How to Make a Wish List in FamZoo and Share it with Your Family

The Checklist capability in FamZoo isn’t just for tracking your kid’s chores. It’s actually a very general purpose tool for tracking all kinds of lists and sharing them within your family.

Our latest How To video shows how you can use FamZoo checklists as wish lists for upcoming birthdays and holidays. Check it out here. (Don’t miss the surprise cameo appearance by Mick Jagger at the end!)

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Video Transcript

Do you have a wish list for the gifts you’d love to get on your next birthday or over the holidays?

Turn your wish list into a FamZoo checklist, and you’ll be able to easily share it with other members of your family. You can even set it up so they’ll be automatically notified whenever you add something new.

Here’s how you do it.

Suppose I’m a kid in the Tiger family, and I’m signed into my FamZoo account.

That’s me right there.

To create my Wish List, I just scroll down to the Checklist overview section and click on the Create link.

Up comes the Create Checklist form.

I’ll give my wish list a name, and I’ll decide who to share it with.

I can give it a description too.

After clicking Create List, I see my new, empty list selected and ready to go under the Checklist tab.

I can see the name of my list, it’s description, who I’m sharing it with, and the fact that it doesn’t have any items yet.

Notice I can move between my lists (and any lists shared with me) by clicking on the name up in the header and selecting another list from the pull-down menu.

So let’s go back to my empty Wish List and start filling it up with items.

Click on one of the Add Item links and a form pops up. I can fill in a description and click Add Item or just hit the return key to add it to my list.

Let’s add another one.

To edit an item, just move your mouse over it and click on the pencil icon when it appears. You can make your changes in the popup edit form.

Likewise, to delete an item, mouse over it and click on the trash can icon.

If I actually receive a gift on my list, I can just check it off like this.

I suppose if someone takes it back, I can uncheck it too.

I can send my list to a lucky family member by clicking on the Send link in the Actions section.

Pick someone in the family. Edit the message if you like. And send it along.

Here’s what my message looks like in Dad’s email inbox.

Now, suppose I want to alert my poor family members right away whenever I add a new wish to my list. I just click on the Alerts link in the sidebar. Up comes a form where I can set up a bunch of different alerts for this list. I’ll click on “Add An Alert” under “Whenever an item on this list is added” to set up a text alert for Dad. I’ll click it again to add an Email alert for Mom. Then, I’ll Save ’em.

Now, when I add a new item, like this.

Dad will immediately receive a nice little alert on his mobile phone - like that. And Mom will get a similar email, too.

Whenever Dad wants to see everything that’s currently my wish list, he can just sign into FamZoo, look for the list I shared with him, and click on it. There it is.

So that’s how you create and share wish lists in FamZoo.

Good luck with your wishes, but remember what Mick says, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll get what you need.”


Anonymous aka The Blog Post Author

How to delete a list please

Bill Dwight aka The Blog Post Author

Click on the Checklist tab, navigate to the desired checklist with the pulldown, click on Delete under Actions.

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