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3 Reasons Why FamZoo Isn't Lame for Teenagers

(This post is dedicated to Larry’s soon-to-be-teenage daughter. :-)

Dachshund in Purse!As a teenager, your first reaction to FamZoo might be: “Lame!”. Of course, that’s pretty much the default teen reaction to any parental suggestion. But, before you give it the automatic thumbs down, here are three things that I particularly like about using FamZoo as a teen:

You have more freedom and less arguing.

Do you find yourself squabbling with your parents over every little purchase you want to make? FamZoo puts you in charge of your own money. Once you and your parents agree on an allowance and some general rules about what’s OK to buy, you have the freedom to spend your money as you please — no more begging, no more nagging.

You get your allowance on time, every time.

Do your parents ever forget to give you your allowance? With FamZoo, allowance is automated, so your parents can just set things up once and never worry about it again! Every week (or month) FamZoo deposits your allowance into your account.

You always know exactly how much money you have.

Have you ever had something you really wanted to buy, but you weren’t sure how much money you really had or how long it would take to save for it? FamZoo makes it easy to see your exact balance at any time — just log into the site or send FamZoo a quick text message. If you don’t have enough, you can use FamZoo’s easy savings planner to find out just how long it will take to save for that special purchase.

Still have questions or concerns? Just leave me a comment below, and I’ll get back to you!

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Larry Keltto aka The Blog Post Author


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

"You get your allowance on time, every time" is great point.



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