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Preserve Financial Dignity For Your Loved Ones

Elderly woman receiving a hand

Recently, I received one of those heartbreaking cancellation notices we always dread. Jean wrote:

“Unfortunately, my Mom passed away so the card is no longer needed.”

It’s always so sad to hear of a loved one’s passing.

Jean was kind enough to include some additional detail:

“The card worked well for our family. My Mom had dementia and was living in an assisted living facility where we wanted her to have financial freedom but theft was a concern. Being able to turn the card on/off easily from my phone enabled Mom to shop while with a companion but turned off after a shopping trip.”

It was uplifting to learn that FamZoo played a meaningful role in providing financial access to a loved one under very difficult circumstances.

Over the years, we’ve stumbled upon a variety of unanticipated positive use cases for FamZoo. Serendipity has made this mission-driven venture so fulfilling. Scenarios include foster families, at-risk youth programs, unbanked families, loved ones struggling with substance or behavioral addiction issues, and family members of all ages with special needs, disabilities, or diseases.

Jean’s mom suffered from Alzheimer’s. Jean told me:

“Bill, it might be worth sharing this use with AARP and the Alzheimer’s association. I searched many elder care sites for ideas of how to handle money securely with elders, without success. I was told ‘no one with Alzheimer’s needs money.’

That’s maddening to hear.

Jean makes a compelling case to the contrary:

“People with Alzheimer’s are often targets for theft as no one believes them if they report cash missing. It is assumed they just ‘lost’ it. The FamZoo card was one way to preserve my Mom’s dignity and independence for things like Christmas shopping and purchasing clothing while protecting her bank accounts. For the same reasons the card provides parents with safe options for their children, it also provides grown children and spouses a safe option for cognitively challenged elders.”

Beautifully said.

When asked if I could share her experiences with others, Jean consented with this wish:

“I hope this helps someone else going through a similar, incredibly difficult situation.”

We’re proud to provide a safe financial option for families grappling with difficult circumstances. Let us know if we can help.

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