How Banks and Credit Unions Can Offer FamZoo For Less Than Zero Dollars

Did you know your bank or credit union can offer an innovative award-winning online youth financial literacy solution from one of the coolest startups in America for less than zero dollars?

Umm, how’s that possible? By sharing revenue with us.

Place a Register Link on Your SiteJust offer FamZoo to your customers or members through a registration link on your site, and we’ll share any ongoing subscription and renewal revenue from your families. You get half. We get half.

How much does it cost your financial institution to get started? Nothing. So, as soon as your first family converts to a paid subscription, you’ve spent less than zero dollars to offer FamZoo — meaning, of course, you’ve actually made money through our revenue sharing arrangement.

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What If You’d Like to Give Your Families Their First Year for Free?

Registration and Conversion ReportIf you’d like to provide some special incentive for parents to get started teaching their kids good money habits, you might want to offer that first year for free by sponsoring your families. If so, you can purchase a basket of prepaid FamZoo subscriptions that can be redeemed by your families using a custom coupon code of your choosing. We offer volume discounts that start at 50% off our $30/year list price. For example, you can start by purchasing a basket of 100 prepaid one year subscriptions for a total of $1,500.

After their free year is up, your families have the option of renewing by signing up for a paid subscription. If they do, you’ll share the ongoing renewal revenue with us 50/50.

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What If You’d Like to Sponsor Your Families for As Long As They Use FamZoo?

Order SummaryIf FamZoo is part of your giving-back-to-the-community efforts, you may want to pick up the tab for as long as your families keep using FamZoo. You can do that by purchasing baskets of discounted prepaid subscriptions just like above, but your families won’t have to enter a special coupon code (although you can require an access code if you like) and they won’t be asked to purchase a subscription.

Note: On each successive anniversary of their registration, your families will be asked to explicitly acknowledge that they’d like to continue using FamZoo. That way, you don’t get stuck paying for families who have since graduated from FamZoo.

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What If You’d Like to Display Your Brand to Your Families?

Co-Brand With FamZooWould you like your financial institution to remain top-of-mind while your families are using FamZoo week-in, week-out over the years? The entry-level “static branding” option of our Partner Edition product allows you to feature your brand in the top banner area as well as along the right sidebar of each page in the application. You can even override visual styles and elements if desired. Just tell us how you’d like things to look, and we’ll make it happen for a modest one-time setup fee.

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What If You’d Like to Schedule Targeted Offers to Your Families?

Your Custom Sidebar AdWould you like to schedule relevant promotions and product offers to your FamZoo families while they’re using the application? Would you like to target your messaging to just the right audience — say, all parents who currently have a child 13 or older? You can do that with FamZoo Partner Edition using our administrative console. You can place your own custom content in the top banner, along the sidebar, and within emails that are sent out to the family (like the weekly account summary email). Furthermore, you have complete control: you can use any HTML markup you like, you can schedule when it appears, you can dictate where it appears, and you can control what portion of your audience sees it — all on your own through our self-service administrative console. Of course, we’re always happy to assist! Access to the administrative console is available for a modest annual subscription fee.

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