3min Video Review of FamZoo by Family Finance Blogger Kelly Whalen

Family finance blogger, Kelly Whalen, over at The ¢entsible Life reviews FamZoo in this short 3 minute video. Check it out:

PS: If you're feeling a mild sense of déjàvu, you're not imagining things. I first mentioned this review in a March 2nd post, but it was embedded in a much longer video and could only be viewed in a tiny player that was quite challenging to navigate. In the meantime, I've extracted the relevant section of video in a larger format, mixed in some cartoons and screenshots to illustrate Kelly's points, and delivered it through a higher quality player from Vimeo.com. I hope you'll find it to be a more pleasant viewing experience!

PPS: For those who might be interested in producing their own videos like this, the software I'm using is ScreenFlow for the Mac, and I highly recommend it. The groovy music in the intro and the outro is “Bare Feet Bossa” - a royalty free track that I purchased from Loopsound.com.

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