New Feature: 1 Step Transfer Between Virtual Accounts

How to Transfer Between AccountsJust recently, we added a nice little convenience feature to FamZoo that has been in high demand for a while: the ability to transfer money between virtual accounts in a single step (as opposed to the tedious Texas two-step of debiting one account and then crediting the other).

(Not familiar with FamZoo’s online Virtual Family Bank? Find out more here.)

Here’s how it works.

Click on the transfer link. It appears in the footer of the Account Balances and the Account Activity summaries on your Overview tab. You can also find it on the Accounts page or the Transactions page under the Bank tab. Look in the the left hand sidebar under the Actions section. Note that the transfer links will only appear if you’re signed in as a parent and have more than one account in your family, or if you’re signed in as a child and have been granted credit/debit permissions on more than one account.

Find the Transfer Link

Fill in the transfer form. Clicking on the transfer link brings up the form named Transfer Between Accounts. Pick the source and destination accounts, fill in the date and the amount of the transfer, and add a description and memo if desired. Click the transfer button at the bottom of the form to make it happen.

Fill in the Details

Check out the two matching transactions. After the transfer, you’ll notice two special matching transactions — one in the source account and one in the destination account. Look on your Transactions page under the Bank tab and you’ll see that transfer transactions are easily spotted by the little colorful arrow icon in the description field. You can jump to the matching transaction in the other account by clicking on the account name link in the description. After jumping, the matching transaction briefly highlights in orange to make it stand out.

Jump Between Matching Transfer Transactions

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