Weekly Family Finance Picks (#23)

We’re constantly scouring the Internet looking for articles related to family finances and teaching kids good personal finance habits. You can visit the FamZoo delicious page to see our ever growing list of family finance bookmarks. Each week, we pick our favorite articles from the previous week and post them here.

This week, our picks feature chore battle strategies, tips for parents with iPhone/iPad wielding kids, charitable project suggestions for the upcoming holidays, and a couple of bonus videos.

The Big Bad Chore Wolf

Winning the Chore Battle

Do you skirmish with your kids over chores? (If not, what’s your secret??!!) Sheila shares some excellent practical tips in her article on winning the chore battle.

How to Keep Your Kids from Bankrupting You with App Store Spending

by PatrickJ on iSource.com

Do your kids access games or music using your iPhone or iPad? You’ll want to review this article before they rack up some unexpected bills.

Christmas Jar

The [Insert-holiday-name-here] Jar is a neat idea for introducing youngsters to philanthropy in a tangible, hands-on way. Read Kelli’s article here, and get started now before you’re overwhelmed with holiday prep. Don’t miss the article’s comment section for some additional suggestions.

For those who like video, a couple of bonus picks this week:

We had a brief, but nice mention in the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Magazine last week. WooHoo! The blurb included a webisode from the Secret Millionaires Club featuring a cartoon Warren Buffet dispensing basic business and financial advice in a kid friendly format. The video seemed pretty catchy to me. See what your kids think:

And lastly, I stumbled upon a collection of short videos by Rene Hackney on teaching your kids about money. Here’s the first segment in the series:

You can find the remainder of the 10 part series here.

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