This Thursday is National Money Night

This Thursday, September 16, is The National Money Night Talk event presented by American Express and finance expert Jean Chatzky. The idea is to sit down with your kids and have a discussion about personal finance basics. The goal: improve the odds of them enjoying a better financial future. Sounds good!

They’ve collected a set of nice resources for parents on the site that include videos, talking points, and exercises. The resources are conveniently organized by age level: middle school, high school, and college.

If you’re a FamZoo family, you’re probably already living many of these discussions in a hands-on way. For example, the middle school exercise “Let’s Set Some Goals” maps nicely to Savings Goals and the Savings Planner in FamZoo. It involves a discussion about how long it takes to save for a new bike with varying levels of weekly saving.

Here’s how to experience the exercise in FamZoo:

Check out rest of the materials on their site, and, if you aren’t already doing it, make sure you have “The Talk” with your kids. (Yeah, sure, you should have that other talk too, but that’s outside our area of expertise...not to mention our comfort zone.)

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