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Store real money on multiple prepaid cards linked together.

  • No risk of debt, overdraft, or hidden fees.
  • Free card load and ATM options.
  • Order immediately online with no credit check.
  • Empower kids of all ages.
  • Retain parental visibility and control.
  • Move money instantly between family members.
  • Automatically track purchases.
  • Available to eligible U.S. families.
  • As low as 63 cents per card per month.


Track IOUs for money you’re holding elsewhere for your kids.

  • Add any number of family members.
  • Add any number of IOU accounts.
  • Add prepaid cards any time (eligibility).
  • 2 month free trial.
  • No payment info required up front.
  • Subscribe right away for an extra free month.
  • Try FamZoo with your family for FREE!
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