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  • 8/14/2023Credit Karma
    The 5 Best Prepaid Cards of 2023
    “Best for kids: FamZoo. The FamZoo card gives parents a prepaid option to allow their kids the chance to earn and spend money. It also has built-in tools that can help teach financial responsibility. Parents load up a main funding card, which they can then use to transfer money between each family member with a card. As a parent, you can use the card to distribute money for things like errands, chores or allowance — it’s up to you. You can also request reimbursements or contributions to a shared family fund.”
  • 6/1/2023Business Insider
    5 Best Debit Cards for Teens of June 2023
    “Best kid’s debit card overall: FamZoo prepaid debit card.”
  • 3/9/2023Well Kept Wallet
    15 Best Money Apps For Teens (Investing, Budgeting and More)
    “FamZoo is a family-friendly app that includes earning, saving and spending options for teens and kids. Money earned is placed in an account that your teen accesses via a prepaid spending card. Teens can also set goals for saving and giving. Plus, they can place money in a savings pod. Chores assigned to more than one child are ‘stealable,’ teaching kids that the early bird gets the worm.”
  • 2/2/2023Family Money Adventure
    The Best Debit Cards for Kids
    “With a motto centered around education, ‘preparing kids for the financial jungle’, FamZoo prepaid cards are well-known for teaching good money habits from a young age.”
  • 1/17/2023Kids’ Money
    FamZoo Review
    “One of the best things about FamZoo is that it works for a variety of families and age groups. Mixing and matching the IOU account with a prepaid card allows you to adapt to your child’s changing needs and maturity level.”


  • 12/13/2022AOL
    13 Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens
    “The FamZoo app and prepaid card give your children the opportunity to learn how to manage money. You can load the cards anytime, albeit for a fee of up to $4.95 for instant options like cash or digital wallet transfers, and track all the activity on the cards digitally. You can also set up payments for chores, create automatic allowances and pay your kids interest on their savings.”
  • 12/06/2022MSN
    5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2022
    “Best for Kids: FamZoo Prepaid Card... You can teach kids about money and budgeting by loading their allowance onto their own kid-friendly FamZoo prepaid debit card.”
  • 11/28/2022Forbes Advisor
    Best Allowance And Chore App For Kids
    “FamZoo: Best for All Ages... You have the option to receive prepaid cards that you can transfer real money to for each of your kids. As an alternative, there’s an option to set up IOU accounts for your kids, which keep track of their money virtually if you pay your kids outside of the app in cash or other methods.”
  • 11/01/2022Marriage Kids & Money
    FamZoo Review (2023): Financial Literacy and Debit Card for Kids
    “If there is one thing FamZoo does really well, it’s providing their customers with a ton of impressive features—many of which you simply can’t find anywhere else. For an app with such a simple concept, it’s pretty amazing how many things you can actually do with this software. All of these features are specifically designed to help your children and teens become financially savvy along the way. That way, they never have to know what it’s like to be drowning in debt as adults.”
  • 10/25/2022Focus on the Family
    Five Money Apps That Pay Off
    “This app kicks things up a notch and gives the tools for an IOU account that’s held elsewhere by mom and dad or a prepaid card account with a debit card that parents can load with money for their kids’ use (with no risk of overdraft).”
  • 10/12/2022The Washington Informer
    Resources to Support Teen Financial Literacy
    “FamZoo is an award-winning app acting as a private family banking system. It’s designed to help parents teach kids to earn, save, spend, and donate money wisely in a safe, friendly environment.”
  • 9/15/2022Business Insider
    The Best Debit Cards for Kids of September 2022
    “Best kids’ debit card overall: Famzoo Prepaid Debit Card. The FamZoo debit card is a good option for families with more than one child. You can get up to four free debit cards with one subscription. At other institutions, you may have to get individual plans for each child. It also may be worthwhile if you’re looking for a debit card that’s easy to use. Access FamZoo through your computer, FamZoo’s mobile app, or even via text message, so your child doesn’t need a smartphone to use and manage the card. You also don’t need to link a bank account, which may be a requirement at other companies. Instead, FamZoo allows you to load cash onto your card at Green Dot locations.”
  • 8/17/2022Wealth of Geeks
    The 7 Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens in 2022
    “The monthly fee covers the whole family, so FamZoo is another cost-effective option for families needing multiple cards. In addition, they offer multiple subscription terms to lower costs. Lastly, FamZoo offers more literature and explanation than any of the other options on this list, so if you’re one who prefers as much information as possible, FamZoo is likely the best option for you.”
  • 8/4/2022New York Family
    10 Best Kid’s Debit Card Options
    “FamZoo’s financial literacy for youth comes first and they have prioritized this in their educational prepaid card. Experience features like parent-paid compound interest, child loan tracking, reimbursement requests, family billing and more!”
  • 7/27/2022MoneyCrashers
    The Best Prepaid Cards for Budgeting of 2022
    “Best for Kids and Teens: FamZoo is a fantastic family budgeting app. Relatedly, the company is behind the best debit card for kids and parents — the best solution for adults who want to set their tweens and teens up for financial success in the not-so-distant future.”
  • 7/6/2022The College Investor
    FamZoo Review 2022: Debit Card For Kids
    “Because FamZoo was started by a dad, the company has a ‘family feel’ to it and they offer excellent customer service. They even have a private online community where you can ask questions and interact with other parents working to teach their kids important money lessons.”
  • 6/6/2022CreditDonkey
    Greenlight vs GoHenry vs FamZoo
    “FamZoo is the most cost-effective debit card for kids, especially if you have multiple children. The monthly fee is $5.99, but you can prepay to get a discount. If you pay in advance for 24 months, the monthly fee comes out to be just $2.50 per month.”
  • 5/23/2022CreditDonkey
    10 Best Prepaid Cards for Kids 2022
    “Best money tools: FamZoo. FamZoo is a prepaid card that offers some unique features to help families teach money management skills. Although the app doesn’t offer educational content, it does offer tools for spending, saving, and budgeting money. One interesting feature is informal loans. You can lend your child money and have them pay you back with interest. You can also pay interest on your kid’s savings, similar to a high-interest savings account.”
  • 4/27/2022Finovate Blog
    Finovate Best of Show Winners Champion Financial Literacy
    “FamZoo demoed its technology on the Finovate stage twice — in 2011 and again in 2013 — winning Best of Show on both occasions. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California and founded in 2006, the two-time Best of Show winner offers a prepaid card and financial education for kids in a single family finance app.”
  • 4/10/2022ValueWalk
    15 Best Debit Cards for Kids to Learn Personal Finance Essentials
    “It is a prepaid debit card that parents can give their kids based on a very interesting educational concept. FamZoo is a virtual ‘family bank’ in which parents are the bankers and the children are their customers.”
  • 4/5/2022Money Inc
    The 10 Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Kids
    “The Famzoo prepaid card was set up with the simple aim of teaching kids financial literacy.”
  • 04/03/2022The Ascent by Motley Fool
    FamZoo Review: Teaching Kids Smart Financial Habits With Virtual Banking
    “The best part about FamZoo is the fact that you can customize it to fit your family’s needs. If you just want to keep track of your kids’ allowances, you can do that. If you want to show them how budgeting methods, interest, and loans work, those are all options, too.”
  • 3/26/2022Boss Single Mama
    FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card Review 2022: Is Is It the Best Debit Card for Kids?
    “Customer service gets rave reviews.”
  • 3/29/
    Credit Cards For Kids & Ways to Help Them Build Credit
    “Because of this card’s focus on chores and earning an income, it is especially good for instilling the value of hard work. And since it’s a Mastercard, your child can use it almost anywhere.”
  • 2/21/2022Young and the Invested
    10 Best Greenlight Alternatives
    “FamZoo is our top education choice because of its strong financial education library which improves its overall value.”


