A Peek In The Lab: iPhone App (Phase 1)

Lots of folks have asked about iPhone and Droid versions of FamZoo. Yep, we’re working on those right now!

We’re keeping things pretty simple in our first versions. You’ll be able to browse account balances as well as review, add, edit, and delete transactions (deposits and withdrawals).

Want to see our work-in-progress? Watch this video:

In the meantime, did you know you can communicate with FamZoo from your mobile phone right now using simple text messages? All you have to do is add your mobile phone number to your member settings and text one of our FamZoo Quick Commands to the phone number 41411.

Don’t know about our Quick Commands? Visit the Mobile tab and look in the right side bar for a quick reference. Try’em out right there on the same page using our mobile phone simulator. Quick tip: try creating shortcuts for your most common commands. For example, using a shortcut, I can check my son’s spending account by just texting FAMZ followed by his first initial. Really quick and easy.

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