, and she feels so proud when she hits her goals. There was much rejoicing and jumping up and down when she discovered she had reached $X in her account a few weeks ago. :) Congrats on FamZoo’s anniversary, and thank you for the great idea!”
Michelle R., Mom, via Facebook.

“This is a wonderful app that enables you to teach your kids to learn financial management in a way that fits in with your busy life.”
Caren Merrick, Mom, via women2.0.

“I recommend FamZoo to everybody. Huge fan!”
Bharat Mediratta, Dad, via Twitter.

“One thing I struggled with regarding allowances, though, was that I rarely had cash on hand to give them. And that would wreck the whole system! If we were out at the mall and they wanted ice cream, but they forgot their money, I’d say, “you have to pay me back.” But then we’d forget. If that’s becoming frustrating in your house, FamZoo is a great way around it. It helps you organize your allowances online, as if the kids have a virtual bank account with you. They can track their spending and saving, and it even has a savings tool where they can make goals — like saving up for an iPod — and see how long it will take. It’s awesome.”
Sheila Gregoire, Mom, via To Love, Honor and Vacuum.

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