Junior Investing, Kids Gone Mobile, 43 Steps to Frugal Kids, and Unleashing the Creative Beast: Weekly Family Finance Picks (#27)

This week’s picks run the gamut from investment related gifts for older kids to unleashing the “Creative Beast” in the bonus section. Here they are:

Top 7 Gifts for Teaching Older Kids About Money

Santa Mobile

Dan supplies his top 7 gift picks for teaching older kids about money. I love the “Family 401(k)” idea and I'm a huge fan of the Kahn Academy. I also like the idea of introducing kids to the concepts of investing and the risk vs. reward tradeoff.

If you’re thinking of an investment related gift for your child this year and want to look beyond Dan’s quick stock picks, here are two additional helpful resources: Stocking Stuffers: 10 Investments For Kids and Giving the Gift of Financial Knowledge.

Are Your Kids Ready for a Cell Phone?

Thinking about giving your child their first cell phone this holiday season? Jason delivers a nice round-up of issues to consider before taking the plunge.

We’ve always used middle school as our starting point, added the kids to our family plan, and had them pick up the tab for any overrages as well as monthly cell phone insurance (or the full cost of a replacement — now that’s always a quick lesson!).

What are your guidelines?

43 Ways to Teach Your Child the Importance of Frugality

Guest Post by Ashley G of Coupon Sherpa on Travel Wires

I liked the ability to quickly scan this solid list of 43 brief bullet-point style tips for teaching kids to be frugal. Definitely some good ones in there. As a father of 5, I had to chuckle at #33 — so true!

And, last but not least, some bonus media for you this week.

You’ll love this presentation from Betsy Streeter. It just won the Best Presentation Contest on Slideshare in the Creative category. Flip through it now, and encourage the “Creative Beast” in your youngster today.

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