  • 12/10/2021Young and the Invested
    Greenlight vs. FamZoo: Who Has the Best Debit Card for Kids?
    “FamZoo also offers upfront discounted pricing, lowering your effective monthly fee if this appeals to you and having certainty of your banking needs for that period of time... FamZoo offers the ability for parents to issue loans with a parent-set interest rate and terms. Kids can borrow money and learn about interest when it works against you on credit.”
  • 12/10/2021Saved by the Cents
    Understand Costs Of Greenlight, GoHenry, FamZoo, And BusyKid
    “Paying $5.99 per month can get you full access to FamZoo for your entire family. However, if you want to save money, you can opt for a ‘pay-in-advance’ plan instead.”
  • 11/30/2021GOBankingRates
    The Top 6 Financial Apps To Help Teens Learn More About Money
    “FamZoo is an app designed to make older kids responsible for their real-life spending by teaching how finances work, how to budget and of course, how to save money.”
  • 11/29/2021Policygenius
    Best Personal Finance Apps Of 2022
    “The best teen banking solutions include oversight protections for parents and educational resources for teens. FamZoo has both, plus the ability to set up multiple accounts for different purposes, and create incentives for your teens when they meet savings and budgeting goals. Parents can even loan money to their teens at a customized interest rate.”
  • 11/19/2021Credit Donkey
    FamZoo Review
    “Customer service is a bright spot for FamZoo. The company is handled like a genuine small family business, not an overstretched corporation. Unlike most finance companies that outsource customer support or make it nearly impossible to speak to a real person, if you have a question for FamZoo you’ll likely receive a reply from the owner himself...”
  • 11/12/2021Business Insider
    Parents Use These 9 Debit Cards And Apps To Help Kids Earn Money For Chores, Save, And Invest
  • 11/01/2021Business Insider
    The Best Prepaid Debit Cards Of 2021
    The FamZoo card is a good option if you want to help manage your kids’ money without adding them to your bank account. Assign each kid a card and put money for allowance, birthday gifts, or money for other purposes onto their cards. You can also track each card’s balance and purchases from your app, as well as lock cards.
  • 11/10/2021Best Wallet Hacks
    Best Debit Card For Kids: Why You Should Consider a Debit Card for Your Child
    “Best For: Parents that want younger kids to have debit cards and for larger families.”
  • 11/09/2021Debt Discipline
    10 Best Debit Cards for Kids
    “FamZoo is a prepaid debit card for families (via Mastercard). But it’s much more than that — it’s also a service that helps parents set up hands-on financial education for their kids.”
  • 10/20/2021My Millenial Guide
    10 Best Debit Cards for Kids (October 2021)
    “Overall, FamZoo has more in-depth controls than most debit cards for kids. There aren’t minimum account requirements or hidden fees. However, FamZoo costs $5.99 per month after a free first month. This monthly fee covers any number of family members. You also save up to 58% for prepaying for 24 months, so FamZoo can become more affordable.”
  • 10/15/2021Best Wallet Hacks
    Best Debit Card For Kids: Why You Should Consider a Debit Card for Your Child
    “FamZoo: Best for parents that want younger kids to have debit cards and for larger families.”
  • 10/15/2021Women who Money
    Allowance and Debit Cards for Kids: Greenlight vs gohenry vs FamZoo
    “If you’re wary of giving your child a debit card, FamZoo might be the solution for you. The company gives you a choice for setting up allowance spending, either a prepaid debit card or an ‘IOU’ system. FamZoo is one of the oldest apps on the market. It was founded in 2006 by Bill Dwight, a father who wanted a hands-on way to teach kids the concepts of personal finance and good spending habits.”
  • 10/12/2021My Millenial Guide
    10 Best Debit Cards for Kids (October 2021)
    “Overall, FamZoo has more in-depth controls than most debit cards for kids. There aren’t minimum account requirements or hidden fees.”
  • 10/12/2021Experian
    Why Debit Cards for Kids are a Good Move
    “Some platforms offer extra motivation for kids to save up. For one, FamZoo allows families to pay interest on their kids’ savings so they can watch their money grow.”
  • 10/12/2021MyBankTracker
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Teenagers in 2021
    “FamZoo describes itself as a virtual family bank designed to help teach your kids good money habits. It provides private online family banking in which you act as the banker, and your kids are the customers. It works based on a prepaid card with each child having separate access to their own accounts. It’s a debit MasterCard that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. You can even set up allowance payments or chore payments as compensation for assigned work your children do around the home. The idea is to teach your child the value of work and the concept of earning money. You can even set up penalty fees if assigned chores are not completed. There are no setup fees. A flat monthly fee — which can be reduced with upfront payments — covers your full participation. The fee covers your entire family of up to four members.”
  • 10/08/2021APYGUY
    20+ Best Debit Cards for Kids & Teens for October 2021
    “This virtual family bank is great for families of all sizes and can be customized to meet your children’s specific needs. FamZoo is easy to use from both the parent and child perspective and the prepaid cards can be used safely anywhere where Mastercard is accepted.”
  • 10/02/2021New York Times
    They Want to Hand Your Kid a Debit Card. What Do You Do?
    “Consider the help you may need, too. ‘Everyone underestimates customer service,’ said Mr. Dwight, of FamZoo, which has a fairly modest roster of 13,000 family clients. ‘When your teenage daughter is stuck at a gas station, you kind of don’t want a bot.’ He would say something like that, given that his is a sort of home-brewed product, where he and his partner respond to customer inquiries themselves. FamZoo also earns bonus points for the granularity of the F.A.Q. on its website, which bestills my dorked-out heart for the way it anticipates nearly every use (and misuse) case. Test out any start-up you’re considering by sending a message with a question to see what kind of response you get.”
  • 09/29/2021SimpleMoneyLyfe
    Greenlight vs. FamZoo: Which Debit Card is Better?
    “Both cards share similar features, such as parental oversight tools and parent-paid interest. And while Greenlight offers investing features, FamZoo is more geared toward families on the whole, with options like IOU accounts, shared family expenses, and informal loans.”
  • 09/28/2021Magnify Money
    The 9 Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2021
    “Best for spending and sharing money as a family: FamZoo Prepaid Card. The FamZoo Prepaid Card lets you set up different accounts for your kids to teach them about spending, saving and giving. You can also set up savings goals and request payments as well as transferring funds for specific purchases.”
  • 09/25/2021MarketProSecure
    FamZoo vs Greenlight — Which Teen Prepaid Debit Card Is Better?
    “While both debit cards have their advantages, we have to say that our favorite is FamZoo. It provides better control over your kids’ spendings while it also teaches them about money management. And, there is no limit of kids per account.”
  • 09/25/2021Money Prodigy
    Greenlight vs. FamZoo (What’s the Best Debit Card for Kids & Teens?)
    “Both Greenlight and FamZoo are prepaid debit cards with apps, and we’ll go over the big differences, subtle differences, and likenesses between the two.”
  • 09/24/2020Well Kept Wallet
    10 Best Debit Cards For Kids And Teens
    “The FamZoo prepaid cards were set up for the sole purpose of helping kids learn good money management skills. The FamZoo card can be opened for any age child — from preschool on up. All activity on the cards can be tracked digitally, meaning kids can see where they’re spending their money. And parents have access to each cardholder’s card activity at any time.”
  • 09/21/2021Investopedia
    The 5 Best Debit Cards for Kids in 2021
    “Best for education. FamZoo is our choice as best for education because of the company’s extensive financial literacy features and its overall value. FamZoo offers an iPhone and Android mobile app with several unique educational features. The apps offer chore lists, purpose-driven accounts, savings goals, instant transfers, real-time alerts, and more. There are free trials for both the prepaid cards and IOU accounts. After that, you may pay as little as $2.50 per family per month for up to four cards if you pay for two years upfront at $59.99.”
  • 09/21/2021ZDNet
    The Best Prepaid Debit Cards 2021
    “Best for families. FamZoo takes a different approach to the traditional debit card instead of using its accounts as an opportunity for family-friendly spending. More specifically, the FamZoo Prepaid Card is designed to teach kids responsible spending by providing a well-rounded financial education. Built-in parental controls like the Virtual Family Bank still benefit parents and allow the sharing of funds while offering growing children the opportunity to learn financial freedom.”
  • 09/21/2021Young and the Invested
    13 Best Debit Cards for Kids & Teens to Become Money Savvy
    “Best for Financial Education. FamZoo is our top education choice because of its strong financial education library which improves its overall value.”
  • 08/26/2021GOBankingRates
    15 Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens
    “The FamZoo prepaid card gives your children the opportunity to learn how to manage money. You can load the cards anytime and track all the activity on the cards digitally. You can also set up payment for chores, create automatic allowances and pay interest on savings.”
  • 08/09/2021Young & the Invested
    Greenlight vs. Famzoo: Who Has the Best Debit Card for Kids?
    “While both offer similar features, they differ in some ways in terms of features, functionality and price — with each potentially offering a better value proposition than the other, depending on your unique circumstances and family situation.”
  • 07/24/2021Money Prodigy
    The 5 Best Allowance and Budgeting Apps for Kids
    “Psst: What is the best prepaid debit card for a teenager? My top pick is FamZoo. This award-winning, family finance app packs quite the punch. In fact, it’s called a Virtual Family Bank, and I can see why.”
  • 07/21/2021Yahoo Lifestyle
    The 5 Best Allowance and Budgeting Apps for Kids
    “FamZoo is one of the most comprehensive allowance apps on the market. It’s designed to provide your child with a great deal of practice managing their money, says Jacqueline Gilchrist, founder of the site Mom Money Map. ‘You can use FamZoo to schedule allowances and chores and have the payments funnel into savings, giving, and spending accounts to teach kids how to be responsible with money,’ explains Gilchrist.”
  • 06/17/2021American Banker
    Verizon Builds Challenger Bank For Children
    “These features mirror those of existing challenger banks for Generation Z such as BusyKid, FamZoo, Goalsetter, gohenry, Greenlight, Step, Till Financial and Wingocard, along with JPMorgan Chase’s First Banking and Apple Card’s Apple Family. Chore assignments, allowance transfers and parental controls are common features among these apps.”
  • 06/14/
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards For Teens & Parents of 2021
    “The FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard can aggregate multiple family accounts into one and give each family member access to his or her own card. As the head of household and the main account holder, you can monitor spending, set spending limits, and distribute funds however you like to each FamZoo card connected to your account.”
  • 05/27/2021ABC Local News, WXYZ Detroit
    Teaching Financial Literacy To Your Kids As Summer Break Approaches With Earning Potential Options
    “‘Why is having a tool like this so powerful and so impactful when it comes to raising kids and teenagers?’ Ameera David asked Dwight. ‘I believe it’s because it puts the power in the hands of the children,’ said Dwight.”
  • 04/19/
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards For Minors of 2021
    “FamZoo is one of the best prepaid debit cards for minors because it helps get the whole family involved in financial literacy. The FamZoo Prepaid Mastercard is designed for families and as a parent, you can hold the primary card used to fund the other accounts. You can transfer funds between family members whether it’s for allowance, chores, or odd jobs, among other things.”
  • 04/16/2021Forbes
    10 Family Apps To Manage Allowance And Chores
    “FamZoo is designed for preschoolers up to college age kids. The app helps parents manage finances for their kids as they earn or are given money. You have the option to receive prepaid cards that you can transfer real money to for each of your kids. As an alternative, there’s an option to set up IOU accounts for your kids, which keeps track of their money virtually if you pay your kids outside of the app in cash or other methods. You pay a monthly subscription fee with both account options. The app features a straightforward interface parents can use to view accounts, transfer money and create chores and other checklists. You can set amounts for each task, and FamZoo automatically moves the funds as tasks are completed and checked off the list. As your children grow, you can add more complex features, like budgets and loans. Parents have control over access settings to give kids as much or as little access to accounts as desired.”
  • 04/14/2021FinCon
    How Can We Help Parents Raise Money-smart Kids in a Consumption-Oriented World?
    “Becoming money-smart is tough enough for many parents to achieve. If we’re not experts ourselves, how can we possibly raise money-smart kids? Where do we begin? In this panel [which includes Bill Dwight from], we turn to financial experts and fellow parents to explore tips and tactics we can use to armor our kids for battle in the real world. The panel discusses the current research, but the primary focus is on what parents can do to make sure their kids leave the nest money-empowered.”
  • 03/08/2021The Ascent by Motley Fool
    The Best Financial Literacy Apps for 2021
    “Best financial literacy app for families. FamZoo is a virtual family bank with parents as the bankers and children as the customers. Everyone in the family gets their own bank account. Parents can set up automated allowances, create budgets, give out loans, and much more. FamZoo offers both an IOU system that tracks money couples plan to give their children and prepaid cards that parents can load with money. One of the biggest benefits of this finance app is that parents can keep it simple to start and then teach more sophisticated financial concepts later.”
  • 03/08/2021Logical Dollar
    FamZoo Review: The Key to Teaching Your Kids About Money?
    “FamZoo is a seriously great way to teach kids about money that moves away from the more traditional cash-based methods. Instead, they’ll be able to gain an understanding of how to manage their finances even when they can’t directly see what they’re spending — a much better reflection of most people’s spending reality these days. In particular, the range of features offered by FamZoo is truly impressive, even if you may not quite know where to start at first. The fact you scale your FamZoo account up to include things like compound interest, loans, saving goals and more means you can easily adapt your account to your kids’ learning needs and level of understanding.”
  • 02/22/2021APYGUY
    FamZoo Review — Build Strong Financial Habits Early
    “FamZoo is an excellent kids’ debit card because it offers more real-world money management experiences than the average product like it and comes with more educational resources. The FamZoo platform is very collaborative so this product is best for families that want to work together — parents with time to teach and kids excited to learn. This debit card is packed with features and comes at a value that’s hard to beat.”
  • 02/15/2021Net Worth Hacks
    Episode 99 — FamZoo Review
    “If you want to teach your kids about money, and you’re okay to put in a little bit of time and investment upfront to really learn the program and how it works, this is a powerful tool. It can really help you drive home your philosophies that you want to teach your kids about and what principles you follow when it comes to managing your finances...small company, great customer service, fun Facebook page that parents are on that you can ask questions, and share ideas, and principles, and’s been a great experience.”
  • 02/01/2021Business Insider
    The 5 best prepaid debit cards of 2021
    “The FamZoo card is a good option if you want to help manage your kids’ money without adding them to your bank account. Assign each kid a card and put money for allowance, birthday gifts, or money for other purposes onto their cards. You can also track each card’s balance and purchases from your app, as well as lock cards.”
  • 01/29/2021Nerd Wallet
    Buzzy Banking Apps for Kids and Teens
    “This app can come with a prepaid debit card that lets parents monitor account activity and track balances. It also has an option to create a virtual ‘IOU’ account. With this alternative, the parent or child manually enters transactions for funds held elsewhere — such as cash in a piggy bank. Or they can simply manage virtual IOU money in the app, which might be a good choice for younger kids who aren’t yet ready to handle real currency.”
  • 01/27/2021Nerd Wallet
    6 Best Prepaid Debit Cards
    “Best for parents. Prepaid Debit Card FamZoo is a family-friendly prepaid Mastercard that lets parents become virtual bankers for their kids, even those younger than 13. Four cards can be part of one monthly plan, but more can be added for a one-time $3 fee per card. From the website or app, you can send allowances, split payments, see balances and activity across all cards and set up text and email alerts.”
  • 01/26/2021The Balance
    The 7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2021
    “Best for kids. With the FamZoo prepaid card, you can create parent and child roles with cards that limit access and functionality. You can transfer money between cards and create automatic recurring transfers from one card to another, say for a weekly or monthly allowance. There’s a feature to tie chores and jobs to rewards or penalties and parents can lock and unlock cards for fraud protection or to control card access.”
  • 01/11/2021Best Wallet Hacks
    Should Kids Get An Allowance?
    “According to FamZoo, the average allowance ranges from about $5 to $15 per week depending on the age of the child. FamZoo is a chores app you can use to give your kids direct access to allowance or money earned from chores. There’s a debit card attached to your child’s FamZoo account that allows them to spend, save, give, or invest the money they’ve earned.”


