FamZoo Grand (and we mean GRAND!) Tour Now Available

We've just created a comprehensive annotated screenshot tour of FamZoo. We think the tour will be helpful to existing members as well as new ones. There's a lot in FamZoo and a number of different ways to configure it for your family. We hope this detailed tour will help everyone get the most out of FamZoo.

Just below we've embedded the tour as a Google Docs presentation. (Note: You'll probably want to hit the Open-in-New-Window control just to the right of the Slide-N-of-M indicator along the bottom of the embedded player to launch the presentation in a new window. That way, you can make it nice & large and clearly see all the detail on the screens. The embedded player has a maximum size of 700x559 and the original screenshots are a bit larger than that.)

Yes, this tour is indeed pretty epic! But, we wanted to get all of the detailed info out there in more of a tutorial form first before picking and choosing content for the (inherently shallow) Quick Tour teaser (which we'll be putting together soon).

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And, please share it with anyone who might be interested. Here's a convenient shortened link to the Google Docs presentation: http://bit.ly/aijBY7

Thanks for spreading the word!

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