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Tough to Match Nature's Coding Prowess

My last post touched on how I have been tracking my development "progress" on FamZoo. On a somewhat related note, I was reminded today of how humbling the pace and scope of development can be in nature. No matter how many times I witness it (some would argue too many ;-), I always marvel at the process of cognitive development in young human beings. At the end of February, I posted a few drawings from the youngest member of the FamZoo fan club. Here's a representative sample:

Very cute, yet still very simple and crude.

He's been cranking out drawings of increasing detail and complexity since then, and here are a couple from within the last week:

It is fascinating to compare and contrast the illustrations (you can click on each to get a closer view). In just under two months, the level of sophistication has progressed by orders of magnitude. If only I could match that kind of progress in my FamZoo development efforts!

The human body is truly an amazing, humbling, and inspiring system.

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Anonymous aka The Blog Post Author

Those drawings are amazing. Seems like he likes to connect everything together. Once he starts using taskdb, it will be a well connected and cross-linked hierarchy of tasks !! ;)

"The human body is truly an amazing, humbling, and inspiring system." Amen !!
The human body is far too complex and perplexing than anything I have dealt with in software ;) There seems to be interesting work happening all the time in trying to simulate stuff, but it still seems so limited. See below in your spare time..


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