  • 12/18/2020APYGUY
    12 Best Debit Cards for Kids and Teens in 2021
    “This virtual family bank is great for families of all sizes and can be customized to meet your children’s specific needs. FamZoo is easy to use from both the parent and child perspective and the prepaid cards can be used safely anywhere where Mastercard is accepted.”
  • 12/09/2020Living the Dream with Curveball
    Living the Dream with Bill Dwight
    “In this episode I talk with founder of, Bill Dwight, about teaching your kids about money.”
  • 11/30/2020CNBC
    Best prepaid cards of December 2020
    “Best for families: FamZoo Prepaid Card. Great way for parents to teach kids about money. Parents can control kids’ spending, set up automatic recurring transfers (i.e. allowance), lock and unlock cards.”
  • 11/18/2020CFO at Home
    Episode 19: Teaching Financial Literacy through “The Bank of Mom and Dad” with Bill Dwight of
    “Bill Dwight is the CEO and Founder of, where the mission is to bring financial literacy to 40 million American kids through thoughtful parent-moderated payment technology. On this episode of CFO at Home, Bill and Vince discuss creating ‘The Bank of Mom and Dad’ to teach kids money management skills, the virtues and downsides of trading apps, the Family 401K, and more.”
  • 11/11/2020Lifehack
    10 Best Ways to Save Money Faster and Smarter
    “Get a FamZoo Debit Card. This is something my wife and I swear by, and it’s great for the entire family! FamZoo strictly exists to help families and kids budget their money better. Each month, my wife and I have an allotted amount loaded onto our pre-paid FamZoo debit card. This amount has changed every year depending on promotions, kids, stage of life, etc. The important part is that when you give yourself the freedom to spend a certain amount, you are more likely to only spend the allotted amount. Think of it as a diet. If you are counting calories, you are more likely to stick close to the amount you set.”
  • 11/03/2020MSN Money
    How to Help Your Kids Build Credit
    “You should also take a look at our tips for teaching kids about credit cards, such as enrolling your kids in an age-appropriate financial literacy course (check your public library for free options) or using apps like Bankaroo or FamZoo to teach your children about spending, saving and buying on credit.”
  • 10/28/2020US News
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards
    “FamZoo is a fun tool you can use to teach your kids about budgeting. You can have four cards on a monthly plan, but you can add cards for a low fee. Having multiple cards lets you send allowances to your kids. The card offers a great way to teach kids and teens about money. It’s easy to transfer allowances to kids. Parents can limit access to the kids’ cards, if needed.”
  • 10/23/2020PaySpace Magazine
    Top 6 Most Innovative Banking and Financial Products for Kids
    “Today we’ll take a look at the most exciting financial and banking products created for kids by the most innovative fintech players... FamZoo prepaid cards are a MasterCard reloadable card offering designed specifically for families. Linked together and accessed online through FamZoo’s Virtual Family Bank software, the cards are used collaboratively to share funds between family members and develop financial responsibility. Each family member can have either one or a few prepaid cards. You can order multiple cards per family member with each dedicated to a specific purpose — like clothing, lunch money, toys, charity, saving for a vacation or a party, building an emergency fund, etc.”
  • 10/19/2020Investopedia
    The 5 Best Debit Cards for Teens in 2020
    “FamZoo is our choice as best for education because of the company’s extensive financial literacy features and its overall value. FamZoo offers an iPhone and Android mobile app with several unique educational features... FamZoo offers a number of features to promote financial literacy through allowance, chores, parent-paid interest, savings goals, family billing, and more... FamZoo stands out with its numerous financial literacy features, affordable family pricing, and limited fees.”
  • 10/14/2020Eann — Money, Investing Personal Finance Daily Videos
    Best Debit Card For Kids — Greenlight vs FamZoo vs goHenry
    “In my opinion, the best card here is going to be FamZoo. It could be FamZoo and Greenlight, but FamZoo has a lot more features, and also features that can help your kids learn more about personal finance. So, it’s more than just a debit card for kids.”
  • 10/14/2020Middle Class Money
    Budgeting with Famzoo CEO
    “Today [on the Middle Class Money Podcast] we sit down with the FamZoo CEO to discuss why budgeting, financial freedom, and teaching your family how to manage money is one of the best things you can do as a parent.”
  • 10/12/2020Dooner’s World
    Episode 59: Bill Dwight
    “Life in Palo Alto, California. Working for Oracle and Larry Ellison. Starting Bill discussed the philosophy and process behind his family financial tools at And much more!!!!”
  • 10/09/2020Next Gen Personal Finance Podcast
    Dr. Page and Bill Dwight on Teens, FinLit Tech, and Parents
    “Dr. Pat Page, a current classroom teacher, NGPF Fellow, and former State Teacher of the Year, recently completed her Ph.D. and studied the parents’ perceptions of financial technology to support financial socialization and literacy levels. Together, with FamZoo owner Bill Dwight, they shared what they learned, why it should matter to teachers, and how we can apply it to support our own students. They discuss family socialization examples such as students teaching parents and boiling down what parents can teach their kids into one 4x6 index card. Should parents pay an allowance? Should they pay for chores? Should parents assess fines to their kids for misbehaving? Find out what Dr. Page and Bill have to say!”
  • 10/08/2020Best Wallet Hacks
    The Best Low Fee and Free Prepaid Debit Cards
    “FamZoo is a prepaid card designed explicitly for families. Most families create a ‘Bank of [Family]’ and have cards for each of the children. Then the parents load money on each card as they see fit — allowance, chores, ‘just because,’ etc. It’s a great way to teach kids about money management in a very simple sandbox.”
  • 10/06/2020Forbes
    Fintech For Families Arrives At Opportune Moment
    “A flurry of financial products for families, specifically children, has arrived in the past few weeks, and just in time: the pandemic and concomitant difficulties, financial or otherwise have placed crushing burdens on all but the wealthiest and most privileged of caregivers... Kard joins the likes of unicorn Greenlight, Till Financial, Jassy, FamZoo, Gohenry and the soon-to-be launched REGO Wallet (formerly known as Virtual Piggy.)... The breadth and depth of options becoming available presents huge opportunities to equip minors with the tools necessary to become more educated around their finances, something that many Americans can use, especially in the current state of the country. Educating and empowering the next generation should create a more financially responsible population for years to come.”
  • 10/01/2020Parentology
    The Best Apps That Teach Kids Personal Finance
    “The FamZoo app claims that it prepares kids for the financial jungle by helping them learn how to earn and save money. Kids can use a prepaid card tied to their FamZoo account to learn about spending money without fear that they will overdraft their card or wrack up hidden fees. Choose between a prepaid card account and an IOU account. (The IOU account is perfect for parents and caregivers who aren’t ready to let their children have the financial reigns of free-spending.)”
  • 09/21/2020Your Money Geek
    7 Best Prepaid Cards to Control Your Budget
    “FamZoo is the ideal card for families who want to start to teach their kids about money and budgeting so that they can grow up to be a fiscally responsible person. Through FamZoo, you can get four cards (more with an added cost) and allocate a budget to each card. They even offer budgeting tools and incentives to help you teach your kids good habits.”
  • 09/18/2020GOBankingRates
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2020
    “Best for Kids: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card. There’s no better way to teach kids about money and budgeting than by loading their allowance onto their own kid-friendly FamZoo prepaid debit card. Parents can check card balances, get text and email alerts about spending activity, send each child an allowance and even pay them interest. Kids learn more about financial literacy by viewing helpful infographics that let them set and track their savings goals.”
  • 09/17/2020KidEngage
    11 Apps to Make Your Kids Money Smart
    “You won’t find any animals at this zoo but you will find a wildly innovative way to teach your kids about money and personal finance. You use this app to turn your little cubs into little bankers! FamZoo is an online virtual family bank. It helps busy parents teach their kids good money habits. And it’s not just a static tool either. It lets parents teach their kids through hands-on practice. That includes teaching them to earn, save, spend, and give money wisely.”
  • 09/16/2020The Balance
    The 7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2020
    “Best for Kids: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card. Teaching kids to manage money can be tough in the age of debit and credit cards. With the FamZoo prepaid card, you can create parent and child roles with cards that limit access and functionality. You can transfer money between cards and create automatic recurring transfers from one card to another, say for a weekly or monthly allowance. There’s a feature to tie chores and jobs to rewards or penalties and parents can lock and unlock cards for fraud protection or to control card access.”
  • 09/16/2020The Jaded 80s Baby Podcast
    Episode 20: Bill Dwight — FamZoo
    “How old were you when you finally learned how to manage money? This week’s guest is the founder and CEO of FamZoo, Bill Dwight. He stopped by to discuss teaching your kids about money, the tools that worked for his kids, how to prepare your kids for future financial success, and life in general.”
  • 09/10/2020Life Skills Advocate
    15 Awesome Budgeting Apps For Diverse Learners
    “FamZoo is a personal finance app that is perfect for kids who are very young (even at the preschool level) all the way up to college. It can also be used by parents. Lots of parents use this app as a high-tech allowance system. You schedule chores for your child to do. As long as they do those chores, you can release money to their account. You can even set up prepaid cards for your more mature teens, if you wish.”
  • 08/31/2020Lifehacker
    The Best Debit Cards for Kids
    “While there’s a growing push for more financial literacy in schools, most kids still learn about money at home. Research shows kids may understand the basics of personal finance as young as seven years old, so you can start teaching them early. One way is by allowing them to spend money under your supervision with a debit card designed specifically for kids. These are the best options to choose from...FamZoo offers prepaid Mastercards for families, including kids under 13.”
  • 08/31/2020The Frugal Girl
    Q&A | Kids, Marriage, and Money
    “We’ve given Sonia and Zoe a clothing budget. We ordered an extra card for them from FamZoo and we load it up each month with a clothing budget. They’re responsible for clothes, shoes, accessories, swimwear, etc. with this money. The shopping practice this gives them is invaluable. Plus, now they are really grateful for my online shopping tips and tricks, and they are way more interested in shopping secondhand at eBay or ThredUp. Also, a clothing budget of their own completely eliminates any debates over clothing purchases because it’s all up to them. A still-growing kid can decide if it makes sense to buy a second swimsuit in August, or if it’s smarter to make do and wait until spring. And that pair of Doc Martens is my kid’s decision to mull over, not mine!”
  • 08/24/2020Reloadable Cards
    Best Prepaid Cards For Teens in 2020
    “There are only 3 prepaid cards that we really recommend for parents looking for the best prepaid cards for teens... We think Famzoo is one of the best prepaid cards for teens as of 2020. Famzoo has a very user friendly dashboard that is easy for teens to navigate, review past purchases and check their balance.”
  • 08/18/
    Teaching Your Teen About Money and the Real World
    “FamZoo: Fantastic tool that allows you to create a family ‘bank’ system that can make managing allowances easier while guiding your kid from preschooler to teen to become financially savvy.”
  • 08/13/
    5 Top Debit Cards for Kids in 2020
    “All of the best debit cards for kids aim to teach your kids how to manage their money. But some do a better job of executing this mission than others. For our best list, we looked at kids prepaid cards that have nationwide availability, simple fee structures, unique features and parental controls that allow you to set boundaries as needed.”
  • 08/10/2020SpendMeNot
    15 Best Prepaid Debit Cards in 2020
    “FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card is a robust platform that helps the entire family. Especially when it comes to giving your child a card and teaching them some responsibility early on, this is one of the top options.”
  • 07/21/2020Investopedia
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards for July 2020
    “FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card: Best for Tweens/Teens. The FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card isn’t the only prepaid card that offers sub-accounts. But it provides a whole suite of features that can help parents teach their children how to manage their money.”
  • 07/14/2020The Good Men Project
    Today’s 17 Best Financial Apps for Teens & Young Adults 2020
    “With FamZoo, parents release money into their teen’s accounts and can get them prepaid cards as well. Money can be loaded onto the cards at any time. It works similarly to the teenager having a regular bank account and debit card, but FamZoo makes it so you can’t overdraft and end up with overdraft fees. Adults are able to monitor the transactions being made. After a free trial, this app costs $5.99 per month, but the price goes down if prepaid.”
  • 07/08/2020NerdWallet
    6 Best Prepaid Debit Cards
    “Best for budgeting. FamZoo is a family-friendly prepaid MasterCard that lets parents become virtual bankers for their kids, even those younger than 13. Four cards can be part of one monthly plan, but more can be added for a one-time $2 fee per card. From the website or app, you can send allowances, split payments, see balances and activity across all cards and set up text and email alerts.”
  • 06/24/2020Black Hills Parent Magazine
    The Best Money Management Apps For Kids
    “This app functions as a virtual bank. Parents are the ‘bankers’ and the kids are the ‘customers.’ The whole family is connected, so it’s easy to move money around. Aside from teaching kids how to save money and track their spending over time, parents can transfer real money to them with prepaid and reloadable debit cards. Other useful features include the ability to give your kids loans, and then teaching them how to pay back those loans in installments.”
  • 06/22/2020The Simple Dollar
    Credit Cards for Kids: How to Teach Credit Literacy
