FamZoo Youngsters Support the Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort

As outlined in the FamZoo Privacy Policy, we periodically analyze "Anonymous Information records" in our database to understand our member usage patterns and to enhance the services that we provide.

An anonymous query of recent FamZoo charitable account transactions with descriptions matching the keyword "Haiti" indicates that our young FamZoo members have donated a total of $190.46 to the Haiti relief effort. The average age of the donors is 14.5 years. When you consider that the FamZoo membership currently consists of a very small population of Charter Families, this is a truly wonderful result.

It makes us enormously proud that we are achieving the "ulterior motive" behind FamZoo: to introduce and encourage the good habit of thoughtful charitable giving - a habit that we hope youngsters will carry with them into their adult years.

We must remind ourselves that individuals making seemingly small donations individually can make a huge difference when acting together.

P.S. FamZoo members, please include the keyword "Haiti" (don't worry about upper or lower case) in the transaction description of any charitable contributions related to the relief effort. That way, we'll be able to pick it up in our subsequent queries.

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