Home Office Version 0.1

My first significant capital purchase arrived on the doorstep today - a fresh new 15" Dell laptop along with a 19" monitor. I'll be using the two side-by-side for extra screen real estate. I'm not sure whether it will make me twice as productive, but it sure is nice for keeping several windows open at once.

Consider Home Office version 0.1 officially launched!

Now, all I need to do is erect a barricade to keep the wife and kids from running in here every 10 minutes. Just kidding - they are a delight - and are actually providing a lot of valuable suggestions and discriminating feedback on the business. It is really cool to have the whole family collaborating on the venture - a great learning experience for everyone. Nonetheless, we're all still adjusting to the novelty of Dad being around the house during the work week (something I've never done in 22 years of professional life).

Now, when is that first day of school again?

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