    “While a prepaid debit card won’t build credit, it can teach your child how to manage money without using cash. It can also teach your child how to save by giving them an allowance. You can have money automatically deposited into their account. Some teen debit card platforms like Greenlight, FamZoo and Current are designed for parents who want their kids/teens to get a jumpstart on managing their accounts. These types of accounts let you see what your kids are spending on... Some accounts even allow you to create spending limits, track chores, manage an allowance, create IOUs and teach your child budgeting habits.”
  • 06/19/2020Money Tamer
    How to Use FamZoo to Teach Your Child About Money
    “FamZoo’s hands-on aspect is its biggest draw. With it, your children get a real-time financial education because he or she is responsible for making financial decisions like spending, saving, and giving. The system is designed as such that you maintain full control and can supervise their spending and saving habits. FamZoo also makes it easier for you to keep track of how much each child has to spend and how you are staying on top of your budget. In this FamZoo review, I go into FamZoo’s features and how it is a system that can teach your child (from preschool to teenagers) the realities of money management.”
  • 06/17/2020WalletHacks
    Greenlight Debit Review & Alternatives — Find the Best Debit Card for Your Kids
    “FamZoo is a prepaid card that works similar to Greenlight. You can send money to your child’s card, and also receive money back from it. This will give you control over exactly how the card is used. In the FamZoo universe, the parents are effectively the bank, while the children act as banking customers. The parent/bank adds money to the card, sets rules for how and when it can be received, such as by tying payments to tasks or chores. Alternatively, you could also set up automatic payments to act as payroll or allowance. You can even set up penalties if a child doesn’t follow the rules, such as completing their required chores.”
  • 06/17/2020The BAD Pod
    Kids and Money with Bill Dwight
    “Do you talk about money with your kids? Will they be more knowledgeable about money and finance entering adulthood than you were? Bill Dwight of joined the podcast offering great insights getting our kids active in our family finances now and preparing them for future financial success. If you’re a frugal-minded parent, this episode hits a home run.”
  • 06/16/2020To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
    How FamZoo Can Help Kids “Own” Chores–While Teaching Money Skills!
    “I had two big life skills I wanted my girls to leave home with: I wanted them to know how to maintain a house; and I wanted them to have good money management skills. FamZoo makes both of these so much easier. And it takes away a lot of the stress of the mental load of having to remember allowances and remember to pay kids and remember to charge kids and remember to...well, everything. So check it out! I think you’ll love it, too.”
  • 06/15/2020The Savvy Sparrow
    Debit Cards for Kids — I Got A Debit Card When I Turned 13 And My Kids Will, Too
    “Debit cards for kids are a great way to teach your kids financial responsibility! Here’s how debit cards can teach your kids about spending and saving money, and some of the best debit card options to consider for your kids. FamZoo allows you to order your child a prepaid card and manage their spending through an award-winning family finance app. One of the coolest things about FamZoo is the ability to set ‘money rules’ to automatically move money between different accounts at pre-set times. These ‘money rules’ help teach kids about real world finances.”
  • 06/12/2020Talk Wealth to Me
    Helping Kids Learn to Manage Their Money
    “Joining us on the show is Bill Dwight, CEO and founder of FamZoo, a private family banking system designed to help parents teach kids to earn, save, spend, and donate money wisely in a safe, friendly environment. Bill joins us to share how parents can use a variety of tools to not only educate their children when it comes to money habits, he shares how parents can use technology to not only expose your children to real-life experience with money but to spark those crucial money conversations.”
  • 06/06/2020Kapoor Money Minute
    Giving A 6-Year-Old A Debit Card to Teach Wise Spending...Really!!
    “Kids are no longer using a piggy bank to obtain financial responsibility. Instead, digital tools, such as debit cards and apps, are the basis for learning smart spending and wise money management. Many of these products are prepaid cards that help kids track their spending, and also include customizable oversight features for parents. Some available products include: FamZoo ( makes use of parent-paid interest to encourage saving. Common users of the app are preteen and young teenagers, but may also be used for kids from preschool to college.”
  • 06/06/2020Cheese
    The 5 Best Prepaid Debit Cards
    “FamZoo is a great option for younger savers and spenders. The prepaid debit card is designed for those with younger children who need to learn about managing their own finances.”
  • 06/05/2020To Love, Honor, & Vacuum
    Can We Deal with Mental Load Without Having a Contest of Who Has it Worse?
    “I find FamZoo an amazing app that helps share the mental load of supervising chores and figuring out allowance, while teaching kids responsibility.”
  • 06/02/2020FOX Denver 31 News
    Surviving this Summer at Home with Kids of all Ages
    “Saralyn Ward, Founder of The Mama Sagas, shares her tips for surviving the summer with every age, pandemic edition... Save, spend, donate and budget with parent-controlled debit cards through apps like gohenry, Current, FamZoo and Greenlight.”
  • 05/26/2020Payments Source
    Parents Who Educate Kids In Lockdown May — Finally — See Value In Youth Payment Cards
    “The coronavirus lockdowns have created a setting in which parents have more control, as well as more time to provide financial education. Thus, youth payment cards may emerge as a tool to help parents while also keeping germ-ridden cash out of their kids’ hands... The list of attempts that have come and gone — or remain available with little fanfare — include products like Capital One 360 Money, Bank of America Student Banking, Alliant, Chase High School Checking, Wells Fargo’s teen accounts, Bluebird family account options through American Express, FamZoo, Google Pay connections to teen accounts, goHenry parental controls, Revolut Youth, Kard, Step, Greenlight, Current, Rebellion and others... the missing ingredient in youth card payment schemes has been the financial education needed to keep a young person interested.”
  • 05/15/2020Investopedia
    Top 5 Debit Cards for Teens
    “There are apps that help to teach younger children how to manage their money from a very early age. Check out FamZoo. You can set up payments for household chores or interest on kids’ savings, penalties for missed work, expense sharing, and contribution matching.”
  • 05/11/2020Women Who Money
    An Allowance System That Works [Greenlight Review]
    “You can also set up debit cards in FamZoo similarly to Greenlight, where your kids can also receive funding from other sources, like an employer direct deposit. If your child has a job, this is a great option. FamZoo is one of the oldest apps on the market. It was founded in 2006 by Bill Dwight, a father who wanted a hands-on way to teach kids the concepts of personal finance. If you’ve never considered using a service like Greenlight, FamZoo, or gohenry to manage your kids’ allowance, give it a try. You can cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied. But chances are you’ll be thrilled, and your kids will be equally delighted you tried it out.”
  • 05/09/2020The College Investor
    The Best Prepaid Cards For Teens
    “FamZoo is our top recommendation for prepaid cards for teens and children. Unlike the other cards, FamZoo offers a number of features that will help teens learn about money management beyond spending.”
  • 05/08/
    Find the best prepaid debit card in 2020
    “Teach your children money management skills using a prepaid debit card. If your child gets a weekly allowance, a prepaid card gives them the option to spend money online just like a traditional debit card. Here are a few prepaid debit cards that are perfect for kids and teens... FamZoo is another prepaid debit card option for kids and teens learning to earn their keep through household chores. The FamZoo app works like Greenlight in that you can lock and unlock the card to make sure no unauthorized purchases are made.”
  • 05/07/2020MoneyCrashers
    13 Best Educational Tools & Apps to Teach Kids About Managing Money
    “Parents and kids can use FamZoo to keep track of allowances, chores, spending, saving, and giving. They can also make instant transfers to other family members at any time. Kids can see only the money in their own accounts, while parents can see the balances for all members of the family...the prepaid card account includes prepaid cards for all family members and the ability to move money between cards with no fee.”
  • 05/03/2020FutureTribe
    Having Business Partners And Why Good Customer Service Is So Important
    “This week’s episode is Part 2 of our discussion with the Founder & CEO of FamZoo, Bill Dwight. On this episode with Bill, he talks about his journey to making FamZoo profitable and the importance of personable customer service.”
  • 04/26/2020FutureTribe
    Teaching The Next Generation How To Be Financially Literate
    “During our chat with Bill, he talks about FamZoo and his greater goal of helping kids become more financially literate. This conversation eventually leads into talking about his extensive industry experience in Silicon Valley and culminates in Bill discussing how he left a well-paying career in favor of self-employment and how this has changed the type of work he does day-to-day.”
  • 04/09/2020DoughRoller
    55 Free (or Cheap!) Ways to Keep Kids Entertained During a Pandemic
    “Set up a FamZoo account while you’re all stuck at home and go over basic finance concepts. When the world is open for business again, your kids will have a prepaid card that can help them stay on budget and learn about money.”
  • 03/20/2020Tax Twerk
    Best Prepaid Debit Card For College Students
    “The FamZoo prepaid card features show a thoughtful approach to the financial management needs of families with teens. The FamZoo card provides educational tools to help teens develop good habits. These features, along with its low cost, are why it tops our list of the best prepaid cards for teens. With FamZoo, parents can automate subsidy payments from their primary card. Or parents can link homework to other tasks or behaviors that they would like to encourage.”
  • 03/10/2020Your Agile Home
    How We Agile: Allowances
    “Learning money management is important for our children. We use FamZoo and their allowances automatically go into their account. The app is easy to use.”
  • 03/05/2020Forbes
    9 Family Apps To Manage Allowance And Chores
    “FamZoo has more controls for parents than other apps on this list. For example, FamZoo parents can choose what their children see on their login. Parents even have the ability to turn off their children’s debit card for a ‘financial time out’ or to prevent fraud.”
  • 02/15/2020Parenting Now!
    Simple Ways to Teach Young Children About Money & Saving
    “Teach them how to budget. Once they’ve started ‘earning’ their own money, teach them how to allocate. Purchase goals, such as toys, can be helpful in convincing your kids to budget. For example, have them write down the things they want to save up for and how much they cost. For kids who have smartphones, why not have them download a few money apps like FamZoo to help them with the math?”
  • 02/14/2020Omaha World-Herald
    5 Things Families Should Try This Month
    “4. Prepaid debit cards for kids. Kids always seem to need money for something. Prepaid debit cards from FamZoo provide finances but control spending, too. Pay allowances, track chores...see every transaction, too, with the app.”
  • 02/13/2020Forbes
    How To Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits
    “If your children are old enough to advance from a piggy bank to a real bank, you could take advantage of a service such as Greenlight or FamZoo. These prepaid debit cards and apps allow parents to transfer money to their kids and pay them interest — at a rate of their choosing — on any of the money the kids choose to stash in savings... If you value giving to others, you can instill that value in your children by helping make it a habit for them from an early age. .. The Greenlight and FamZoo apps allow kids to create giving accounts.”
  • 02/03/2020Northeast Ohio Parent
    How to Teach Your Kids About Money
    “While we teach our kids their ABCs, how to be polite, how to make friends, how to root for the home team (that’s a good lesson, right?!), and how to ride a bike, there’s one area that many of us forget to talk about: money... There are so many great resources to teach kids about money. Here are some of my favorites... FamZoo is a family finance app for parents, teens and kids to use. It uses prepaid cards and allows you to teach kids to have an experiential financial experience. Track chores, manage allowance, track spending, and much more. Kids have access to accounts, but parents can set specific rules within the program and have complete visibility and control.”
  • 01/22/2020Dreamer’s Financial Playbook
    Teaching Our Kids to Earn and Handle Money
    “Doing it with FamZoo, it’s all in one place. Their debit card balances are in one place, all their transactions are in the same place, as are their chores, as are their income earned accounts. Everything is in one spot which is very convenient and it increases the likelihood that its going to get used so it’s full of capacity.”
  • 01/16/2020The Money Mammals
    Why Is Financial Literacy Important and What Every Parent Needs to Know About It | Hint — Starting Early Matters
    “As Bill Dwight, the FamZoo Chief Dad points out, it’s important that parents use the allowance purposefully. An allowance given as a handout — without parental direction — is unlikely to yield results, just as handing a child a tennis racket without some guidance is unlikely to land them at Wimbledon.”
  • 01/16/2020NextAdvisor
    Credit Cards for Kids: How to Teach Credit Literacy
    “While a prepaid debit card won’t build credit, it can teach your child how to manage money without using cash. It can also teach your child how to save by giving them an allowance. You can have money automatically deposited into their account. Some teen debit card platforms like Greenlight, FamZoo and Current are designed for parents who want their kids/teens to get a jumpstart on managing their accounts. These types of accounts let you see what your kids are spending on. Some accounts even allow you to create spending limits, track chores, manage an allowance, create IOUs and teach your child budgeting habits.”
  • 01/01/2020Magnify Money
    PNC Bank Reviews
    “Other financial products such as Mint or FamZoo can also do just about everything that the Virtual Wallet does. You’ll have to do research and piecemeal these tools together to create a custom package for you, but it is possible to replace all the functionality of the PNC offerings with other products, often ones that offer better terms. Furthermore, PNC Bank offers rock-bottom rates and exorbitant fees for most of its banking products. Unless you’re a model customer, these fees have the potential to wipe out your probably meager returns.”


