When Do Most Parents Pay Allowance to Their Kids?

I was reading a post recently by a father of a 9 year old. As the kid was angling for a trip to the Five Below store to blow his monthly allowance, the dad was wondering aloud whether there was a correlation between sales spikes in discount stores and allowance pay days for kids.

This got me wondering too. When do most parents dole out allowance?

I took a quick (anonymous1) look at our real-life data, and here are the stats for FamZoo families:

  • Almost 80% of FamZoo allowances are delivered weekly while around 20% are delivered monthly. Just over 1% are annual (typical of, say, a clothing allowance). What's the Most Popular Allowance Frequency?
  • The most popular day to deliver allowance is Sunday. After that, it’s pretty evenly distributed with Monday, Friday, and Saturday getting the slight edge over Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. What's the Most Popular Allowance Pay Day?

1To protect privacy, we only disclose anonymous aggregate statistics from the FamZoo database.

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