Printable Card Template

Need to present a FamZoo card as a gift, but you’re still waiting for it to arrive in the mail?

Don’t panic!

We have a template you can customize and print out. Present it to the recipient ahead of time while you’re waiting for the card to ship.

Just follow these steps:

  • Make a copy of the template by clicking here. A Google Drive screen will appear asking if you’d like to make a copy of the drawing document. Click the Make a copy button. An editable drawing document will open in your Google Drive.
  • Edit the text to enter the cardholder name and custom label that you specified when ordering the card. Just click on the text on the card, and you’ll be able to edit it.
  • Print the drawing by clicking on the print icon in the menu bar or selecting the Print item in the File menu. By default, the printed card will match the size of a real card.

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Unknown aka The Blog Post Author

What can I say!! Customer service was awesome!. I was concerned about the Christmas gifts coming for the grandchildren. They walked me all the way for the printable paper cards until the hard cards come in the mail. They are so wonderful to talk to and to show you the steps to take to set the cards up. I can't wait until the cards come to give to the grandchildren so they can buy what they want, and to learn how to save and be responsible for there own money.

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