Bite-sized Family Finance Tips Baked Fresh Daily

Bite-sized Family Finance Tips Baked Fresh Daily

As part of our ongoing research at FamZoo, we’re constantly scouring the literature for fresh articles on family finance. We extract the best advice on how to raise kids who are responsible and thoughtful with money.

Now there’s a way to consume the very best tips we find, one manageable bite at a time. It’s called Family Finance Favs. (That’s short for “favorites” and has the long “a” sound like in “hey!”)

January’s tips included:

  • How to teach your kid what a stock is.
  • Where to park your working teens’s tax refund.
  • A hybrid approach to linking chores and allowance.
  • Writing a funny, memorable loan rejection letter to your chore-shirking kid.
  • A clever 4 bucket allowance allocation system.
  • Showing your teen how to turn $500 into $520,367.
  • And many more!

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