10 Allowance Questions Parents Love to Debate. Join the Chat!

Why allowance is so hotly debated among parents.

Want to spark an animated debate? Just broach the topic of allowance in a room full of parents. Allowance is one of those hot button words that never fails to elicit passionate opinions. That’s because it stands at the volatile intersection of three things parents care deeply about: money, kids, and values.

So we’re bringing parents from across the twittersphere together into one big virtual room to really stir things up! FamZoo and The Centsables are hosting an #Allowance chat on Twitter to mark the final week of National Financial Literacy Month. Join us and a tweet-load of other passionate parents on Tuesday, April 28th at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern time.

We’ll be discussing the following 10 classic questions about allowance:

  1. “Allowance” can be a hot button word. Why? Should we call it something else?
  2. What should kids learn from an allowance?
  3. What’s the best age for a child to start receiving allowance? The best age to stop?
  4. Should kids work for their allowance?
  5. What’s the right amount for an allowance? Should it change with age?
  6. What’s the best frequency for an allowance? Weekly? Biweekly? Monthly?
  7. Should parents have a say in how children spend their allowance?
  8. What are common mistakes parents make with allowance?
  9. What are some ways, other than allowance, to teach kids about money?
  10. What are some good resources to help parents develop an effective allowance system?

Please help us bring more parents and viewpoints to the discussion by retweeting the following:

If you’d like some help collecting your thoughts beforehand, check out my perspective on some of these classic allowance topics at my Family Finance FAQs page.

How To Participate in the Twitter Chat

To monitor the chat stream, you can simply search for the hashtag #allowance using your favorite twitter client. To lob your thoughts into the fray, just issue a tweet that includes the hashtag #allowance somewhere in the text.

On the desktop, I like to participate in chats using TweetDeck. I open up a dedicated search column that isolates the tweets from the chat into a single stream.

When I’m on my mobile phone, I use the Twitter app. Just:

  • tap on the search bar at the top,
  • type in #allowance,
  • tap on the All Tweets tab to make sure you’re seeing the whole discussion, and
  • tap on Tweet #allowance at the bottom of the screen to throw your tweet into the mix.

Looking for more comprehensive tips ranging from chat tools to chat etiquette? Check out this Twitter Chat 101 article.

We’re hoping to see your tweets on Tuesday. If you can’t make it (or even if you can), come back here afterwards. I’ll be updating this post with the highlights. Feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comments below as well.

Let the Great #Allowance Twitter Debate begin!

[Update: 4/29/2015] Here’s a full transcript of the #Allowance Chat. If you can’t see it embedded below, just click here.

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