Make New Year's Resolutions With Your Kids on FamZoo

OC Mom, Shelby Barone, recommends that parents start the new year by making resolutions with their kids. I like Shelby’s approach, and it’s something we’ve done with our kids over the years.

After discussing resolutions as a family, Shelby recommends writing them down in a special place. In our case, that “special place” has been (surprise!) FamZoo. We use FamZoo’s shared family Checklists.

Here’s the quick How and Why: Each family member makes their own list and shares it with the rest of the family. For a given resolution, you can set a specific due date (or a repeating due date like every month). Or, you can just enter descriptions and leave due dates off — whatever makes the most sense and feels most comfortable. You can even set up text message reminders if you need a nudge. This all helps with Shelby’s recommendation to be sure you follow-up on resolutions.

Saving them all online makes for an amusing family record over the years, too. I just looked at our 2008 resolutions and got a good chuckle out of my son’s vow to “Get a 6-pack (of abs)” — which he surely did, eventually...

Wanna try it with your family? Here are the step by step instructions for setting up and sharing New Year’s resolution lists with your family in FamZoo (you can view as a full-sized slide show in a separate window here):

  1. Sign in and click the Create List link.
    Sign In and Click Create List
  2. Fill in the list name, sharing setting, etc.
    Fill in the List Name, Sharing, etc.
  3. Click the Add Item link to start adding resolutions.
    Click Add Item to Start Adding Resolutions
  4. Enter the description for each resolution.
    Enter the Description for Each Resolution
  5. Keep clicking the Add Item link to add more resolutions.
    Keep Clicking Add Item to Add More Resolutions
  6. Move your mouse over a resolution to edit or delete it.
    Move Your Mouse Over a Resolution To Edit It
  7. Set specific dates and reminders if desired.
    Set Specific Due Dates and Reminders If Desired
  8. Check out any resolution lists that are shared with you.
    If the Lists Are Shared, Other Family Members Can See Them
  9. Review the current list, move to another list, or create a new list on the Checklist tab.
    Review a List, Move to Another One, or Create More on the Checklist Tab

Happy New Year and good luck with those resolutions!

P.S. The good news is: once you’ve entered them for this year, you can just recycle them for next year, and the next... That’s what I do ;-)

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