Young Parents Earn Baby Bucks for Learning Life Skills

Clients of the Young Parents Services program earning "Baby Bucks" on FamZoo for learning critical life skills.

We’re always delighted to work with non-profit organizations who help families develop critical life skills. The Family Resource Centre on the Island of Grand Cayman is one of those wonderful organizations. Through its Young Parents Services program, clients bring their babies with them to the center four days each week where they participate in presentations, take educational online classes, learn about helpful parenting tools, and receive interactive parenting advice. The program promotes healthy lifestyles and habits to help equip the young parents with the skills they need to have a successful, well-rounded family and professional future.

Personal finance is clearly one of those valuable life skills, but how does FamZoo fit in when the kids involved are just babies? It’s not for the kids. It’s for the parents. Carlie Rowell, a program support worker, explains:

Famzoo is used to track the clients’ progress by way of virtual “Baby Bucks” which they are able to earn for participating and completing certain contributions from their checklists each day. At the end of each month we offer them the ability to spend these virtual bucks to buy items which have been donated by the public. The more they have earned, the more they can buy for themselves and their babies. It’s a great incentive that they are in control of, and clients can monitor their success from anywhere with Internet access.

It’s always fun to see FamZoo used in ways we never anticipated. In this case, the Family Resource Centre has created an online bank for managing the flow of virtual currency in a “life skills” economy. Very cool.

So how’s FamZoo working out? I’m pleased to say Carlie gives it a big thumbs up:

FamZoo is a fantastic tool for us. We love how easy it is for our clients to use and for us as administrators. We have tried other tools in the past but FamZoo surpasses anything else we have used and has taken away the headache of tracking our virtual bucks!! We love it.

Do you know a non-profit that could use FamZoo in clever ways to encourage the development of important life skills? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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