  • 12/29/2019Dollar Break
    How Old do You Have to Be to Get a Debit Card?
    “According to the Balance, FamZoo was rated as the best overall family banking product and debit card service for teens. FamZoo provides cards for children as young as thirteen and offers options like chore lists, allowances, and sophisticated parental controls.”

    Note: we also provide cards for use by kids under 13.

  • 12/17/
    Compare Debit Cards For Kids
    “FamZoo offers prepaid cards for kids. The app allows you to pay your child an allowance on a regular basis or when they complete certain chores or activities. As a parent, you can track where your child is spending their money. You can also set an interest rate to encourage them to save — but you’ll pay the interest. If too much is coming out of your account, you can set a cap on how much interest you’re willing to pay your child.”
  • 12/14/2019Budget Boost
    Top Prepaid Debit Cards for 2019
    “FamZoo is a product designed to help parents teach their kids about money management. You can have up to as many cards as you need on one monthly plan. Parents can use the website or app to send allowances, split payments, and see balances and activity across the cards.”
  • 12/12/2019HerMoney
    The Best Budgeting Apps for 2020
    “FamZoo touts itself as a virtual family bank with a goal of helping parents teach their kids about money. With FamZoo, parents either load money onto a prepaid debit card for kids to use or manage IOUs for things like weekly allowance and chores completed. Accounts can also accommodate add-ons like rewards for tasks completed, ‘payroll’ withholding for saving or giving money, expense sharing, penalties for missed chores and more.

    The kids can sign into their own accounts as well in a process that mimics real-world online banking, and parents can monitor all accounts from a shared dashboard. And the best part of FamZoo? You’ll never have to feel bad about not having cash for allowance again.”

  • 12/06/2019Wealthy Living Today
    The 25 Best Prepaid Cards of 2019
    “This prepaid card offers free cash withdrawal, and is an excellent choice for families.”
  • 12/05/2019Parentology
    Money Apps For Kids: Right For Your Family?
    “The second type of app connects to a bank account, allowing parents to send and receive money from kids, as well as directly monitor and control transactions. Many of these apps, including Current, Greenlight, and FamZoo, provide kids with actual debit cards that can be used for purchases. These debit cards are under the direct control of parents, who can approve or deny purchases, or cap the amount that can be spent. Apps like Greenlight and FamZoo also make it easier to send and receive money between parent and child. The Greenlight app even allows parents to set up accounts that collect interest, helping to reinforce good saving habits.”

    Note: FamZoo invented parent-paid interest for prepaid cards.

  • 12/03/2019MarketProSecure
    FamZoo Service & MasterCard Review
    “FamZoo cards are legitimate, and they really work. They aren’t a scam or a toy designed to fool people. If used properly, FamZoo cards can, in fact, help you teach your kids financial responsibility and make it easier for parents to track their spending. FamZoo cards are used across the United States, and there is a large community around it. We like the fact that there is a private Facebook group where parents can share experiences and help each other. Additionally, the company’s team is also active, and they post tips and important feature updates to make sure all their users are up to date.”
  • 11/18/2019The Marble Jar Channel
    Why I Love FamZoo Prepaid Cards For My Teens
    “In today’s video, I’ll tell you about the tool that I use for allowance and money management for my teenagers — FamZoo prepaid cards. I absolutely love it. This video is an accounting of my reasons for using FamZoo’s prepaid cards, and why it works so well for us.”
  • 11/15/2019CNBC
    6 Gifts That Actually Pay Off Even After The Holidays Are Over
    “There’s now a host of companies — including FamZoo, Greenlight and gohenry — that will issue a debit card to your child, teen or college student, but you can control how much they spend and where they shop through user-friendly apps. Talk about a win-win situation: You can teach your kids about responsible spending and still be the gifting hero this holiday season.”
  • 11/14/2019Chief Mom Officer
    Allowance Payment Methods ~ Allowance Week
    “FamZoo is another awesome option in the prepaid card space, letting you open cards for your kids and manage money through the bank of mom and dad. Payment for chores? Spend/save/share accounts? Parent paid interest? Savings goals? Automated allowances? They have it all, and more!”
  • 11/13/2019Emily Edlynn PhD: The Art & Science of Mom
    A Quick And Easy Guide to Giving Kids Allowance
    “A family finance app that can allow more complicated tracking than most of us can do mentally.”
  • 11/08/2019MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union
    Apps To Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy
    “This app features a collection of prepaid cards for the family that are linked by the app where users can manage the family’s spending, saving, donations, allowances, chores, budgets, goals, loans and more.”
  • 11/07/2019AppGrooves
    Best Apps to Celebrate Your Kids Successes
    “Use Famzoo Family Finance to provide your kids with a prepaid card that gets topped up each time they complete a chore or get good results in school.”
  • 10/25/2019GOBankingRates
    The 7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards of 2019
    “Best for Kids: FamZoo Prepaid Card. Teach your kids and teens about money and budgeting by loading their allowance onto their own kid-friendly FamZoo prepaid debit card.”
  • 10/25/2019First Quarter Finance
    Family Prepaid Debit Cards Listed
    “Parents looking for family prepaid debit cards to teach their children about finances will discover multiple options available from American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Some popular family prepaid cards include FamZoo, Bluebird, Greenlight, and Akimbo.”
  • 10/24/2019Money
    Giving a 6-Year-Old a Debit Card Sounds Insane. Here’s Why Some Think It’s a Smart Money Move
    “Sheresa Pompay opened an account through FamZoo when her daughters were 8- and 11-years old. The family, which lives in Mesa, Ariz., has been using the prepaid cards for four years now. Pompay puts the kids allowance into the accounts and pays for good grades. She also pays out weekly interest on their savings. Her rules: The girls have to contribute 10% of their money into a charity pot—they donate it to local animal shelters—and put away at least 30% for savings. The remaining 60% is theirs to spend or save as they like. ‘I think that’s helped cut down on the asks, and helped them realize that all that stuff costs money,’ she says.”
  • 10/24/2019NBC News Better
    Teen debit cards: A real-world way to teach your kids about money
    “These kid-friendly cards put parents in control but give the child enough freedom to learn financial responsibility and money management skills without getting into serious trouble, as they could with a credit card.”
  • 10/23/2019KOMO News
    Why You Might Want To Get Your Teen A Debit Card
    “Kids make a lot of their purchases online these days. So, putting allowance money in an envelope doesn’t really cut it anymore. Here’s a hi-tech solution: a debit card designed for tweens, teens and in some cases, younger children...such as Greenlight, FamZoo, Current, and gohenry. ‘Your kid is going to be using plastic eventually, so getting them started on using a debit card while they’re still under your roof is a really good idea,’ said Liz Weston, personal finance columnist at NerdWallet. ‘It’s sort of like providing them with training wheels for learning how financial transactions work.’ These app-based cards put the parent in control. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to your kids about financial issues.”
  • 10/16/2019Mint Life
    Essential Money Skills Your Kid Needs to Know
    “Bill Dwight, the creator of award-winning family finance app FamZoo, suggested that teens should start accepting responsibility for some of the bills around the house. Taking care of their portion of the cell phone bill, for example, can give them some practice on what it means to stay on budget. Even a small bill like $15 - $20 a month depending on how much they use and their income can teach them about everyday costs and how to allocate their bills. And if you feel bad about charging them, you can always accept their payment and then stash it away in a high yield savings account. When they graduate high school, they now have some extra savings they can use.”
  • 10/15/2019Centsai
    The 4 Best Money Apps for Kids
    “If there were a good, smart guy who should win the ‘money apps for kids’ contest, Dwight would win first prize. .. There is a behavioral component that FamZoo has particularly invested in above and beyond other money apps for kids. It even has a lengthy blog full of practical tips and suggestions culled over 12 years of passionately embracing financial literacy solutions. A slick-looking debit card may be cool, but after that, it’s what’s behind it that matters.”
  • 10/14/2019Money Prodigy
    How to teach Your Teenager Financial Responsibility? Do This, Not That.
    “There is one [app] in particular that has the kinds of features that would appeal to both you and your teen. It’s called FamZoo, and it’s a robust family money management app that gives your teenager access to a prepaid debit card...It makes managing money as a family — with allowances and chore commissions — as well as a teenager, easier.”
  • 10/11/2019Business Insider
    14 parents explain how they give their kids allowance, from ‘salaries’ to points systems
    “FamZoo is a GENIUS solution for kids/allowances (summary: loaded debit cards for kids)! We pay our kids $1/per their age each week. I.e. our 16-year-old gets $16/week IF he completes his chores (and FamZoo allows him to check off each responsibility as he does them so we know he earned the money...then FamZoo releases the money from my FamZoo debit card to his flawlessly!). It’s SO easy to designate the allowance to different spend/save/give accounts. This system is AWESOME and you HAVE to look into it as it’s made our lives soooo much easier!”
  • 10/10/2019Budgets Are Sexy
    14 Wildly Different Allowance Strategies
    “I’ve known Bill Dwight, the founder of FamZoo, for many years now and I can attest that he’s a SUPER genuine guy and really pours his heart into this project that he’s tested year after year with his own 1/2 dozen kids ;) Really great guy and cool system...”
  • 10/10/2019Metro
    Prepaid cards: The best solution for young adults and anyone without a bank account
    “The Best Prepaid Cards for Young Adults: Famzoo Prepaid Card. This card is good and allows parents to lock or unlock the card, giving them some extra control. Balance can be transferred between cards, and there is no charge for reloads. It is one of the few prepaid cards which allow ATM withdrawals.”
  • 10/9/2019Wallet Hacks
    FamZoo Review: Prepaid Cards to Help Teach Kids Financial Responsibility
    “We asked Bill Dwight why he founded FamZoo and he said ‘Many years ago, I was looking for a hands-on way to teach our kids the fundamental life skill of personal finance. Schools communicated concepts, if they even offered money management at all, but couldn't offer the day-to-day experience with real money. Financial institutions offered adult-centric products that lacked the educational component, weren't designed for families, and relied on fees that penalized inexperienced consumers. I built FamZoo to fill those gaps for parents. Our offering has put family and and youth financial literacy first from day one.’ ”
  • 10/3/2019Business Insider
    I’ve more than doubled my kids’ allowance up to $150 a month, and I’m happy to do it
    “Giving them more control over their spending will prepare them for life with money. My goal is to make sure I never have to dole out extra money to them once the month starts. It will take time for this to happen but I’m happy to start here and now. To facilitate this allowance approach, we use a combination of cash and prepaid debit cards (for purchases my kids need to make online.) You can choose any number of prepaid cards that work for kids like CapitalOne, GreenDot, or FamZoo, which we use.”
  • 09/30/2019NBC News
    Should your child receive an allowance?
    “Bill Dwight got so serious about educating his 5 children about finance he founded FamZoo, developed an app and prepaid cash cards that handle allowance deposits and withdrawals. ‘My objective was to help parents teach their kids the basics of personal finance,’ Dwight explains.”
  • 09/30/2019National Bank of Mom
    How I streamline my son’s allowance, interest and recurring payments
    “He gets an allowance — a percentage goes to his FamZoo card and the rest to his savings... What’s the moral here? Make your kid’s allowance as simple and easy to execute as possible. Wherever you can set up an automated process — do it. And heck, do the same for your own finances, too.”
  • 09/20/2019Yahoo Lifestyle
    A Parents’ Guide to Teaching Teens About Money
    “Some great options for money management apps for kids: FamZoo — an app that acts as a sort of online chore board for kids, complete with an option to pay their allowance.”
  • 09/16/2019Marriage, Kids, and Money
    5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Kids Graduate College Without Student Loans
    “For the last few years, we’ve developed a chore and reward program for our kids. They get up every Saturday morning and they complete three kid-sized, yet important chores around the house.

