Weekly Upgrade: Payment History, Angry Mom

We continued to work on our subscription and coupon support over the last week. Here are a couple of the highlights in today's upgrade:

Payment History Page

Parents can now see a list of recent monthly payments under our new "Store" tab (this tab is not shown for children). The upper section of the page shows any coupons you have redeemed and how many free months remain on each. The lower section shows your payments starting with the most recent month. The list of payments includes entries for free months that are "paid for" with a coupon. The page is still a work-in-progress, but this is what the first cut looks like:

(Click to enlarge)
Expired Free Trials and the Angry Mom

Ok, so we had a little fun with the grace period that we support between the end of the free trial and the decommissioning of a family's account. One of Henry's cartoons that always gives me a chuckle is his "Angry Mom Tiger". So, to grab attention and have a little fun, we tossed her into the design of the upper page stripe for parents whose free trial has expired. Here's what it looks like:

(Click to enlarge)

Yeah, we're working on Henry to supply us with an Angry Dad too!

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