What Happens To The Chores Your Kid Ignores?

Chore Expiration Settings

What happens to a chore that is never checked off? (You know, like every lonely chore ever assigned to a rebellious teen.😬)

In FamZoo, the neglected chore either hangs around forever or expires.

For a chore to expire, you must explicitly provide an expiration timeframe when setting up the chore. Look for the Expires setting when creating or editing your chore checklist item. Fill in the number of days after the due date when expiration should occur.

Without expiration settings, neglected chores can really pile up on your checklists, causing important upcoming chores to get buried in the “All Open” view.

Pro Tip 1: To declutter a checklist filled with neglected chores:

  • Edit the oldest instance of each repeating chore item that’s missing an expiration setting.
  • Set the Expires field to something reasonable — like a day or two for a daily repeating item.
  • Click/tap the Update This And Future Items button so the setting will ripple through to the present.

The expired items will now fall to the bottom of the list alongside any recently completed chores.

If fixing your Expires settings is too tedious or your list is just too overwhelmed with neglected chores, contact us. We can handle the cleanup for you. Let us know which checklist(s) and the desired expiration timeframe.

Pro Tip 2: You can trigger an automated transaction at the time of expiration — like, say, a deduction applied to an uncooperative child’s spending card.

  • Edit the chore item.
  • Make sure it has an Expires setting.
  • Click/tap Add A Reward Or Penalty.
  • Select Debit for the transaction type, choose the account to be penalized, fill in an amount, and select Expires for the triggering event.
  • Save your changes.

Careful though. A steady drumbeat of penalties could cause a kerfuffle. Decide whether this is really one of those parental battles you want to pick! Personally, I prefer the more selective and lower maintenance “Chore Fail Chart” setup instead — see it HERE.

You’ll find all of our chore checklist FAQs HERE.

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