Two New Featurelets: Capping Interest and Displaying Account Descriptions

Cap Interest PaymentsWe rolled out two handy little features (aka “featurelets”) this week as part of our upgrade:

  • the ability to enforce a maximum amount on interest payments, and
  • the display of account descriptions on the Transactions page.

I put together two short Quick Tip videos to show you how you can use each of the new featurelets.

Putting a Cap on Interest

If you’re giving your kid a super awesome compound interest rate on a virtual savings account, you’ll want to check out this new feature.

It’s a cap or maximum on interest payments, so the amounts you’re paying out don’t get too out of hand as your youngster saves more and more over time.

Check out the Quick Tip video to see how it works:

Displaying Account Descriptions

Have you ever wished the description you entered when creating an account could be displayed somewhere in FamZoo where your child could see it?

Maybe you’re using the account for some special or unusual purpose and you want to make that clear.

Now you can with a new feature that displays the account description — if there is one — at the top of the Transactions page.

Check out the Quick Tip video to see how it works:

Questions? Comments? Contact Us

We hope you have fun with the new featurelets.

And, as always, if you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We always love hearing from you.

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