FamZoo Security Update

As you may be aware, major websites and internet security experts made news this week by announcing a security flaw in a commonly used piece of internet security software called OpenSSL. You can get more details here:


OpenSSL is used by banks, merchants, and other service providers, including FamZoo, to encrypt information as it passes back and forth between your browser and a website. This week it was announced that the "Heartbleed" flaw was inadvertently introduced into OpenSSL in May of 2012.

The providers that handle our hosting, payment, and card processing services have taken steps to address the flaw on all of their servers. We continue to track the industry response to the situation and will keep our FamZoo families posted on any additional steps that we take.

What should you do? OpenSSL is used in roughly two-thirds of the websites on the Internet. Security experts recommend that you change your passwords periodically even under normal conditions; now is probably a good time to start that good practice! Here's the FamZoo FAQ entry on changing FamZoo passwords:


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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