Now You Can Get FamZoo for Just $30 Per Year Per Family

Last night, we rolled out a new payment option for FamZoo — one with some major savings potential (up to $83!) if you’re willing to make a little up-front commitment.

You can still choose our month-to-month plan which remains at $5.99 per month per family and is automatically billed to your Paypal account or credit card each month. The nice thing about the monthly recurring plan is that you only have to go through the payment setup process once, and you can cancel payments at any time. That means your financial commitment is no more than 1 month.

That said, we’ve had a number of members tell us that they’re leary of the recurring payment model. Let’s be honest: How many of you have a recurring charge on your credit card that you’ve been meaning to cancel now for the last, oh, 3 to 5 years! Don't feel bad. I’m guilty too. I did that with NetFlix for years and only ordered a handful of DVDs. But I gotta say, I'm now lovin’ their new streaming service with my cool Roku player, so I don’t feel bad anymore.

Anyway, enough about me.

FamZoo families have been asking for a pay-in-advance option with one-time, up-front billing for the whole term (6, 12, or 24 months) instead of recurring monthly billing. When the term is up, you decide whether you want to continue. If so, you make another payment at that time. Of course, we (gently) remind you a bit in advance so you can avoid any interruption in service.

Oh, and how about a pay-in-advance discount that grows with your commitment? Seems fair. You can save up to 58% over the month-to-month plan (a total of $83.77) if you commit for 24 months. That works out to just $2.50 a month or (a half penny less than) $30 a year. Good stuff.

Here’s what the new subscription screen looks like:

FamZoo Pricing Feb 2011

You can even switch between the payment options as desired. For example, suppose you’re on a monthly plan now and you’d like to switch over to paying in advance. Just visit the Store tab, and click on the Change Billing Info link. You’ll see it as the bottom option, like this:

Switch to Pay In Advance

Click Next, and follow the instructions from there.

So now you can have it either way: convenience with no commitment and no discount; or, a little more effort, a little more commitment, and a lot more discount.

Your choice.

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