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6 Tips for Raising Cash Savvy Kids

This final week in April marks the end of National Financial Literacy Month. The objective of the month (ironically) supported by Congress is to "highlight the importance of financial literacy and teach Americans how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits". Hear, hear! (Um, "Americans" includes our federal, state and local governments, right?)

To commemorate National Financial Literacy Month, I spoke in a teleseries today hosted by Sarah Cook over at RaisingCeoKids.com. Each of the speakers shared their 6 top tips for raising "cash savvy" kids. Here are mine:

  1. Practice, practice, practice!
  2. Have a system
  3. Do the math
  4. Create balance
  5. Insist on accountability
  6. Promote passions

You can see the next level of detail (and some fun drawings by Henry Payne) by clicking through the 17 slides here:

What are some of your favorite tips for raising cash savvy kids?

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Susan Barr aka The Blog Post Author


Your blog holds a wealth of information and I am thrilled to find it and become a subscriber. With three teens (one in college), it seems my wallet is perpetually open and perpetually empty, especially when I need to buy something :). I look forward to sharing your site with my kids.


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