    Right now, we’re doing this process with cash, but as the kids get older, we’ll look at online debit-card based systems like FamZoo. This will help us and them to keep better track of their money in this fast-paced digital world.”

  • 08/30/2019Payments Journal
    What Age Should Young People Manage Their Finances?
    “Banks can introduce digital tools to simulate how adult finances work. For example, there could be a feature that allows parents to track and manage a “chores for allowance” system — prepaid card provider FamZoo offers such a feature.”
  • 08/01/2019Forbes
    Want To Teach Your Young Child About Finance? Here Are Five Simple Activities To Get You Started.
    “Budgeting with Pre-Paid a great activity to do with your child before they start earning money through an allowance or odd jobs, to introduce the concept of budgeting. Next time you are on a trip with your child (or a concert, amusement park, or any special occasion where you would probably buy them a memento) help them budget by purchasing a prepaid card for them. FamZoo is a great example; it’s geared towards kids and provides valuable money management tools as well. Using a prepaid card teaches kids they have a limited amount of money, so they should make smart decisions. It’s also a good introduction to the digital money world of apps and banking.”
  • 07/26/2019Fortune
    Debit Cards for Kids? What You Need to Know About the Newest Offerings
    “Greenlight is not the only kid-oriented card out there. There is Current (, which has expanded from teen banking into adult checking accounts; FamZoo (, a longtime player in the space with cardholders in all 50 states; and gohenry (, a U.K.-launched product that has recently been making inroads in the U.S.”
  • 07/15/2019Girls Love Blue Too
    Seriously!? Debit Cards for Kids? — A FamZoo Review
    “Teaching girls money management, math, compound interest, and how to budget and save is so important! I especially love the option for them to put money towards charity as well. This gives great opportunities to teach them that even when we don’t have a lot, we still help others!”
  • 07/15/2019Part-Time Money
    Teaching Kids About Money [The Complete Guide]
    “FamZoo is a virtual family bank that teaches kids giving, saving and spending principles... The app provides for a collaborative budgeting environment and the money can be managed virtually, allowing parents to pay the kids real money outside of the app based on earnings and what they accumulate in their account. Or you can link FamZoo prepaid debit cards to your account which can be funded right through FamZoo.”
  • 07/08/2019Forbes
    9 Family Apps to Manage Allowance and Chores
    “FamZoo can be for families who don’t want to give their kids bank accounts. Instead, parents can transfer money to reloadable debit cards, giving them even more control over the money that leaves their checking account. They can also use the debit card to give their children money outside of allowance, such as lunch money.”
  • 07/08/2019Nerd Wallet
    7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards
    “FamZoo is a family-friendly prepaid MasterCard that lets parents become virtual bankers for their kids, even those younger than 13. Four cards can be part of one monthly plan, but more can be added for a one-time $2 fee per card. From the website or app, you can send allowances, split payments, see balances and activity across all cards and set up text and email alerts.”
  • 07/05/2019Well Kept Wallet
    Famzoo Review: Is It Worth it to Teach Kids About Money?
    “The Bottom Line: FamZoo is one of the better ways to teach kids about money in the digital age.”
  • 06/24/2019Bankrate
    Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Credit Cards
    “FamZoo offers prepaid cards that allow teens to practice using a card while parents have full visibility and control over spending.”
  • 06/17/2019Overdraft Apps
    Prepaid Debit Cards for Minors
    “FamZoo offers prepaid debit cards for kids of any age, even those younger than 13 years old. The cards issued for under 13s are ‘on behalf of’ cards where the parent is the legal card owner.”
  • 05/29/2019Monterey Herald
    Steven Merrell, Financial Planning: Teaching kids about money
    “I encourage you to look at three apps: Greenlight, GoHenry and FamZoo. Each of these apps allows parents and kids to track and pay for chores as well as teach many important financial principles.”
  • 05/28/2019The Wall Street Journal
    How Kids’ Allowance Works in the Smartphone Age
    “FamZoo: Parents can keep track of what they owe their children for doing chores and pay them in cash. Or parents can use the service to load money onto prepaid cards for their kids to spend.”
  • 05/22/2019Intuit Mint Life
    Getting Your Kid A Debit Card? This Is What You Need To Know
    “Another way to educate your children about finances is to give your child a debit card. With prepaid debit cards designed for kids offered by Greenlight and FamZoo, as well as a handful of credit card networks, you can get a card for your kid of any age.
  • 05/14/2019Intuit Mint Life
    Top Games and Apps That Will Help Your Kid Learn About Money
    “A highly rated and reviewed platform that’s designed for kids of all ages, FamZoo has two major features: prepaid cards, and a robust family finance app. Parents can assign chores and tasks to their kids, and designate rewards. Kids, in turn, can set up different saving accounts based on goals and what’s important to them. Kids can also split up their earnings. A further incentive to save for the kids? Parents can decide to boost savings by paying an ‘interest rate.’ With the prepaid card, parents control the accounts and decide on the money rules. Family members can move money among the accounts, and set up alerts. You can also track and reimburse family members for expenses.”
  • 04/26/
    FamZoo: A Debit Card For Your Kid’s Allowance
    “FamZoo is a great solution for families to handle this time-honored tradition. Not only does it provide a great, easy-to-manage system for giving your kids money, it teaches financial literacy, and encourages charitable giving.”
  • 04/12/2019Stacking Benjamins
    Living on $500k a Year and Struggling (plus the Retirement Budget Calculator)
    “I thank you Joe. You gave me a great tip last time I had you on our show which was to use FamZoo for envelope budgeting. I use the Retirement Budget Calculator to organize my budget, but I use FamZoo instead of putting cash in envelopes. Now, because of you, I’m using that tool with prepaid debit cards, and I love that, man. I just think that’s a great way to do envelope budgeting using those two tools in combination.”
  • 04/11/2019Steemhunt
    FamZoo Family Finance: Award Winning Kids’ Financial Education App And Much More
    “When it comes to managing finances, most of us fail. OR even if you are one of those who are very good at it, you’d still want your kids to be able to be responsible and start managing their finances in a seamless way without the involvement of your nagging. Luckily, FamZoo App does the magic for you.”
  • 04/10/2019USA Today
    Can prepaid debit cards for kids make them smarter about money?
    “The sweet spot for when it is appropriate to give kids their card tends to be around the time between middle and high school, says Bill Dwight, the founder of, which combines a prepaid card with a family finance app. Both FamZoo and Greenlight encourage a kid to save through a parent-paid interest rate feature.”
  • 04/08/2019Money Prodigy
    What’s the Best App for Tracking Chores and Allowance? Allowance Apps for Kids
    “This award-winning, family finance app packs quite the punch. In fact, it’s called a Virtual Family Bank, and I can see why.”
  • 04/06/2019DoughRoller
    FamZoo: An Online Tool to Teach Kids About Money
    “You won’t find any animals at this zoo but you will find a wildly innovative way to teach your kids about money and personal finance. Here’s how to turn your little cubs into little bankers.”
  • 04/04/2019Overdraft Apps
    Prepaid Debit Cards for Kids
    “Have a couple of kids you want to give debit cards to and want to pay as little as possible? FamZoo is your best choice.”
  • 03/27/2019The Frugal Toad
    Prepaid Cards for Teens — Is it A Good Idea?
    “I recommend using an App like FamZoo which allows parents to supervise the families finances. All of the families prepaid cards are linked to the parent’s account, which serves as the funding source. Parents can easily monitor their child’s spending activity, setup categories to track spending and savings goals, schedule automatic pay for allowances and chores, deduct IOU's and even create incentives to reward saving and spending goals.”
  • 03/25/2019HuffPost
    6 Money Apps Teens Can Use To Manage Their Spending
    “You can use it to work as a high-tech allowance system: You set chores for your kids to do, and assuming they follow through and do them, you release money to their accounts. You can get them prepaid cards. You can see the transactions your teen is making, and you can load money on the cards anytime.”
  • 03/25/2019Into Another World
    Teaching Our Kids To Not Spend More Money Than They Have
    “Not all children get an allowance but one of the reasons we began giving Jase and Lexie one is to teach them about money. They need to learn about saving and not spending more than you have/make. Each week, they get a small amount put on their FamZoo debt card.”
  • 03/12/2019Credit Card Insider
    3 Ways to Get Credit Cards for Teenagers — Plus Our Favorite Strategy
    “Here’s a suggested timeline for kickstarting your teen’s personal finance education. Tweens (11–13): Sign up for a prepaid card to teach her about budgeting without cash...try a tool like FamZoo, which sells prepaid cards controlled by a mobile app.”
  • 03/12/2019Centsai
    Dear Girl Scout Mom: Step Back and Let Your Daughter Shine
    “[Let] your daughter use money apps for kids. For example, FamZoo offers both a family finance app and prepaid debit cards that you and your kids can use.”
  • 02/11/2019Investopedia
    Find the Best Credit Cards for Teens
    “Introduce tweens to a debit card, either prepaid or connected to a bank account (their own). One interesting variant on this idea is FamZoo, a virtual family bank: All of the family’s prepaid debit cards are connected to the parents’ card, which is the funding source for the other cards. Mom and Dad can supervise all the activity on the kids’ cards, automate pay for chores and allowances, deduct expenses, and even pay interest on savings. The system is designed to teach kids how to budget, save and use plastic responsibly.”
  • 02/11/2019Prepaid Cards 123
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Teens and Students (2019)
    “The features of the FamZoo prepaid card show a thoughtful approach to the money-management needs of families with teens. The FamZoo card offers educational tools to help teens develop good habits. Those features, along with its low cost, are why it tops our list of the Best Prepaid Cards for Teens.”
  • 01/30/2019The Balance
    The 7 Best Debit Cards for Teens in 2019
    “Best Overall: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card... For parents who want to start building responsibility, the card can be tied to jobs and chores.”
  • 01/28/2019U.S. News & World Report
    How to Teach Kids to Use Credit Cards Responsibly
    “When kids become tweens or teens, consider introducing them to a debit card or a prepaid credit card to build a foundation of understanding before moving on to supervised credit card use... Several programs, including GreenLight, FamZoo and Current, offer debit or prepaid cards with parental controls for tracking spending or setting limits.”
  • 01/26/2019Ed’s Big Adventure
    Allowances can be Financial Dynamite for your family. FamZoo will help you get there.
    “The hot new bank in town is the Bank of Dad. I pay a 7% interest rate on all savings. I’d recommend going higher, if you can, but we have limited means. This solves the problem of motivation, but not the critical issue of automation. Any system must be simple, and ideally, automated. Enter FamZoo, the app that has permanently solved our issues around kids and money. It wasn’t until discovering FamZoo that I became re-energized to provide an allowance, facilitate a financial education, etc.”
  • 01/25/2019Midwest Miser
    Raising Kids That Understand Money
    “So far we have set up FamZoo to have 50% go into spending, 25% into Charity and 25% into Saving. We set up their chores to alert them on their iPad. This way they can be alerted without me nagging or having any expectations. The first alert my daughter received was to mop the floor and voila! I’m super excited to have this automated, the biggest issue we have had is forgetting to give them money on the first of the month AND when we are at the store and they want something, we don’t know how much is in their piggy bank and/or we forget to deduct it from their piggy when they get home.”
  • 01/22/2019Your Teen
    Give Them Credit: Finding the Right Credit Card for Teens
    “Prepaid cards are ideal for younger teens or those who need some extra practice managing their spending habits before having access to their own credit card. Options for prepaid cards include Greenlight and FamZoo, both of which enable parents to manage spending and provide opportunities for teaching financial literacy.”
  • 01/18/2019The College Investor
    FamZoo Review: Virtual Family Bank To Help Teach Your Kids
    “Financial goals like saving and budgeting are easily visualized with attractive graphics so your kids immediately get the big picture of their finances. This helps them with their financial decision-making. Your bank’s checking account may not have this feature. On top of these, because FamZoo was started by a dad, the company has a ‘family feel’ to it and they offer excellent customer service. They even have a private online community where you can ask questions and interact with other parents working to teach their kids important money lessons.”
  • 01/11/2019Wise Dime
    New “Piggy Bank” Apps Teach Children to Handle Money
    “New applications such as ... FamZoo offer new opportunities for parents to foster financial responsibility from a young age. These are not ‘piggy banks’ in the traditional sense, however. In the modern world, cash transactions are slowly being phased out in favor of digital transactions. To survive in the new financial ecosystem, education is key in raising a financially literate generation.”


