Don't Believe In Allowance? Help Your Child Become An Entrepreneur

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Do you feel that allowances are inappropriate? Perhaps you’re among those parents (like Dave Ramsey) who feel that an allowance only encourages a sense of entitlement. You want your kids to earn their own income.

Do you feel it’s wrong to pay your kids for chores? Maybe you’re one of the many parents who feel that chores just come with the family member territory. Heck, you don’t get paid to scrub the toilets!

Regardless of where you stand on the hotly debated topics of giving an allowance and paying for chores, you probably like the idea of encouraging your child to develop a strong work ethic and a solid sense of independence.

Sadly, outside-the-home job opportunities for kids are increasingly hard to come by these days.

Have you considered encouraging your child to start his or her own business? The Internet has completely changed the opportunity landscape here. Does your kid love to draw? How about selling custom T-Shirts online? (← Shameless plug alert: that’s my son’s shop.) Your child can run a full-fledged online store with payment processing, shipping, the works! And, all of that can be done for free on sites like CafePress.com. Heck, even the traditional lemonade stand can get a boost from a little viral marketing on Facebook.

The problem is: you’re an insanely busy parent, and it sounds like a daunting task to shepherd your child through this process.

But it doesn’t have to be. To turn your kid loose with step-by-step guidance, consider a product like Biz in a Boxx: it’s a business building blueprint designed for kids and teens ages 7 and up that teaches the practical fundamentals of business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a video I just put together today that shows how your child can use FamZoo and Biz in a Boxx together to take that first step towards launching a business:

Is your child a young entrepreneur? Tell us about it in the comments below.


Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Here's one fun example of a clever summer business started by the older kids of some family friends of ours:


lou.renarde@gmail.com aka The Blog Post Author

This seems like a great combo effort. My son will really like the idea of a budgeting online as an adjunct to his Biz in a Boxx activities.

My 14-year old son is indeed an entrepreneur after he followed the guidelines from the Biz in a Boxx I bought from their website, www.bizinaboxx.com.

It's only been a couple of months, but he started and now runs two profitable businesses with a couple of his friends.

I no longer give him an allowance. He said he didn't want it anymore; that he earns his own money now. I'm smiling.

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author


Thanks for stopping by to comment. Congrats to your son on his two successful businesses and to you for getting him started!


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