Weekly Upgrade Details: Behind the Design, See It Your Way, Top Secret Stuff

Here's a list of the key items in our weekly upgrade coming this afternoon Monday, October 19th:

Meet the FamZoo Visual Designer: Lea Alcantara

When we first posted about the release of our new UI, we mentioned that the driving talent behind our clean, friendly new look was designer Lea Alcantara. This week, we formalized the giving of credit-where-credit-is-due with a new entry to our Team page in our About section. Here's what it looks like:

How Do I Change the Number of Transactions Displayed on Each Page?

Steve K told us that he would like to see a lot more transactions at a time when reviewing the credit and debit history in an account on the "Transactions" page. Moving 10 at a time though a large number of transactions is just too darn tedious (thanks for the feedback Steve). On the flip side, when demo'ing FamZoo on my tiny laptop, I needed to display fewer transactions on each page so that our pagination controls would be clearly visible without having to scoll down in my browser.

So, to address both ends of the spectrum, we have added a slider control in the left hand sidebar beneath the ACTIONS section that lets you change the number of transactions displayed at a time. You can pick any value between 5 and 100 by dragging the little arrow indicator with your mouse. We remember the last setting you pick, so it will stay that way the next time you sign in. To see what it looks like, check out the lower left corner of this screenshot:

Keeping Your Family's Info Private

We did some more behind-the-scenes testing work to verify that nobody but members of your own family can see your FamZoo web pages. This involves nerdy stuff like making sure we prevent URL hacking by malicious geeks out there. Yeah, not that exciting, but really, really important. You can hit the snooze button now...

Miscellaneous Stuff

A couple of other little items:

  • Kids without an email address can now send us bug reports and feedback using the CONTACT US link at the top of the page. Yes, kids opinions matter too! We'll respond to the email address of the registering parent of the child's family.
  • You can now unset a family member's email address by setting it to a blank value (caveat: the registering parent must maintain a valid email address). See the SETTINGS link on the "Family" tab to edit member settings like email address, member name, password, etc.

As always, feel free to contact us with your feedback, suggestions, bug reports and what-not any time via our Contact Us page.

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