  • 12/15/2018Liaden Orchard
    Teaching Money Management — Part 3: FamZoo Review
    “As I discussed in my last post, Superman and I set up a tube bank system for the boys to track their earnings. This was a very clunky system and sometimes they would be paid, other times it would be months between paydays. When we did pay them, we had to count it all out and do the math manually. I also had a hard time keeping track of the interest for each of the savings and charity accounts since I didn’t pay them on a regular basis. We have now entered into the era of FamZoo. It does everything I wanted it to do!”
  • 12/08/201850ish with a Full Nest
    Teens, Tech, and Money: Gaining Control of Those Mystery Charges
    “We needed another way to handle our kids’ purchases that:
    • Didn’t require us to enter a password every time a child wanted to buy something
    • Tracked how much money each child had, incorporating both deposits and expenses
    • Made it clear who bought what and how much it cost (and deducted that amount from their virtual ‘account’)
    • Allowed us to ‘shut off the spigot’ by removing our credit cards from the kids’ spending options
    After a lot of research, we decided to go with FamZoo.”
  • 12/07/2018Lifewire
    The 8 Best Budget and Money Management Apps of 2018
    “More than just an app, FamZoo issues prepaid cards that parents can put money on for kids from allowance, payment for chores, and other sources. Parents can then use the cards and the app to help kids learn about smart money management and set up separate accounts for spending, saving, and giving.

    Kids learn about the connection between money and work, how to give each dollar a ‘job,’ how to create and work toward savings goals, and even how to earn interest or pay back a loan from Mom or Dad.”

  • 12/06/2018Overdraft Apps
    Prepaid Debit Cards for Minors
    “Famzoo offers prepaid debit cards for kids of any age, even those younger than 13 years old. The cards issued for under 13s are ‘on behalf of’ cards where the parent is the legal card owner.”
  • 11/21/2018Fortune Favors the Bold — The Official Mastercard Podcast
    Financial Literacy: Money Lessons for a Digital World
    “The new money training doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Bill Dwight is another innovator thinking about meeting kids where they’re at. This time, it’s in their own homes on their smartphones. Bill says that while he understands why parents first instinct is to teach kids the value of a dollar with an actual physical dollar, in the long run, this might be doing their kids a disservice. ‘That’s not how people are transacting any more. That’s not how the kids today transact. That’s not how they’re going to transact as adults.’ So he created FamZoo. It’s a tool that shows kids how to budget, save, and pay back loans by making sure their money has a purpose.”
  • 11/20/2018The FI Way
    Best Financial Literacy Games, Apps, and Tools for Kids and Teens
    “FamZoo utilizes prepaid cards and a family finance app for virtual banking designed to teach teens about earning, saving, and spending wisely.”
  • 11/15/2018Ms. Fiology
    Tips on Teaching Kids About Money
    “My boss uses an application called FamZoo...he is using it to teach his boys about money management. Apparently, when he tells his boys it is FamZoo time, they are engaged. I’ve checked out their site and it seems like a pretty cool product.”
  • 11/12/2018Associated Press
    Pocket Money Apps Aim To Help Kids In Cashless World
    “For kids growing up in today’s cashless society, the piggy bank is going virtual. Current , gohenry and others such as Britain’s Nimbl and Osper , Australia’s Spriggy and FamZoo and Greenlight of the U.S. operate on similar principles. They typically charge a monthly or annual fee for prepaid debit cards. Parents can load money from their bank onto their own account, set weekly allowance amounts and spending limits, list chores to earn extra money, and block certain types of transactions, like online shopping.”
  • 11/11/2018CIO Applications
    TextMarks: Market Leader in SMS API and Cloud Integrations
    “FamZoo is another one of my favorites. It’s a personalized banking system that parents use to teach kids how to handle money, manage allowances and track chores. This is a very important service because, as we all know, poor financial literacy makes life difficult for many Americans. Teaching financial literacy early on, especially before bad habits are formed, can help mitigate that.”
  • 11/06/2018CapitalOne
    How to Handle Allowance for Kids
    “FamZoo is more advanced. With it, parents can load prepaid cards with cash and then add weekly allowances, chore payments or other funds. The kids can then use the app to track their balance. Parents can even set up interest rates and other incentives to save.”
  • 11/01/2018Wellness Mama Podcast
    197: The Opposite of Being Spoiled: Raising Financially Responsible Kids With Ron Lieber
    [27:02] “ There are apps like ... FamZoo that allow you to move money over into an app based account where you can press buttons in an app and actually move money from your checking account to a prepaid debit debit card the kids can walk around with. It’s a good way to check off what chores are done and keep track of what they’re spending and where they’re spending it. That way, you’re not constantly running to the ATM to break twenties into fives and ones. So that’s a good way to handle it logistically.”
  • 10/23/2018WorthyNest
    5 Ways to Teach Your Children Well
    “If you want to take budgeting concepts digitally, consider FamZoo. They offer prepaid cards and a family finance app for kids, teens, and parents.”
  • 10/05/2018New York Times
    Children’s Allowances in a New Form: Debit Cards Linked to Parents’ Phones
    “The cards can offer a learning experience as long as parents don’t go into ‘helicopter’ mode and overdo their control, said Bill Dwight, founder of FamZoo, a longtime family finance and budgeting program that added a debit card to its menu several years ago.

    The idea is to let children make spending mistakes, with guardrails to prevent disasters, Mr. Dwight said. ‘If you nag the kid about every transaction,’ he said, the child may tune you out.”

