Philanthropy and Mentoring: What FamZoo Is Really All About

I’ve been waiting patiently for Twitter to switch our @FamZoo account over to their new user interface which includes the “Embed this Tweet” feature. Well, today was the day. Now I can post my favorite pair of tweets.

With these two little chirps, Jose Lema captures what FamZoo is all about:

BirdWe’re harnessing the latest Internet technology to lower the effort bar for parents to mentor their kids in key life skills, like personal finance. That’s what we mean by our tag line: “Preparing kids for the wild.” Along the way, we have a “secret” ulterior motive — get kids involved in philanthropy, and make it a life long habit.

Validating tweets like these make the last 6 years worth all the effort. Onward and upward!

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