Email Money to a FamZoo Card for Free Using Square Cash

Darn! Looks like the party and all the magic is over (at least for now). As of October 27, 2013, Square does not appear to be allowing customers to link our MasterCard prepaid debit cards anymore. We have an inquiry into Square’s customer support to find out the details and whether support will be re-enabled in the future. I’ll update this post as soon as we hear back.

You and the kids have FamZoo prepaid cards, and everyone wants to send you money.

  • Send Money to a FamZoo Card Using Square CashGrammy Jane wants to shoot some weekend shopping money to Haley.
  • Mrs. Laurence next door wants to pay Quintin for feeding the dogs while they were away last week.
  • Uncle Mark wants to put a quick birthday bonus on Payton’s card.
  • Will needs an easy, convenient way to get paid for his odd jobs around the neighborhood.
  • You even want to send yourself money — moving funds from your checking account to your parent funding card.

What if it were as simple as sending a quick little email? Like this:

From: anyone@abc.com
To: you-or-your-kids@xyz.com
CC: cash@square.com
Subject: $20

You’ve got money!

It is — as long as the person behind “anyone@abc.com” has a VISA or MasterCard debit/prepaid card. The sender just needs to compose an email to you or your child, put cash@square.com in the CC line, put the amount in the Subject line, and hit send. That’s it!

It’s quick — 1 to 2 days to transfer funds at the longest, but often it’s immediate. (In all my tests so far, the money has come through right away.)

It’s free.

It’s magical!

It’s Square Cash.

So how does Square know where to find and deposit the money? The first time you send or receive an email CCing cash@square.com, you’ll get an email from Square asking you to associate your email address with a card. Your family members can register their FamZoo cards since they’re MasterCard prepaid debit cards. Just follow the super simple instructions from Square. For subsequent transactions, you and your kids won’t have to do anything other than send or receive an email, although occasionally Square will ask participants to complete an additional confirmation step as part of their security measures.

Square Cash is my new favorite way to load my FamZoo parent funding card from my checking account. How? All you need is two different email addresses for yourself. Link one address with your checking account debit card (remember, it must have the VISA or MasterCard symbol on it). Link the other address with your FamZoo parent funding card. Then, using your two email addresses, send yourself an email like the one above. Viola! A transfer between your checking account and your FamZoo card that’s free, fast, and convenient.

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