  • 09/12/2018Couple Money
    Beyond Allowances: Teaching Your Kids to Save and Invest Money Wisely
    “Bill and his team have created a fantastic tool for families over at FamZoo. It’s truly a family banking system that’s easy to use.”
  • 09/02/2018GOBankingRates
    12 Brilliant Ways to Get Your Teen’s Money to Make Money
    “Dwight automates his interest payments through FamZoo. For $5.99 a month or $60 for two years, families can get prepaid debit cards that are linked to a primary card that is loaded with money by a parent. The parents can then use the app to transfer money to their kids’ cards and pay interest on balances on cards designated for savings.”
  • 08/30/2018National Bank of Mom
    Budgeting for Christmas Gifts
    “Kids can totally learn to save for Christmas gifts and purchase them by themselves. I’ve found that it makes J feel good to save the money, think of thoughtful gifts, make the purchase and wrap gifts on his own. Because we’re using FamZoo cards now, we decided to utilize both the budget and additional account features for J’s yearly Christmas gifts list.”
  • 08/29/2018Nerd Wallet
    Best Prepaid Debit Cards 2018
    “FamZoo is a family-friendly prepaid Mastercard that lets parents become virtual bankers for their kids, even those younger than 13. From the website or app, you can send allowances, split payments, see balances and activity across all cards and set up text and email alerts.”
  • 08/28/2018Fatherly
    The 5 Best Apps For Teaching Kids How to Manage Their Money
    “...ripe with features, including the ability to reward for odd jobs, penalize for missed work, and even match contributions like a tiny 401k. It also works across all devices and connects everybody in the family...”
  • 08/28/2018The Guardian
    Teaching Kids to Save, Share and Spend
    “Nowadays, smartphone apps such as ... FamZoo ... are available to help parents digitize the allowance in order to teach children about the value of money.”
  • 08/18/2018CentSai
    Financial Awareness Counseling: What You Need to Know
    “The best thing to do to make sure your child is on the right path is to get them involved with financing early on. FamZoo’s financial education is a great way to get finances discussed from the start!”
  • 08/10/2018National Bank of Mom
    Making the Transition from Cash to Card
    “FamZoo offers prepaid cards to teach kids about money. Me looking for cards, check. Me wanting to teach [my son] about money, check.”
  • 08/02/2018Kiplinger
    My 10 Best Financial Literacy Apps for Kids
    “[FamZoo] allows older kids to take more responsibility for their own personal (real-life) spending. The goal is to understand how money works, how to budget and how to save.”
  • 08/01/2018The Art of Allowance
    How Much Allowance Should I Give My 12-Year-Old?
    “You’ll be increasing her total allowance amount substantially to accommodate for these new areas of control. The additional responsibilities of clothes, communication, gifts and food all belong in the Spend Smart domain. This time is a good one to consider using a digital allowance like the options offered via FamZoo.”
  • 07/27/2018DoughRoller
    Best Prepaid Cards for Traveling
    “The primary goal of FamZoo is to teach kids about money and save time for busy families. But the product works great for traveling, especially with the family. FamZoo allows you to assign parent and child roles within the system of cards provided to you. This enables you as the parent to control the accounts and the money rules within them. This would be a nice feature if you wanted to send your kids off to go shopping while on vacation but wanted to limit their spending.

    This might be my favorite prepaid card system. It’s more than just a prepaid card. It’s an entire financial ecosystem bottled up into a nice little package.”

  • 07/20/2018WealthFit
    Credit Cards for Kids: How to Jump-Start Your Kid’s Credit Score
    “If you are wanting to keep the training wheels on, there is an outstanding alternative to credit cards for kids under 18. The FamZoo prepaid card is a strong choice because parents and children have access to the same account. There are different protection features, plus you can lock or unlock the card and even connect its use to various chores. This card is sure to kick off many important conversations related to kid money and financial literacy.’s situation.”
  • 07/12/2018Make Use Of
    The 10 Best Educational Apps for Kids on Every School Subject
    Best Finance App for Kids: FamZoo. Another glaring omission from the core curriculum is finance and money management. It’s never too early to establish the basics of saving with your kids, and you can introduce more complex financial principles as they get older. FamZoo is the solution. It acts as a centralized, parent-run bank for kids. You can assign monetary values to chores, add pocket money to kids’ accounts, instigate financial penalties, and pay interest.”
  • 07/11/2018Couple Money
    Cheap and Fun Summer Activities for Kids
    “Fantastic solution for families. We not only use it to handle allowances but track our oldest’s progress for her big savings goals. You can customize it to your family’s situation.”
  • 06/22/2018Stacking Benjamins
    5 Fun Ways To Teach Kids About Money
    “Know someone who needs some help breaking down basic finance for the kiddos? You’re in luck because today we’re talking kids and money. Joining us today, from the National Bank of Mom, is our new friend Maggie. and back for another round, from FamZoo, we welcome Bill Dwight. And rounding out our roundtable, from, we welcome Connie Albers.”
  • 06/14/2018Well Kept Wallet
    5 Best Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards for Kids
    “The FamZoo prepaid cards were set up for the sole purpose of helping kids learn good money management skills.”
  • 06/03/2018Biz Kid$ Money Talk
    Understanding Mommy’s Credit Card
    “FamZoo is a virtual online bank for families and kids that facilitates cash-free allowance, loans, expense sharing, and even matching contributions.”
  • 05/29/2018Q101.9 Radio
    Apps To Help Your Children Learn Financial Skills
    “Using pre-paid debit cards, parents set up a bank account for their kids that records their savings, spending and giving choices.”
  • 05/23/2018CBS DFW
    App Helping Children Learn About Finances & Get Work Done
    “There are other apps on the market like the RoosterMoney , PennyOwl and FamZoo. They all promise to help kids manage and save money. ”
  • 05/11/2018NextGen Personal Finance
    NGPF 2018 Summit: FinTech Panel with RaiseMe, FamZoo and Stockpile
    “As educators, we know how challenging it can be to keep up with all of the innovation occurring in the financial sector. To help make sense of it all, we invited Namrata Ganatra from Stockpile, Bill Dwight from FamZoo and Thea Lee from RaiseMe to this panel moderated by NGPF’s own Jessica Endlich. You will learn about their innovative products which help students manage their spending, start investing and earn micro-scholarships. You will also hear how these products leverage the latest behavioral finance research to nudge consumers to make better money decisions.”
  • 05/10/2018Make Use Of
    The Best PayPal Alternatives for Teenagers Under 18
    “One of the coolest ways to manage a number of child accounts in a single family management platform is FamZoo. Famzoo is like Bluebird on steroids. It offers everything the American Express Bluebird account offers, including a prepaid card for each child. However what it lacks are most of the fees you’ll find when you sign up for student accounts with any of the big banks. The best feature here is the automation.”
  • 05/08/2018The Globe and Mail: Carrick on Money
    How a ‘fail chart’ can help your kids learn about money
    “I have seen a lot of guides for parents on teaching kids about money, but none like the one the FamZoo Family Finance blog published recently. The 30 tips are divided into sections for earning money, spending, saving, giving and investing. The level of detail and originality is A+ stuff.”
  • 05/08/2018Zen Parenting Radio
    How To Raise An Adult (Part 1)
    “[FamZoo’s] whole mission is to increase the financial intelligence of ourselves and our children. The debit cards are set up so you can start getting your kids to understand proper financial management.”
  • 05/08/2018Women Who Money
    How Can I Help My Teenager Understand Big Loans?
    “Parents can also use virtual family banks like FamZoo to create loans to their kids. Parents set the interest rate and terms of the loan. Kids see their loan balance, and principal and interest payments in the FamZoo app which makes it a very real experience for them!”
  • 04/21/2018The Balance
    The 7 Best Debit Cards for Teens to Get in 2018
    “Best Overall: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card... For parents who want to start building responsibility, the card can be tied to jobs and chores.”
  • 04/13/2018Money Under 30
    Parents Giving Kids Credit Cards — The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
    “FamZoo teaches kids about budgeting and how to allocate their money toward their needs. Parents reward responsible spending by increasing how much interest their kids earn. They can even set up savings goals for the child to reach.”
  • 04/12/2018Women Who Money
    What Money Games And Activities Are Best For Teens?
    This tool helps busy parents teach their children about money in the most realistic setting possible — daily family life!”
  • 04/09/2018Marriage, Kids and Money
    How to Raise Financially Savvy Kids — with Bill Dwight (VIDEO)
    “Bill Dwight, the Founder and CEO of FamZoo, discusses how we can raise money smart kids. We review starting a Roth IRA for kids, the importance of giving and how to get your kids started with saving early.”
  • 04/05/2018Columbus Underground
    The Science of Saving: Help Your Child Prepare for their Financial Future
    “FamZoo is another great app that keeps track of your child’s allowance, chores, goals and more.”
  • 03/26/2018NextGen Personal Finance
    Digging Deeper: Saving and Investing — it’s Simple but not Easy
    “FamZoo takes doling out weekly allowance to a whole new (digital) level! Parents have complete visibility to their kids’ activities and can establish a wide assortment of spending and savings mechanisms (like paying interest or matching savings), all of which teach the kids the value of money, the value of savings, and how to manage it all...the lifelong financial lessons are “priceless.” Check out FB customer reviews here.”
  • 03/20/2018Forbes
    Family Apps For Saving Money And Having Fun
    “FamZoo is the family budget template that helps you manage your kids’ funds in IOU and prepaid card accounts.”
  • 03/14/2018The Balance
    The 7 Best Prepaid Debit Cards to Apply for in 2018
    “Best for Kids: FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card. FamZoo makes it easy for parents to teach kids how to manage electronic money with far less risk of fees than with a traditional checking account.”
  • 03/03/2018Popcorn Finance
    America Saves Week — Day 6 — Save as a Family
    “Listen to my conversation with Bill Dwight from in episode 043 as he explains the Family 401k in 5 Easy Steps.”
  • 02/19/2018Into Another World
    Getting My Kids Their Own Debit Cards
    “After weighing the pros and cons of each card and reading reviews for each program, we decided to go with FamZoo.”
  • 02/15/2018Guyvorce
    Teaching Your Kids About Money
    “FamZoo offers lots of features for a variety of ages making it an awesome program that grows with your kids.”
  • 02/13/2018The Art of Allowance
    The Breakthrough Allowance: Starting a More Substantial Allowance to Help You Raise Money-Smart Tweens and Teens
    “The additional responsibilities of clothes, communication, gifts and food all belong in the Spend Smart domain. This time is a good one to consider using a digital allowance like the options offered via FamZoo.”
  • 02/11/2018Popcorn Finance
    Episode 043: The Family 401k with Bill Dwight
    “Bill Dwight from sat with me to discuss how he’s using a traditional retirement account in an unconventional way to help his kids save for retirement.”
  • 01/29/2018Cool Mom Tech
    7 Free Budget Apps To Keep Your Family (And Your Money) On Track In 2018
    “It’s not only a real-life budgeting tool, but an educational one. You can set up family budget accounts (and allowance accounts for kids) so every family member can get an understanding of how the household is run, financially-speaking.”
  • 01/18/2018Prepaid Cards 123
    A Review of the FamZoo Prepaid Card
    “The big draw of the FamZoo prepaid card is that it offers tools that help parents to give their kids a financial education in real time.”
  • 01/17/2018Making Your Money Matter
    The 5 Essential Tools I Used To Increase My Net Worth By 21% In 2017
    “The reasons I chose FamZoo are similar to the reasons I use YNAB: it provides the most customization options, is goal-based, and simple to use. Basically, I’ve stopped buying all discretionary items for my kids and made them use their own money instead. This has saved me and helped them learn at the same time. ”
  • 01/11/2018The Frugal Girl
    How we do allowance with FamZoo
    “Back in 2014, I wrote a guest post for Mint about children’s allowances. After that I got an email from the guy who founded, a service that makes allowances easier. I was intrigued, so I signed up, and we’ve been paying customers ever since.”
  • 01/09/2018FOX5 New York
    Teaching Your Kids To Manage Money With Apps
    “We’ve used FamZoo as a tool in our family to help [our daughter] track her goals.”
  • 01/04/2018USA Today
    Allowance Apps: Piggy Banks Become A Thing Of The Past
    “Apps like FamZoo let parents distribute kids allowance by a digital means. Some even allow parents to set interest rates on kids’ savings to reward them for putting a little extra away. Some apps allow parents to loan kids money so they can get a taste of what debt feels like — helping kids build good habits before they’re thrown out into the real world.”
  • 01/04/2018CNBC
    Here’s How Much The Typical Kid Gets In Allowance Each Year
    “Apps like FamZoo offer ways to digitize the allowance and induct children into the economy, which itself is becoming increasingly virtual... ‘We’re trying to teach kids basic principles like compound interest,’ Dwight said.”