FamZoo: Why It Started, How It's Going, And Where It's Headed

The folks behind Finovate — the showcase conference in financial technology — just featured FamZoo and yours truly over on their blog. It’s part of their ongoing CEO Interview series. Find out why FamZoo started, how we're doing, and where we're headed as I answer the following questions:

  • You have 5 kids, how do you balance your family life with your startup life?
  • FamZoo recently landed a spot next to Kickstarter and Foursquare in Doreen Bloch’s book, The “Coolest Startups in America”. Can you give us some insight into what makes FamZoo so cool?
  • What’s the most surprising thing you’ve encountered since launching FamZoo?
  • What sparked the idea for FamZoo?
  • What’s the smartest move you’ve made since launching FamZoo?
  • What is your favorite feature of FamZoo?
  • You won Best of Show at FinovateFall last year as a first-time presenter. What advice would you give a startup preparing for their first Finovate demo?
  • Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s next for FamZoo?
  • What do FamZoo’s user numbers look like?

Find all the answers here.

Bill at Work with Sign from Quintin (inset)

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